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WIRE: Cannabis Now magazine rolls out at North American airport newsstands

BERKELEY, Calif. — Cannabis Now Magazine has become the first publication of its kind to be nationally distributed through North American airports, with sales at Hudson News stores in more than 50 airports in the U.S. and Canada starting this week.


The magazine has also started a seed round of investment funding to fuel further expansion, according to publisher Eugenio Garcia.

“We wanted to make these historic announcements during one of the highest traffic weeks of the year,” Garcia said of the news.

In 2013, Cannabis Now became the first cannabis publication available through the Apple iTunes Store. The publication now boasts 3.7 million fans on Facebook, one of largest social communities for any publication in the world.

“What we’re seeing is a paradigm shift,” Garcia said of the magazine’s increased distribution. “It is the final step in acknowledging that cannabis is has become acceptable to the mainstream community.”

Founded in 2010, Cannabis Now is devoted to fostering a responsible dialogue surrounding cannabis. It’s this focus and drive towards cannabis coverage in realms such as politics, science, social justice and horticultural advancements that has successfully driven the magazine forward into new realms. While entering the iTunes store was a significant step due to Apple’s famously “family-friendly” attitude towards the items in its store, sales in the nation’s airports stands as further “validation of the higher level of conversation Cannabis Now provides,” Garcia says.

(Publisher Eugenio Garcia)

(Publisher Eugenio Garcia)

In addition to airport newsstands, Cannabis Now is also available for purchase at and Noble, Books-A-Million, Kroger, dispensaries, head shops, smoke shops, bookstores and numerous other outlets around the country.

NOTE: Cannabis Now publisher Eugenio Garcia – full bio here


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