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WIRE: Jimi Hendrix inspired “HazeSticks” vapes head to legal markets

LOS ANGELES — Jacksam Corporation is pleased to announce that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Purple Haze Properties, LLC to manufacture and distribute vaporizers and various cannabis accessories bearing the name and imagery of musician Jimi Hendrix, who many herald as one of the most prominent figures to combine Rock & Roll with cannabis.

The “HazeSticks” brand is derived from the name of one of Hendrix’s most iconic songs and his historical desire to bring the cannabis industry to a mainstream audience. Jimi Hendrix was a trendsetter in both talent and style; his affection for cannabis was central to the origins of the current industry trends. “Jimi was an integral part of the psychedelic movement through his music and actions and is a natural fit to brand in the cannabis community. We are excited to release ‘HazeSticks’ and carry on that legacy to a whole new generation of fans,” states Leon Hendrix.

Jacksam Corp., whose previously branded device lines now fall under Convectium Labs, include Blackout X – the industry’s first and only disposable vape pen for liquid, oil and wax as well as GrayLabel design, which designs vaporizers, filling machines, cartridges and other vaping accessories for 3rd parties.  “The addition of the HazeSticks brand will completely change how users visualize, consume and relate to authentic cannabis brands,” states investor Danny Davis.

Both Jacksam Corp. and Purple Haze Properties, LLC have partnered with Silver State Trading in Nevada to exclusively license to develop and distribute a major division of Jimi’s Cannabis Collection, specifically Jimi’s Genetix concentrates “pre-loaded” in a “HazeSticks” device to the states of Nevada, California and Colorado.  This partnership brings continuity and authenticity to the user demanding quality product inside of a quality delivery device.

Consumers, in states where legal, will soon be able to find “HazeSticks” merchandise, vaporizers, grinders, lighters, pipes, rolling papers, ash trays, and some of the most unique “pre-filled” strains on the shelves of local dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores. For more information visit the “HazeSticks” booth #528 at the 4th Annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo November 11-13, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV (

About Jacksam Corporation

Jacksam Corp. was established in 2013 with a commitment to build upscale brands that are stylish, unique, and versatile. The devices line includes the only refillable, disposable vape pen on the market to handle liquid, oil and wax as well as unique cartridges for specialized concentrates. Jacksam builds products that deliver the best and most convenient vaping experience there is. For more information, visit

About Purple Haze Properties, LLC

Purple Haze Properties, LLC was founded through a partnership between Andrew Pitsicalis and Leon Hendrix, blood brother to the legendary guitar icon, Jimi Hendrix. Purple Haze Properties, LLC is one of the premiere sources for Jimi Hendrix cannabis related products. They participate in all aspects of the cannabis industry including Licensing, Social, Medical, Music and Entertainment areas. The company also provides support for Jimi’s surviving nieces and nephews. For more information,

About Silver State Trading

Silver State Trading is dedicated to becoming Nevada’s premier cultivator, manufacturer and distributor of medical-grade cannabis and associated products. Based in Sparks, Nevada, we operate out of a state-of-the-art facility offering co-located cultivation and infused-product manufacturing. Silver State Trading was founded by a dedicated team of medical professionals, entrepreneurs and law enforcement, all aligned around establishing a best-of-breed organization operating inside the Nevada regulatory framework, and providing medical-grade cannabis products to patients in need. For more information, visit

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