Gorilla Cookies Strain Review

This was bred by Elev8 Seed brand and is a hybrid of Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie. This was designed to blend the thick mint aroma of the Gorilla Glue with the pungent cookie odor of the GSC. This has a very strong terpene profile, which really adds to the bouquet.

Gorilla Cookies Strain Review

This strain was bred for a very high potency, which is why a lot of people smoke it before they go to bed. It has buds that are thick with resin, the leaves of which harden like stones before curing.

If you take just a few hits of this weed, it will affect the whole mood of your day, so unless you are extremely busy, then we would suggest that you handle this with care. It is designed to help with various ailments including chronic pain, nausea and stress.

How Was Gorilla Cookies Developed?

It was originally bred by the company Elev8 Seeds, which wanted a similar strain to their GSC, but with a stronger THC level. This weed is a one-hit-wonder, giving you everything that you need throughout the day for more relaxed muscles and reduced inflammation.

This was developed to enhance the flavors of existing strains but to also increase the levels of THC and other relaxing elements. You only need to have a little of this strong weed to get you through the day.


This strain has a slightly minty taste, which is developed from previous varieties of Gorilla weed. It also has an earthy after tone that will be sure to ground you slightly. We would recommend putting this one in brownies if you want that minty texture.

Odor And Flavor

This has very pungent odors, giving you everything that you need for a strong scent pallet. You can detect the earthy notes in this strain, although only 22% of people have claimed to detect this flavor.

If you are infusing your favorite alcoholic beverage with mint, then you won’t go far wrong with this strain of marijuana. We would recommend some vodka with a blitzed version of this strain. You can then get a high that will be leveled off by the alcohol.

Physical Appearance

This weed is very dense, with few buds that you can see coming out of the stem itself. You’ll notice that this bud has a purple hue too, which is why the weed itself is so strong. It has a resin coating that comes out of the leaves, which is great for cooking and baking.

Grow Info

Like a lot of other strains of weed, this one grows much better outdoors than it goes indoors. If you do want to grow it indoors, make sure that you have the right wattage for your heat lamps and that you don’t expose your plants to too much light.


This plant has plenty of positive effects on the smoker, although this strain is particularly known for its sedative effects as well as reducing inflammation in the joints. A lot of people suffering from chronic back pain have felt able to work and relax after a few hits of this.

Here are some of the more notable effects of the Gorilla Cookies strain:

  • Relaxed yet alert – a lot of people have reported that this weed reduces their anxiety level, yet keeps their concentration. This will help if you are engaging in any sit-down hobbies.
  • Increased happiness – a lot of people have used this as a treatment for depression or anxiety issues. This will also improve the overall mood in most weed smokers, although a small percentage have complained about an increase in anxiety.
  • Euphoria – around 50% of Gorilla Cookies smokers have been impressed by the sense of elation that they get from smoking this weed.
  • Social – this weed keeps all the focus that you need for social events, while drastically reducing the background anxiety. If you do suffer from social anxiety, try taking a few hits on this.

Side Effects

Here are some of the negative side effects that some people have experienced on this strain of weed:

  • Dizziness – this has only been reported in around 8% of people, but it might be worth bearing in mind if you are planning on operating any machinery after your partake.
  • Increased anxiety – in a smaller percentage of smokers, this strain has been known to increase their anxiety.
  • Confusion – this strain has been said to cause confusion in some users, so make sure that you are nice and relaxed before taking a hit.
  • Too strong – some users have ingested too much of this weed on the first hit. We would recommend that you use very conservative amounts before taking a hit.

Make sure that you are not taking too much of this weed on the first ingestion. This is a very strong strain, so you should always be aware of the THC content. If you are making brownies or chocolate with this weed, use very small amounts at first and then adjust accordingly.

Medical Appointments

Here are a few of the medicinal benefits of this weed:

  • Reduces anxiety – this is probably one of the better strains for anxiety reduction.
  • Depression treatment – if you want a natural way of reducing the levels of depression and lifting your overall mood, you can’t go far wrong with this strain.
  • This is also a great weed for reducing inflammation in your joints. Users who have suffered from chronic back pain have rated this as excellent for relaxing the muscles between the vertebrae and encouraging movement.
  • This is a great strain for enhancing your social skills and reducing social anxiety.

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Strain Cannabinoids

  • THC: 21%
  • CBD: 1%
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