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CannaMan Farms to release two new strains in Washington

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

CannaMan Farms, a craft cannabis grower in Vancouver, Washington, is planning the September world release of two new marijuana strains for Washington’s I-502 market.

(Mango UW growing at CannaMan Farms)

(Mango UW growing at CannaMan Farms)

One strain, Mango UW, was created by CannaMan’s head grower, Shane Wahl.

The other, CannaMan OG, was created by a friend of Wahl’s and was brought into the company as seed when CannaMan first set up operations in spring, 2014.

“If you rub the stem and smell your fingers, it smells just like mango peels,” Wahl said of the Mango UW strain. “I’m so excited for this world release.”

Wahl created Mango UW by crossing Maui Waui, White Widow and an Afghani sativa land race strain.

“I hybridized the Maui Waui, White Widow and Afghani and then I took the best sativa male and mixed it with our UW to make the Mango UW,” Wahl said.

The first lot tested at 18 percent THC, Wahl said, which makes it a good strain for beginners or intermediate users, he added.

“These plants are so beautiful, with huge flowers,” Wahl said. “They smell delicious.”

(CannaMan OG growing at CannaMan Farms)

(CannaMan OG growing at CannaMan Farms)

The other strain, CannaMan OG, is a five-way kush cross between three kinds of Platinum OG Kush and one kind of Master Kush and Purple Kush. It was originally created by one of Wahl’s friends who is a medical grower in Oregon and has never been available to Washington’s market, Wahl said.

“That one, it’s going to be very strong,” Wahl said. “If you’re not an everyday smoker, it will be too much for you.”

Wahl said he expects the THC testing results to be in the low 30 percent range.

Both strains should be available in select Washington stores in mid to late September, CannaMan president and CEO Brian Stroh said.

An early sneak-peek release of the Mango UW will be available for a limited time at The Gallery in Tacoma and the Euphorium in Dryden starting this weekend.

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