Hammer Strain

Cannabis growers tend to be quite literal in their naming conventions, they want their customers to know what they are buying and don’t want the faff of trying to explain it.

In this, the Hammer strain is no exception. Hammer is exactly what you’d expect from a strain of weed with this name: powerful. It hits you like a jackhammer and locks you into your couch or bed.

Hammer strain

Described in some circles as a weed superstar, it has an interesting genetic heritage and cannabinoid make up that, when doing what it’s supposed to, keeps you sedated and would give Cheech and Chong a run for their money.

Although not uncommon, it has grown in popularity in recent years for everyday use, as this isn’t really a party strain, more of a relaxing at the end of the day after busting your chops at work strain.

Honestly, with parties and weed strains getting more and more extravagant, having a little treat at the end of the day sounds just fine by me.

Strain History

The Hammer strain was created by breeders TGA Subcool Seeds, a prolific cannabis grow operation known for such famous strains as Deep Purple and Jesus OG, while also being responsible for 37 new strains, many for use in the medical industry.

Hammer is a hybrid that was bred from a selection of different plants that are already quite popular, the idea was to create a super strain that had very specific qualities that could be used at home or for medical applications.

The crossbred is made up of Gooberry, Hell’s OG, and Jack the Ripper, all quite potent strains in their own right.

This combination of different cannabis plants and the fusion created between them has made sure that Hammer is an incredibly heavy hitting form of marijuana, and you can feel its effects from your first toke well beyond your last.

The hybrid is indica dominant, being 80% indica to 20% sativa, as such it lends itself to being a completely relaxed and sedated form of cannabis.

Indica strain plants are much more about relaxation, both mentally and physically, and helps to calm and soothe the person, whereas sativa strains are energizing, enhancing creativity and focus, and result in bursts of emotion and energy.

As such, Hammer is a plant that is designed to not have any mental or physical activity and is focused entirely on vegetating your body and tempering the whirling thoughts in your head, basically making you relax completely.


Hammer has quite a unique look amongst marijuana plants.

The leaves are large and quite thick with flowers and leaves that have various shades of different colors running through them, the leaves a dark woodland green with the yellow and orange of a dampened sunrise on them and flowers that show hues of purples running along their petals and leaves.

The buds of the plant also stick to the stem in a tight, dense formation, making the whole plant look weighed down.


The flavor has been described as citrus or fruity, with different groups of people comparing it to sweet grape or berry or lime and sometimes all three at once.

Even though there is an undertone of earthy notes, the sweet citrus flavor is said to overpower this, so it is only fleeting on the inhale, while the exhalation is said to contain more sweet fruity tones. If you are a fan of citrus weed flavors, this would be the weed to try.


The aroma of the Hammer hybrid is often stated as complex, not because of it being strange, but due to the many influences on the plant itself – including being a hybrid of three different cannabis plants – it has many different smells mingling together.

This doesn’t make for a bad aroma, mind you, just unusual. It has an earthy smell mixed with incense like tones that settle underneath the broader smell of the plant, occasionally as well you may smell hints of fruit, specifically grape and lime.


We mentioned earlier how a plant’s name is given because of the attributes the plant has, in the case of Hammer that would be its THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content which can be between a whopping 18 to 23%, an insanely high amount for a strain to have.

This no doubt contributes to the feelings you get from when you first try it, the feeling of being knocked down with a hammer.

The content of Hammer’s CBD (Cannabidiol) is less than 1%, which is quite small for an indica dominant plant, but the likelihood is it has been bred to have less in order to not compete with the THC, as they produce different side effects.

Most indica plants have about a 13% level of THC in them, so if you are a novice smoker, be aware that this plant packs a punch and be careful before you smoke.

Side effects


We have mentioned that the Hammer has a strong and almost immediate effect, acting as a relaxant and a sedative. However, there is a process that many people rave about when they talk about this strain.

