Hempire Strains

Hempire is the weed-growing game that has taken the world by storm. With millions of players globally, there isn’t a better time to pick this game up.

But if you’re new to the game you might have a lot to learn about the game’s weed strains. Luckily, this handy guide has got you covered.

Hempire Strains

It’ll take you through all the strains Hempire has to offer, as well as the different types of strain and how you can use them.

What Is Hempire?

First of all, here’s a quick rundown of what Hempire is. For the uninitiated, Hempire is an idle tycoon game that has you overseeing your cannabis empire. The player must grow and breed various strains of bud, improve your business, and overcome a corrupt city to create the ultimate hempire.

Over the course of the game, you have to grow, nourish, and eventually harvest a variety of different strains of bud. Not only that, but you can also breed different strains together to improve various stats for your plants.

Meanwhile, corrupt politicians and cops are trying to shut your operation down, and sneaky businessmen have no issue seeing your hempire fall.

The main aspect of the game is growing and selling weed, with better quality buds giving you more XP and cash. So let’s take a closer look at the strains you can grow, how to get them, and what you need to do to improve them.

What Strains Are There?

At the moment, there are nine different strains you can grow. These are broken down into groups based on whether they are an indica, a sativa, or a hybrid, with three strains in each group.


  • Afghani – This is the first strain you get when you start playing, so naturally it’s the first you start improving. It’s also an iconic and popular strain IRL, and is well-known for its potency and relaxing properties. In-game, you need to improve and nurture your first Afghani plant to get Epic Buds, rare drops that let you improve and breed strains.
  • Northern Lights – Continuing on from the first strain you get, Northern Lights is the first strain you get by breeding. Combining Afghani with Skunk No 1 gives you this popular euphoria-inducing indica, as well as your license to get your hempire started.
  • Hindu Kush – The last of our indicas, Hindu Kush is the toughest indica to grow. With a longer growing time and more watering intervals, you need to keep a close eye on this strain to make the most of its strong aroma and high potency.


  • Sour Diesel – Sour Diesel is the first sativa that you get, around halfway through the breeding tree. Known IRL for its gasoline-like smell and strong head high, Sour Diesel is one of the most popular sativas on the market.
    Because of this, it’s no great surprise that this early sativa features great stats for Aroma and Mood.
  • Haze – Unlocked directly after Sour Diesel, this sativa only improves on its predecessor. Haze is used to create all types of strains in real life, so it’s only fitting that you use it while making the last, best strains.
  • Jack Herer – This strain has the highest selling price, as well as being the hardest to grow. With a total grow time of over 4 hours and the most watering intervals of any strain on this list, Jack Herer makes you put the work in. To get this strain you have to breed it by combining Chemdawg and G13 Haze, although these are also tricky to grow.
    However, if you make the effort to grow it properly, Jack Herer is a top-tier strain with some of the best stats in the game.


  • G13 Haze – This late-game strain is one of the last you unlock, made by combining Haze with Sour Diesel. These two strains combine to make G13 Haze an extremely powerful sativa with high stats. However, it’s also one of the hardest strains to grow, just falling short of Jack Herer. Make sure you give this strain lots of care to improve its already great stats.
  • Chemdawg – A good mid-level strain, Chemdawg is the base for several different strains both in-game and IRL. For instance, you use Chemdawg as one of the parent strains to create Sour Diesel – in real life, Chemdawg is the source of SD’s strong petrol smell and powerful effects. Although you unlock Chemdawg earlier in the game than some of the more powerful strains, it’s a great mid-game strain that gives good stats despite its shorter grow-time.
  • Skunk No 1 – You’re given some Skunk No 1 not long after you start, and it helps introduce you to the breeding process. Its early appearance doesn’t mean it’s lackluster, however. If you keep upgrading your plants you’ll end up with a great strain that’ll serve you well throughout the entire game.

Improving Your Weed

If you put in the effort, you can improve your plant’s quality and yield. By properly cultivating each strain you’ll end up with a surplus of high-quality bud.

When growing your flowers you need to water them at set intervals. These differ between strains, but making sure you water them when you need to will improve both the weed and your ‘Strain Mastery’ score. Each time you water your plants at the proper interval, it will grow another bud.

Once you hit the minimum number of buds for your harvest, it will improve your mastery score for that strain. With all the strains you have to improve, it’s a good idea to put the time into learning each strain’s schedule.

This hard work pays off, however. For each mastery level you gain (there are five in total), you receive an additional bud each harvest. If you max out the mastery level on a strain then you’ll end up with an extra five buds just for looking after your plants!

There are also individual stats for your specific plants that you can level up. These stats measure Potency (the strain’s strength), Aroma (how strongly and how good it smells), and either Pain or Mood depending on the strain.

These last two stats represent the positive benefits of the strain, and differ from type to type – indicas have the Pain stat, while sativas have the Mood stat.

Hybrids can have either, based on which strains you combined to create them. Higher-quality plants give you better rewards, so creating the perfect strain is definitely worth it.

You can improve the qualities of a strain by using rare special buds that you can get from perfectly watering your plants, and using these while breeding to bump up some stats.

Breeding different strains can also be used to improve your weed. Instead of choosing to grow a new strain, you have the option to improve the ‘mother strain’ (although we’ll get to the breeding process later!).

By combining different strains and using Epic or Legendary Buds, it’s possible to create the perfect strain of weed to fuel your hempire.

Breeding Strains

At first, breeding your strains can seem confusing. Don’t worry, though – there are some ways to make it easier.

Before you can start breeding your strains, you first need to have two Epic Buds.

As mentioned earlier, these are rare buds that either drop randomly during your harvest, or are guaranteed after a perfect harvest (meaning you watered the plant at the right intervals).

Once you have two epic buds, you can breed them together to make a new strain.

Breeding new strains requires a ‘mother’ strain and a ‘father’ strain. The mother gives the new strain its base stats, while the father strain gives it a bonus modifier.

You also have the option to improve the mother strain instead of creating a new strain when you breed; strains that aren’t compatible for breeding will only give you the option to improve the mother strain.

Finding new strains is simple if you use an easy trick. When you’re first breeding Northern Lights, Afghani will be the mother strain and Skunk No 1 will be the father strain.

Every time you want to create a new strain, take the strain you created and the father strain you used to breed it. Make the old father strain the mother strain, and make the one you’ve just bred the mother strain.

For example, after you breed Northern Lights you can use it as the father strain with Skunk No 1 replacing Afghani as the mother strain to make Chemdawg, and so on.

Don’t worry if this is all going over your head. You can find cheat sheets with strain combinations and watering times online, so don’t be afraid to check these out if you need some extra help!

Final Thoughts

So now you know all about the different strains in Hempire, what you need to do to improve them, and how to breed new strains.

By following this guide, you should have no problem All you have to do now is start building your own Hempire. Have fun!

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