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Strain Sheet: Marionberry from JV Ranch


Marionberry from JV Ranch

Strain: Marionberry (Hybrid cross between Raspberry Kush and Space Queen that originated in Oregon)
Grower: JV Ranch
Onset time: About a minute – fast onset
Fade: About an hour and 45 minutes
Strength: Medium to strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): Forearms, under eyes, feet, ears, triceps, shoulders.
Control: Somewhat spacey, strong head high
Emotions: Happy, relaxed, mellow
Paranoia: No
Energy level: Moderate. Can definitely feel the indica side of this strain.
Smell: Fruit, skunk, berry
Relieves: Stress, body aches, eye strain.
Positives: Really nice tingles – very massage-like all over body and face.
Negatives: Munchies.
Other notes: Great mental relaxation – not really a deep thinking strain. Eyes feel bright and relaxed. This could be a nice before-bed strain to go with a bath and some candles. Felt great on my back and shoulder pain, as well.

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