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Cannabis 101: Bubble Hash

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Want to add a little old school to your gourmet cannabis life?

If you haven’t tried it yet, you may want to check out bubble hash – one of the main concentrates of choice prior to the days of the dab.

(Lauerman with his mini-washing-machine)

(Lauerman with his mini-washing-machine)

Bubble hash is made in a process that uses cold water and ice to rip the trichomes (those little white frosty things on pot leaves that hold all the chemical goodies) from plant matter so they can be concentrated into a more potent and cleaner smoking product.

Farmer Tom Lauerman, a medical marijuana grower in Washington, makes his bubble hash by adding cannabis plant material in a sealed bag into a Japanese miniature washing machine full of water and ice, cycling it, and then filtering the trichome-laced water through a series of filter bags.

After the filtering, the bag material (trichomes, mostly) is dried out – and sometimes frozen – so it can be collected, concentrated and smoked.

“The whole thing with concentrate is really about trying to get rid of the plant material so you end up with a very clean hash that’s easy on the lungs,” Lauerman explained.

You can watch Farmer Tom go through the whole process in our CDR YouTube playlist below:


If you’ve shopped at a recreational or medical cannabis dispensary, you may have noticed that hash comes in a variety of grades. Those grades – A, B, C, etc. – correlate with the hole sizes in the filter bags.

And, if you’re a connoisseur, you may actually want to check out the B-grade before you rush straight to the A-grade, Lauerman said.

(Filter bag)

(Filter bag)

“A grade is your full melt, you can actually dab that,” Lauerman said, noting that it’s the smallest grain sized product and the highest quality overall. “C grade, that’s something you use to make food. And the B grade? That’s the good smoking stuff. It keeps much more of the terpene smell and flavor.”

If you’re not sure how to use hash, don’t fret. It’s not hard.

You can actually pack a small amount into a pipe and smoke it straight. Although many people also like to mix it with ground cannabis bud to give the bud some extra kick.

Or if you want to go truly old school, you can roll a small blob of it into a ball, stick it on the tip of a pin, light it and then put it under a glass to collect all the smoke. When it’s ready, you suck the smoke out by slightly lifting the side of the glass and inhaling. (At least that’s how we used to do it in the 1980s!)

Another thing Lauerman said to look out for is the color of the bubble hash. Darker colored hash tends to be a bit older and heavier. Newer hash tends to be lighter brown and cleaner, he said.

Got questions or hash tips for other readers? Please check out the playlist and watch Lauerman and company do their work – and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section!



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