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Strain Sheet: Golden Pineapple from Green Bodhi

Golden Pineapple from Green Bodhi


Reviewer: SueVo
Strain: Golden Pineapple (Hybrid cross of Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush)(Sold at Farma in Portland, Oregon)
Grower: Green Bodhi (Oregon grower)
Onset time: About two minutes (2 hits)
Fade: About an hour and a half
Strength: Medium to strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): Left temple, shoulders, mouth, feet, lips, forehead, left ear (the left-side focus is weird.)
Control: Crisp euphoria – I can focus through it. Very sativa-ish head high.
Emotions: Confident, steady
Paranoia: No
Energy level: Good! Ready for action!
Smell: Pineapple fruity goodness! I love the way this strain smells. Very flavorful.
Relieves: Anxiety, stress. I’d also try this one on a headache.
Positives: Good all-purpose energy strain that’s calming, with a nice clear euphoria to retain focus
Negatives: Some munchies.
Other notes: Great balanced strain. Skinny, crystal covered buds with orange hairs all over the place. Buds aren’t dense at all, very loose and soft. One of my favorite strains, flavor wise. Pronounced face tingles. Good one for housework, reading, getting things done.

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