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Living: Cannabis – The Card Game set for release this fall

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Looking for a fun game for your next party? The Colorado company “Weed Games” plans to release “Cannabis: The Card Game” – a tongue in cheek game in the vein of “Cards Against Humanity” – this November.


Marti Tucci and Dina DelRusso, the company’s two founders, decided to create the game after they discovered there weren’t many activities for cannabis enthusiasts at parties where alcohol is consumed.

“With the new emerging marijuana industry we were getting invited to all these parties and we were like, ‘where are the party games for us?'” Tucci said. “There are plenty of drinking games, but we think stoners need some games of their own.”

The company has launched an Indiegogo Small Business campaign to fund initial production of “Cannabis: The Card Game.”

The founders hope to raise $10,000 by the end of October so they can ship the first batch in November, Tucci said.

The two entrepreneurs also hope to launch a full line of games in the near future.

“We’re also going to be introducing jigsaw puzzles – with the end result being the most awesome bud porn ever,” Tucci said. “We want to do an entire line of different games. We’ve got tons of ideas in the works.”

Cannabis: The Card Game includes a series of questions and activities.

One card draw, for instance, tells players to put down their cards and have a joint rolling contest (the game comes with a pack of rolling papers).

Another question on one of the cards is “On the cannabis smokers dating website ________ is a requirement.” (One possible answer is “holding an edibles eating contest.”)

Future releases will include expansion packs for the game – with questions and activities related to dabbing, among other topics, Tucci said.

The partners expect the first release to sell out prior to Christmas, based on the responses they’ve received from the public.

“The response has been incredible,” Tucci said.

For more on the “Cannabis: The Card Game,” follow the company’s game site on Facebook at:



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  1. The card game sounds cool, but I’m super hyped for the jigsaw puzzles. I just love puzzles! They’ll make for some really nice wall art when I’m done building them 😉

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