Holy Grail Strain Review

Holy Grail Kush was entered into the Hybrid category at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup and came out on top. It is said to have been awarded the competition’s first-ever perfect score.

So what’s all the fuss about? Let’s take a closer look at this relaxing strain and its effects, characteristics and benefits.


As an indica-dominant strain with a 60:40 indica/sativa ratio, Holy Grail has a THC content of 24-29%, while its highest content test for CBD averages around 4%.

Considering its THC and CBD levels, the strain is popular for medical applications as well as for recreational purposes.

While Holy Grail is considered a versatile and popular strain, it isn’t one the newly initiated should rush into.

Those with a sensitivity to high THC levels should tread lightly when it comes to Holy Grail, as its effects can be a little overwhelming for newbies or those with low tolerance.

On the other hand, those with a tolerance for THC levels may enjoy this cannabis type. It has some CBD which helps provide a fresh and mellow letdown, with a buzz that isn’t too jarring.

What Is Holy Grail Strain?

Holy Grail is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing OG #18 and Kosher Kush. With a 60:40 indica/sativa ratio, Holy Grail is indica leaning but still has some vibrant sativa qualities that provide energizing effects.

However, it is mainly used for its mellow and calming qualities that can ease you into a sedative state and provide a hefty dose of chronic pain relief.

How Was Holy Grail Developed? 

The Holy Grail was developed by breeders at DNA Genetics in Amsterdam. Holy Grail is a culmination of Kosher Kush and OG #18.

Kosher Kush is an indica strain which provides a sweet, spicy, and refreshing pine profile with a high potency, while OG #18 balances this with a sleepy, euphoric bliss.

The outcome of Holy Grail is a strain that provides both energy inducing highs as well as a sublime and uplifting effect.


Holy Grail offers a pop of fresh, tart citrusy lemon at first, with users also detecting hints of sweet candy. It also has floral notes as well as elements of honeysuckle, and tinges of pine and wood.

It is characterized by a deep, herbaceous flavor with earthy vibes and a spicy heat that gives it layers of complexity. 

Odor And Flavor

Holy Grail Kush offers a complex and intriguing aroma profile featuring sharp lemon and citrusy notes with a dash of sweetness.

Other users have detected hints of diesel and dank, while some cite a lingering tang of pine with an unexpected hint of freshly roasted coffee.

There’s also a floral bouquet element to the scent, with notes of wildflowers, earth, and wood running throughout the strain as it burns. Some people find the odor of Holy Grail overwhelming, with the ability to fill a room quickly.

For this reason, enthusiasts of the strain recommend a nicely ventilated area for this strain. 

Physical Appearance

Holy Grail nuggets sit somewhere between dark and light green and are dappled with yellows and orange pistils. The entire structure of the strain is heavily adorned with a layer of sugary, white trichomes.

Grow Info

Holy Grail Kush seeds are known for being robust and resilient, as they’re able to withstand a variety of environmental pressures including spiders, mites, bacteria, mildew, mold, and even extreme temperatures.

It also has the ability to handle certain viruses well and doesn’t require as much tending as some other strains, making it ideal for busy growers seeking a low-maintenance cannabis plant.

It’s also relatively versatile and grows both indoors and outdoors, and seen as it grows between 30 and 80 inches in height, it’s ideal for those with a little more room to spare. 

Holy Grail is usually ready for harvest in about 9-10 weeks, and to get the highest yield, growers may engage in some techniques such as trimming, screen of green and sea of green, as well as tenting, hydroponics, and frequent soil examination. 


This strain is known for creating mellow vibes and a relaxing effect.

The strain offers numerous effects on the body and mind and is both uplifting and calming at the same time, making it perfect for treating conditions such as stress and anxiety as well as physical pain.

Some users also found that the strain was ideal for brainstorming and creativity, removing mental blocks and causing a burst of inspiration.

Side Effects

Although this strain may help to alleviate a myriad of symptoms and conditions, in some users it may cause negative effects such as dizziness, paranoia, and dry eyes and mouth. For a small number of people, the strain may also induce headaches.

Medical Appointments

Holy Grail is commonly used by headache and migraine sufferers, as well as disease-related symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. 

Those with disorders such as depression and anxiety have been known to experience a happier and calmer state of mind through Holy Grail. These users cited feelings of greater contentment and an increased ability to resume daily tasks. 

Similar Strains

Hardcore OG: this is also known as “Hardcore OG Kush,” and is a potent indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Big Bud with DJ Short Blueberry. It has a high THC content to submerge stress, pain, and other ailments. 

24k Gold: also known as “24k,” this strain is a potent hybrid marijuana made by crossing Kosher Kush with Tangie. It provides euphoric and relaxing effects and has a sweet citrus flavor when smoked or vaped. It’s used medically to relieve symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Strain Cannabinoids

Cannabinoid Amount

  • THC: 20.3028%
  • Δ9-THC: 0.1714%
  • CBD: <0.03%
  • THC-A: 22.9548%
  • CBG: 0.0850%
  • CBG-A: 0.3699%
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