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Cannabis 101: What are strain sheets?

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

After a little exploring on our site, you may have noticed the somewhat unusual way we do strain reviews.


Strain sheets are a quick and easy way to describe the nuts and bolts of a cannabis experience – either for your own personal use or to share with other consumers.

I came up with the idea when I was a cannabis reporter at The Columbian in Vancouver, Washington. The reviews I had seen up to that point seemed extremely vague – most were just a paragraph or two describing how “dank” the cannabis was, which to me just doesn’t seem particularly descriptive.

Cannabis strains can affect each person differently. And while there are some underlying consistencies – like Headband usually creating the feeling of a band of tingling around your head – many things also vary greatly, depending on how your own body chemistry interacts with the cannabis.

So I started by creating the strain sheet system for my own personal use, focused on aspects I thought were important. And as I tried strains I began to note things like: Where I felt the tingling, how long it took to kick in, how did it make me feel emotionally and physically, what did it smell like and suggestions for medical issues that each strain might help with.

And I think it’s important to fill out each sheet while I’m experiencing the high so that my description of it is more accurate – and if you decide to play with them I hope you’ll consider doing the same.

The initial goal of these sheets was to help me find out which strains and products worked best with my own physiology (one thing I learned was that my body loves White Widow and anything that the strain is a parent of).

After working in the industry for a few months, and founding this site, I decided that these quick descriptions could have broader use. So I began sharing them – and asking a few friends like Mrs. Nice Guy Syndicate to also fill them out so people could get a wider range of information.

The categories I use aren’t set in stone – nor should they be – so sometimes you’ll see a reviewer listing information under different headers than me.

Another thing that’s different about strain sheets is that they’re very grower-focused. An OG Kush from Cedar Creek Cannabis (a Washington grower), for instance, could have a very different feel than one from Newcleus (an Oregon grower) and those two could be very different from the same strain grown by other growers all over the country.

So another objective is to try to figure out who the best growers are – and to keep track of that quality by comparing strain sheets.

Eventually, I’d love to get members of the public to fill them out and add them to our growing list here at Cannabis Daily Record.

If you want to participate, you can download a blank strain sheet, fill it out, take a picture of the item you tried and send it to CDR at

I’d love to have your contributions.



(P.S. If you are with a store or other organization and want to use strain sheets or give them to your customers, feel free – the sheets are open and available to anybody who would like to participate)

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