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Strain Sheet: Mad Scientist from Chronic Relief

Mad Scientist from Chronic Relief


Reviewer: SueVo
Strain:  Mad Scientist (Indica cross of Herijuana and White Widow)(Sold at Canna-Daddy’s in Portland, Oregon)
Grower: Chronic Relief (Oregon)
Onset time: About two minutes (2 hits)
Fade: About an hour and a half
Strength: Strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): Forehead, above ears, cheeks, feet, lower back, hands.
Control: Head fog comes on quick. This is what I’d call heavy zone out weed.
Emotions: Happy, mellow, chill, spacey
Paranoia: No
Energy level: Low and couchy, a little sleepy.
Smell: Lemon, berry, earth, pine
Relieves: This may be the best strain that I’ve tried for menstrual pain relief. I’ve also heard its good for headaches.
Positives: Warmth to the tingles that’s good for muscle tension, cramps and other pain issues.
Negatives: Dry throat.
Other notes: Kind of a leafy trim, but there are trichomes on the leaves so that’s OK. Classic weed flavor smoke. All-over body and head massage feel with a foggy mind. Tingles really dig into your forehead – I’d certainly try this one on a headache. Nice late evening before bed strain. Social function isn’t great. Good with a bubble bath or for snuggling under the blankets in a rain storm. Great heavy hitter that I’d try again.

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