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WIRE: Sage Analytics cannabis testing day a success for California dispensary

LOS ANGELES — Sage Analytics (, the developers of a new generation of portable, laboratory-quality cannabis potency measurement systems, announced that their recent day of free potency testing at the 1841 El Camino Ave Dispensary in Sacramento was a resounding success. The dispensary received a record number of overall patients, most new patients, and highest revenues ever.

“The event was not only our most successful day patient-wise, it was also revenue-wise. You guys definitely made an impact,” said Dajshaun Buffin, owner of the dispensary.

The free potency testing day helped kick off the premiere of the redesigned Sage Beacon – a powerful, fast and affordable measurement system designed to be used at a dispensary, grow house or manufacturer. The Beacon gives medical marijuana patients and consumers a quick and accurate analysis of their cannabis flower or extract.

The Beacon is also very useful “behind the counter” so that dispensary owners and managers can test and verify the potency of incoming product. Not only does this help generate more accurately labeled products for the customer’s benefit, but it also gives management tremendous leverage and negotiating clout with growers when potency can verified on-the-spot.

Customer reaction to the Beacon was overwhelmingly positive. Customers were delighted to see a potency test on the product they were considering purchasing, and appreciated the CannaMetric label the system generated with printed percentages of the key components in their cannabis.

“We are pleased that the Beacon helped drive customers to the 1841 El Camino Ave Dispensary, giving them their best day ever,” said Lauren Wilson, Director of Marketing for Sage Analytics. “We continue to see that customers love having their product tested, and will go out of their way to visit a dispensary that offers our brand of instant, accurate potency profiling.”

Sage Analytics also recently announced a special financing program, so now owning a Beacon is not only the smart choice for every dispensary, it is also a tremendous value.

For more information on Sage Analytics’ premier cannabis testing devices, visit:, or call: 720-282-4550.

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