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Strain Sheet: Prezidential Kush from Cedar Creek Cannabis


Prezidential Kush from Cedar Creek Cannabis


Reviewer: Mrs. Nice Guy
Strain: Prezidential Kush (Sativa-dominant Hybrid)(Sold at The Herbery and the Cannabis Country Store)
Grower: Cedar Creek Cannabis (Washington)
Onset Time: Immediate
Fade: A couple hours
Strength: Strong
Tingling: Felt it in my face, mostly cerebral, but also gave a nice mellow feel physically
Control: A little goofy, but good. I compare the initial high to a slight champagne buzz
Emotions: Euphoric, chatty, relaxed
Paranoia: None for me
Energy level: A happy mellow mood with bursts of energy throughout
Smell: Sweet & musty
Relieves: Depression, stress, anxiety, bad moods
Positives: Nice strain for relaxation and good feelings.
Negatives: None
Other notes: Smoked this w/ coworkers and cool to see ppl let loose and be a little more talkative. This is perfect for people who really need to be cheered up, but can also be used to enlighten any activity.

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