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New Washington sales record set in late August

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Washington state recreational cannabis stores consistently report Fridays as their top sales days, with yet another record-breaking day in late August, according to information released by the Washington state Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Stores in the state reported $3.4 million ($3,387,268.82) in sales on Friday, August 28. (The shelf-price, which includes excise tax, was $4.2 million for the day – or $4,228,882 exactly), handily beating the prior record by close to $200,000.

The date is the second time that daily sales crested the $3 million mark since sales started in July 2014.

The prior record was set on Friday, July 31 with more than $3 million in daily sales ($3,098,139), with a shelf-price of close to $4 million ($3,926,273).

Sales record friday

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are generally the best sales days of the week overall, while Sundays and early weekdays are often the slowest.

And in general, daily sales continue to build each month.

The new record was set on a day when two major cannabis conferences were held in the Pacific Northwest, although whether that was a factor is hard to determine.

The events were the Northwest Cannabis Classic in Tacoma, Washington, and the CannaGrow Expo in Portland, Oregon.

Oregon residents can’t yet buy legal recreational cannabis, so Portland conference-goers may have traveled across state lines to Vancouver, Washington, to make purchases that day and through the weekend.

Oregon will begin its early-start sales of cannabis flower from medical dispensaries on Oct. 1, which will likely have a large impact on sales in Southwest Washington, where two of the state’s three largest stores – Main Street Marijuana and New Vansterdam – are located.






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