It begins with a euphoric and uplifting feeling washing over your mind, that stimulates your brain without over burdening it. Then, it moves down into your body, physically relaxing you and keeps slowly increasing your bodily sedation, until you are completely relaxed in mind and body.

Once this passes, you begin to feel sleepy, before drifting off into a relaxed slumber as Hammer fades from your mind. With these kinds of effects, you can see why it’s a good way to relax after working hard and a good ending to a day.


As always, it is important to look at the negative effects of this weed strain as well, before you go trying to find some for yourself. Surprisingly, for such a potent strain, Hammer has very few negative effects.

The most prominent is making people very, very hungry, often – when the smoker can be bothered to get off the couch – people will rampage through the kitchen for food, so make sure you are stocked up before you buy.

As an indica strain as well, Hammer is prone to dry mouth and dry eyes, so make sure you have plenty of water on hand as well. In rare cases, it can cause dizziness and paranoia, but this is due to smoking more than a person can handle, rather than in some other strains where it just is a by-product of the weed itself.

If this happens to you, try to relax and maybe take a day or two away, before settling on a smaller amount next time. The thing is with Hammer, the positive effects can be seen as negative as well, some people hate just relaxing on the couch, therefore if this is negative for you, maybe avoid this strain.

Medical Benefits

The place where Hammer really shines through is its medical benefits, as it has a surprising amount of applications. Thanks to its specially designed genetic makeup, Hammer is considered fantastic as a pain reliever, both chronic and acute.

Due to it relaxing not only the body and the mind, it targets pain well and can relieve sufferers for hours at a time.

Insomniacs can also benefit from this strain of weed, as it helps people drift off to sleep easier and subdues all the panic and anxiety inducing thoughts that tend to afflict us late at night.

This can also be true from those suffering from stress and depression, as its effects on the mind tend to numb the thoughts and emotions that cause mental anguish.

Finally, it can help with lack of appetite, however this doesn’t always hold true, being kind of hit-and-miss with its application.

Don’t worry, if that is what you were looking for, there are plenty of strains that have bred with traits that induce appetite in abundance.

The applications of Hammer for medical conditions make a good and powerful strain in and of itself and have helped many people, yet as always please consult a physician before using for any specific medical purpose.

Strain Review

This is an incredibly potent strain of weed for quite specific endeavors. The flavor is quite unique and may not be to everyone’s taste, but it has a good aroma and neither taste nor smell are harsh to the senses.

The effect is powerful and will knock people off their feet, so it needs to be prepared with care, however when you get it right, it is great for everyday use and can relax people at the end of the day.

It also has great medical uses and can be very helpful in times of both mental and physical areas for sufferers.

Even though this strain may not be great as a social smoke, it is fantastic to keep a supply of it for your own wants and needs, and you will probably find yourself using it more than other more energetic cannabis strains.

Strain Information

Hammer is a relatively straightforward plant to grow once you have the seeds. What’s great about it compared to other plants is that it is resistant to mold and mildew, as well as being able to grow indoors or outdoors.

For outdoor growers though, you will need to grow in a more Mediterranean climate, warm and semi humid. More sunlight should get to the buds, so topping the plants early in the vegetative state is recommended.

For indoor plants, it should take between 8 and 9 weeks for the plants to flower, while outdoor plants are ready for harvest by late September or early October time.

Strain Yield

For indoor plants, the yield is on average 13oz per square meter, which is quite a lot for a smaller weed plant. For outdoor plants, the average is closer to 16oz per square meter.

Final Thoughts

Hammer is for a very specific type of weed smoker. It is not universal or for any occasion, like introductions to weed or just a spontaneous day smoking, nor is it for social occasions, like parties or a walkabout, yet it has a very good place as a relaxing strain.

If it’s the end of a very long, arduous day, or you’re in pain or even that you just need to stop thinking about the world right and enjoy some alone time, then Hammer is perfect.

It is a great escape from the grind of life and has some fantastic medical applications that other weeds barely touch.

Thanks to the world we live in, it’s no wonder that this strain has started to become more and more popular with people, and will continue to be for a while.

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