Incredible Hulk Strain Review

The Incredible Hulk strain is a marijuana strain that is not to be confused with one called the Incredible Hulk as they’re both very different from each other.

Incredible Hulk Strain Review

The Incredible Hulk is a sativa based strain that many people use to boost their focus, relax in social situations and also increase their creative thinking.

If you’re interested in the background and use of the incredible hulk, then keep on reading everything you’ll need to know about this strain in our review. 


The Incredible Hulk strain is a highly potent strain that often takes even the most experienced users by surprise due to its uplifting and energetic high that brings a state of euphoria.

It has a THC content of 18% so not one to be messed with if you’re not used to smoking stronger strains. 

What Is Incredible Hulk?

How Was Incredible Hulk Developed?

The Incredible Hulk is a production of merging the parent strains Green Crack and Jack Herer, both of which are sativa based strains and give this incredible hulk strain a commendable active and stimulating effect.

No one knows who was the first person to grow the incredible hulk plant, which makes it incredibly difficult to get your hands on some of these seeds to grow them yourself. 


This strain has some surprisingly delicious flavors on the inhale, with subtle notes of blueberry and pineapple which accompanies a strong skunky aftertaste that lingers on the mouth. 

Odor & Flavor

Incredible Hulk has a notable fruity aroma that has blends of earthiness that you’ll be able to smell on your hands even hours after breaking off a bud. The strain has a commendable skunk smell when burned. 

Physical Appearance

Just like its name, the Incredible Hulk is bright green in colors but does have tones of orange hairs along with a nice layer of trichomes that can sometimes produce a yellow color. 

The buds are spherical and compact which often makes it difficult to break off the exact amount that you want.

Growth Info

There are no incredible hulk seeds available for sale online so the only way you’ll be able to grow this strain is by taking clipping from a healthy incredible hulk plant and cultivating it either outside or inside your home. 

If you do manage to get your hands on some incredible hulk clippings then you’ll be able to grow them inside or outside, but outside conditions must be semi-humid and the temperature must remain between 70 and 80 degrees F, so often growing inside is preferred. 

These plants can grow very tall as they are sativa based, so if you are growing the incredible hulk indoors then you’ll need to train and trim the plant very early on to ensure it will fit in a limited indoor space. 

This plant will flower at around 8-12 weeks when grown indoors (depending on your conditions and your care for the plants) and it’ll produce high yields once it has matured. You should expect around 16 punches on average of buds per square meter.

When grown outdoors, you should see your incredible hulk plants flower in late October to early November. The plant is quite resilient against cooler weather and poorly sunlit conditions, but this will be reflected in how late your flowers bloom.


Many people will experience a loss of time when using this strain, as their mind is predominantly occupied with racing and creative thoughts that they get lost down a rabbit hole.

The Incredible Hulk strain has a trippy edge to it which makes it a great option for when you’re watching some compelling or particularly ‘out there’ things on TV or for having some 

This strain will unlock your social side so it is a great one to share around with friends or take along to a party.

The cerebral high uplifts the mood and often results in euphoria, which allows the user to find the joy and the funny side to almost anything their eyes or ears come across. 

The stimulating mental effects allow people to feel incredibly motivated when completing the dullest tasks and the strain lends itself to spark creativity in artists and those who lack inspiration.

Side Effects

When used beyond its limits or by people who are sensitive to THC heavy strains, then it can lead to disorientation dizziness which may have people sitting with their eyes closed on the couch whilst they come back to earth.

This strain is not recommended for use before bed as it’ll have you wired and your mind being overactive so you’ll have trouble falling asleep.

As the early onset of the high of Incredible Hulk can involve mind racing and overthinking, it’s not recommended for people who are prone to panic attacks or have an anxious disposition to use it as it can lead to bouts of paranoia. 

Medical Appointments 

The Incredible Hulk strain has some beneficial effects for medicinal purposes, especially for those who cannot focus for moderate periods due to having an attention deficit disorder.

This strain offers uplifting and euphoric effects that can alter the state of mind which can improve the mood of someone who struggles with mild depression or stress. 

It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory alternative to painkillers for taking away headaches, nausea, and dull aches within the body, however, these effects are of a lesser degree compared to the psychological effects.

The Incredible Hulk strain is often a good one for people who struggle with chronic fatigue as it can be used to reinvigorate the body and help them power on and be motivated throughout the day. 

Similar Strains

Strain Cannabinoids 

The THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content is around 18-24% depending on where and how it’s grown, which makes it a potent high.

The CBD (Cannabidiol) content is only around 0-0.2% which is why it’s not always the go-to strain for medical cannabis that serves pains and headaches. It’s the THC content that lends itself to be helpful for people with conditions like depression, stress, ADHD, and PTSD. 

The Incredible Hulk strain is 80% sativa and 20% indica, so is not one to be used for relaxing before bedtime. 

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