Grape Stomper Strain Review

This hybrid weed is a cross between Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel, which gives you everything that you need for a distinctive flavor.

This strain has been known to give a tingle right through the body.

Grape Stomper Strain Review

This comes with a very strong grape candy flavor, which is great if you like the flavor of the fruit. This will also be able to help with stress reduction, giving you everything that you need for a good night’s sleep.

The Grape Stomper’s sweet taste might lead you into a false sense of security, as the THC levels in this particular strain of weed are very strong. So you might want to make sure that you aren’t ingesting too much, otherwise, this can lead to sickness and nausea.

How Was Grape Stomper Developed?

This was a cross-breed with Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel, which is what gives this strain of weed its particular taste.

This has been variously described as a ‘head puncher, as it hits you in the head straight away, leaving a mild tingling feeling all through the body.

Luckily for the avid weed smoker, the effects of this strain wear off quickly, leaving a very relaxed afterglow that will keep you calm and mellow for hours afterward. A lot of users have smoked this to help with depression.

This strain is also great for helping people sleep, giving them the exact right amount that they need for curing things like insomnia and sleep-related anxiety.


Nearly 50% of people who smoke this weed have claimed that they taste the grape flavor, and we are highly likely to agree. Not only that, but you should be able to taste a general sweet flavor, mingled in with earthy tones from the plant itself.

This would definitely go well in a brownie mixture, with the fruitiness really popping out from between the sweet chocolate notes.

We would recommend cooking up some Grape stomper brownies and serving them with a blackcurrant cordial, as this flavor will definitely compliment the taste of the weed itself.

Odor and Flavor

This one has a very strong aroma, with the pine and earthy notes coming through the fruity smells of the weed itself. The smell itself is very sweet and will leave a pleasant aroma after you have smoked it.

Physical Appearance

The bud on this strain is very shapely, with a compact spade-shaped nug that comes with bright orange furs. This is the THC of the bud, which is why users have boasted (and complained) about the strong high in this one.

This has a white coating over the top of the buds, which is actually the chunky white crystal trichomes. These also contribute to the very unique high of this strain, which also explains the mellowness and tingling.

Weed smokers that are familiar with the Purple Elephant brand of marijuana will recognize the unique shape of this plant. The denseness of the buds will also be sure to make a thicker resin, that you can use to coat the base of any batch of weed brownies.

Grow Info

This weed strain will grow healthily in both indoor and outdoor growing scenarios.

This will be great in a greenhouse, although if you do grow it indoors, you can expect a much smaller yield – you’ll get 12 ounces of this week per square meter, as opposed to 16 ounces of weed per square meters of outdoor growth.

This strain will have really dense buds, more than a lot of other brands of weed. The yields are very sizable and profitable, which makes this a great weed if you are selling it to third parties.

If you are growing your plants outdoors, you should see them start to grow in the middle of October. This plant will on average take around 72 days to reach full maturity. This will also be good if you are hoping to cultivate this plant for medical purposes.


Here are some of the effects of the Grape Stomper:

  • Happiness – around 60% of users have reported feeling happy after they have used this particular brand of weed.
  • Alleviates depression
  • Relaxations – around 50% of users reported feeling much calmer after smoking this weed.
  • Pain reduction – around 30% of users have reported that this has helped them with pain, especially in their joints and back region.

Side Effects

There are a few negative side effects that have been reported by users. The tingling that you experience when you first smoke this weed might be initially uncomfortable, although this will soon go away and give in to a more comfortable high.

Some users have also reported feeling dizzy after they have taken a few hits of this strain. A small percentage have also reported dry mouth and eyes, although this can be rectified by staying hydrated during smoking.

Some users have also reported that Grape Stomper actually makes them feel more anxious rather than less, however, this is a very small proportion of users.

Medical Appointments

  • Relaxation – a lot of users have reported that this reduces their overall stress levels and keeps them happier during the evening.
  • Pain reduction – this helps to lower the pain in your legs and back. Chronic back pain sufferers have commented that this helps them loosen up and increases their sleep time.
  • Anxiety – this also reduces the occurrence of depression and anxiety in users. Over 30% of users have reported these symptoms lessening after a course of Grape Stomper.

Similar Strains

  • Purple Elephant
  • Chemdawg Sour Diesel

This is a combination of these two strains, so the Grape Stomper will resemble the appearance and flavor of both.

Strain Cannabinoids

  • 70% Sativa
  • Indica dominant

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