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Strain Sheet: Brother’s Keeper from Crescomax

Brother’s Keeper from Crescomax

Brothers Keeper 3

Reviewer: SueVo
Strain: Brother’s Keeper (Couldn’t find any parentage info on this one but if I had to guess I’d say it’s an indica-dominant hybrid)(Sold at The Herbery)
Grower: Crescomax (Vancouver, Washington)
Onset time: About six minutes (2 hits)
Fade: About an hour and 15 minutes
Strength: Medium to strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): Temples, shoulders, center forehead, biceps, butt, back, calves. Great body buzz.
Control: Some head fuzz makes it harder to concentrate but you can focus through it with a bit of effort.
Emotions: Calm, relaxed, at-ease
Paranoia: No
Energy level: Moderate – a little on the sluggish side
Smell: Pungent, slight pine, possible berry notes after grinding.
Relieves: Body aches, big time. Whatever this is has great all-over pain relief.
Positives: Love the body feel – very relaxing. There’s also a little bit of a Headband-like tingle with this one.
Negatives: Harsh smoke – bong this one.
Other notes: Smoke left me coughing quite a bit – a few longer leaves left in the trim may be why. Use a bong if you get this one to filter out some of the harshness. Moderately social, texting is fine. Nice for hockey watching – and could also be nice with a hot tub or jacuzzi.

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