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Washington breaks yet another daily sales record

Fridays are often record breaking sales days here in Washington, and June 12 was no exception.

The state Liquor Control Board reported $1,929,023.05 in sales on that day, breaking the May 29 record of $1,879,117.87.

The state also collected $482,256 in excise tax on June 12.

So far, the state is reporting $234 million in marijuana sales since stores first opened in July 2014. That’s also $58.6 million in excise tax.

According to the LCB’s Weekly Marijuana Report, 114 producer licenses, 404 producer processor licenses, 44 processor licenses and 168 retail licenses have been issued so far.

Of the retail licenses, 155 are reporting sales. The state also has 33 retailers currently awaiting inspection.

Since stores opened in July 2014, 26,931 pounds of usable marijuana have been produced.

Also of note, after digging through the LCB sting and enforcement data, Clark County stores still remain violation free.


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