Grape God Strain Review

Grape God is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is a mixture of the God Bud and Grapefruit genetics (hence the name). Not only does the name originate from these parent strains, but it also suggests the sweet grape aroma and earthy notes that accompany this cannabis.

Grape God Strain Review

Powerful with long-lasting euphoric effects that can knock out stress, Grape God can elevate your mood and relax your whole body. Find out more about the Grape God strain with our review, below.


Before people even smoke Grape God, they have certain expectations about the strain. These expectations are mostly to do with its taste, scent, appearance, and, of course, its effects. 

This is no ordinary strain. This is no surprise as one of its parents, God Bud, was the winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup a few years ago. Grape God is a true purple. It provides a very heavy high due to its strong potency and effects.

How potent the cut depends on your experience, however. When at the low end of the THC range, it may feel soothing and a refreshing high. At its top end, it’s certainly a more hard-hitting strain that is even capable of sedating users. 

What Is The Grape God Strain?

The Grape God strain of weed is an Indica-dominant hybrid and a cross between Grapefruit and God Bud. As you can see, some cannabis breeders can be a little lazy when it comes to naming new strains. That being said, its name is more than appropriate. 

This strain offers the robust buds of God Bud as well as its purple coloring. Grapefruit’s genetics are also more than evident through its smell and taste. 

If you consume a large amount of Grape God, you may find it hard to stay awake but, typically, it will take some time to kick in for you to start feeling the effects. Its high will usually ease in gently and firstly impact your head before making its way through your body.

This will help you unwind and feel totally relaxed. When used in moderate amounts, your mood will improve and it will make you feel happier. A great option if you’re tired in the evening or before attending a social event.

How Was The Grape God Strain Developed?

Grape God originated when God Bud and Grapefruit were combined. This cross between God Bud, an Indica, and Grapefruit, a Sativa are evident in the strain. However, the Sativa genes are dominant but the exact numbers are hard to even estimate. 


When you first inhale Grape God, you will be met with an immediate strong grape taste. This hits the palate with force but is still pleasant to experience. Aside from this grape flavor, there are also notes of hash, soil, and citrus.

Its grapefruit and berry flavor often make users feel more invigorated and wanting more. Sweet and earthy is a perfect combination, especially for this potent strain. 

Odor And Flavor

As we mentioned, Grape God not only gets its name from its parents but also from its strong yet sweet grape smell with hints of earth. This strain offers a sour grape scent which is often combined with zesty citrus notes.

Its earthy smell reminds users that beneath its fruit facade, there lies a very powerful and potent marijuana plant. We love the sweet and earth combination that envelops you as you smoke it.

It simply ensures that you will crave Grape God from the moment you first smell its grapey goodness. 

Physical Appearance 

Grape God is an aesthetically pleasing strain of cannabis. It sports dark and dense nugs that have a deep green shade with hints of purple packed into its calyxes.

Most growers find that the buds are either very short and round or the complete opposite being long and narrow.

With its orange pistils and bright green appearance with flecks of dark gold strands, Grape God is immediately noticeable when flowering. 

Grow Info

Grape God seeds are pretty easy to grow. As long as it can thrive in a healthy environment with a careful grower, this strain is low-maintenance and will grow very well.

It must be provided with plenty of nutrients as it is a hungry plant. If you decide to grow it outdoors, the most suitable climate is a warm and dry one. It is ready for harvest by the end of September or early October and can yield up to 21 ounces per plant.

However, most growers report a lot less. When grown indoors, its flowering time is around 8 to 9 weeks and can usually yield up to 18 ounces per plant.

You should use compost tea that contains worm castings, kelp, bat guano, molasses, and fish hydrolysate. Whichever combo you add, allow the compost tea to brew for 24 to 36 hours.


Due to a relatively modest THC content of 14% and a low CBD content of 0.6%, Grape God usually gives users a focused head. Its effect is generally deeply relaxing and a feeling of contentment with life.

Users report that they often feel happy, euphoric, and relaxed but the effects can take some time to kick in.

Side Effects

As with all marijuana strains, some side effects have been reported. With Grape God, the most common, but still not frequent, side effects include a dry mouth and dry eyes with a small chance of dizziness. Always stay well hydrated when using Grape God. 

Medical Appointments 

Grape God’s combination of its parents along with its Sativa genetics makes it ideal for anxious minds and for those who suffer from chronic pain.

Its deeply relaxing effect makes it a beneficial strain for treating PTSD, migraines, arthritis, and certain mood disorders. It can also help tackle insomnia and chronic pain.

Similar Strains

The structure of Grape God is similar to an Indica dominant strain and is unsurprisingly very similar to its parents God Bud and Grapefruit.

Strain Cannabinoids 

  • THC – 15%
  • CBD – 1%
  • Sativa – 70%
  • Indica – 30%
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