Grape Drank Strain Review

If you’re looking for a punchy, THC-heavy strain with a dominant Indica vibe, Grape Drank should be high on your list.

A potent cross of Kimbo Kush and Grape God, Grape Drank is a 70/30 Indica/Sativa hybrid with a pronounced body high and an uplifting, gently euphoric, and escapist head high that soothes and elevates you in equal measure while guiding you to the nearest comfortable surface.

It’s perfect for pain and anxiety, a truly calming balm that can help you deal with your day-to-day or bring you closer to your friends in a social setting.

Despite being hugely THC-loaded, Grape Drank comes on gently and without too many side effects so it’s great for people who aren’t particularly au fait with high-THC strains or worry about fast-paced anxiety-inducing highs.

Grape Drank Strain Review

Alongside all of this, Grape Drank is a pleasure to smoke. With a beautiful purple color in bud form, it smells like grape, fruits, and flowers, and tastes sweet, complex, fruity, and inviting.

If, like many people, you smoke with your eyes and nose before you light anything, Grape Drank will entice you, drawing you in with its extraordinary appeal, before taking you away on a sweet cloud of easy-smoking goodness.

For a strain that will carry you away from your worries and tuck you into bed, give Grape Drank a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Strain History


A cross of two classic strains, Kimbo Kush and Grape God, Grape Drank leans heavily towards the Indica side, with a 70/30 genetic split. This leaves you with a super-powered strain that really maximizes the best aspects of its forefathers.


The origin of Grape Drank is shrouded in mystery, with little information available about who first made this inspired cross of strains. Whoever they were, they created a true underground classic.

Strain Profile

Strain Appearance

This strain has serious bag appeal! It inherits big buds from Kimbo Kush, with a tightly packed, tapered shape. Not content with being on the bigger side, it’s also frequently a fitting shade of purple, as you would expect from Grape Drank.

Strain Flavor

Flavor-wise, Grape Drank is an easy-toking, sweet strain. It’s super-easygoing, with a flavor profile that mixes berries, florals, and that trademark taste of grape. There’s also a nice woody undercurrent to underpin the flavor, and it’s all wrapped in a layer of delicious sweetness.

Strain Aroma

With a name like Grape Drank you’d be expecting grape on the nose, and that’s what you get. Straight out of the bag there’s a pronounced grape scent, and when you break it down and grind it you liberate a sweet, skunky vibe that mixes with the grape flavor perfectly.

Strain Cannabinoids

Grape Drank contains pretty much no CBD at all, with a solid 18-23% THC content. This puts it above average for Indica strains, and at the upper-mid range of most commercially available strains for THC content.

Strain Terpenes

The dominant terpene in Grape Drank is myrcene, which accounts for the herbal backbone to Grape Drank’s flavor and also the chilled-out effects it has.

The other two major terpenes are limonene and caryophyllene, which bring on citrus and peppery tones respectively. Myrcene and limonene are super-common cannabis terpenes, so you’re on solid ground as a regular smoker.

Side Effects

Grape Drank has a few effects that occur as it comes on that you might want to take note of. It’s likely to give you some mild auditory and visual hallucinations, along with an increase in salvation and a bit of a flushed appearance. These effects are not long-lasting, and fade as the high proper takes hold.

Medical Benefits

As with a lot of Indica strains, Grape Drank is a particularly good choice for people who are suffering pain or stress. It’s a gently euphoric smoke with a strong body high, so if you’re looking for relaxation this is a great strain to turn to.

Sufferers of chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia all report benefits from using Grape Drank, and if taken as a tincture or in edibles it’s even good for relieving the pain from conditions such as COPD.

Because it doesn’t come on too fast and the hallucinatory effects don’t last long, it can be a good strain for people who suffer from panic, or who aren’t particularly well-adjusted to other high-THC strains but want the benefits they can bring.

Strain Review

Grape Drank grabs your attention straight away with its lustrous purple color. There are few better-looking bags than this. Popping it open, you’re hit instantly with a huge grape scent. It’s enough to make you want to grab some and grind it straight away.

Once you start breaking down the buds you release more herby, earthy, skunky tones that start to give the game away. This is going to be a big Indica high.

When you light Grape Drank, you won’t notice anything straight away. Indica takes its time, but when it starts to hit you’ll definitely notice.

First, you’ll feel physical sensations; a little rush to the head, a glow in your cheeks, maybe your mouth will water.

As these feelings settle down, you’ll enter a world next to this one. Gentle euphoria will lift you as your sensory perception starts to shift, with gentle auditory and visual hallucinations beginning to morph your reality. Time slows down and you float in a bubble of warm, altered experience.

There’s nothing stimulating about Grape Drank, so you’re not going to feel an intense burst of creativity. What you do get is a golden, social high that’s great for sharing with friends.

Once you’re up in this amazing headspace, you’ll start to feel the physical effects of Grape Drank. You’re not going to be running out to the store for snacks once you’ve hit this.

Grape Drank wants you to sit down and enjoy the new universe it’s creating for you, so relax and let the heaviness roll over you. You might want to sit down, lie down even. Maybe put on a great film or binge-watch some TV, or listen to some music, and just let everything wash over you. This is where you’re supposed to be, so take pleasure in it.

Grape Drank’s extraordinary calming powers make it an exceptional choice of strain for anyone who’s in need of some deep relaxation. If you’re anxious, if you’re panicked, if you can’t sleep, give Grape Drank a try. If you need a break from the stress of the world, step into Grape Drank’s safe space instead.

It’s a space that’s free from pain, so if you spend your days having to battle against your nerves, Grape Drank can provide a refuge for both your body and mind.

From headaches and injury pain to chronic nerve pain, Grape Drank’s effects are powerful and soothing, perfect for a long evening winding down and escaping the world.

Strain Grow Information

You won’t find this strain in shops as seeds. It’s just not out there, so you’ll be wanting to track down someone who you know who can supply you with a clipping to clone from.

However, this aside, Grape Drank is a relatively easy strain to grow. It tolerates indoor and outdoor conditions well, though it thrives in at least semi-humid settings so be aware of this when setting up your grow room and if you’re planning on an outside grow. You need that moisture to get the best out of Grape Drank, and you’ll be disappointed otherwise.

Grape Drank has a roughly eight-to-nine-week pre-flowering growing time, so you don’t have to wait too long before you can start picking. In order to emphasize that cosmic purple hue, you need to ensure that you’re exposing your plants to night-time temperatures of 55 to 65 degrees in the run-up to flowering.

This can be harder outdoors, and while you don’t lose anything in flavor terms (flavor and color being determined by separate chemicals) that bag appeal isn’t going to be as high without the purple color.

This might lead you to decide that Grape Drank is best as an indoor grow, and it’s hard to disagree that the best results come from a more controlled environment than you would typically manage outdoors.


Obtaining seeds for Grape Drank can be pretty difficult. It’s not a commercially grown product for seed, so you’ll have to shop around among your network and see if you can find a trusted source for clippings to clone.

Flowering Time

Grape Drank typically flowers around the eight-to-nine-week mark, with a fairly standard harvesting time after that.

Strain Yield

Yields vary for Grape Drank, which is very much dependent on the growing conditions.

When this strain is grown indoors with the right temperature control or outdoors in semi-humid conditions it yields similar amounts, but as it’s not a commercialized strain it is difficult to give a consistent value for yield. It’s a bit of an artisan’s choice, but you won’t regret growing it if you can obtain it.

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