Gorilla Cake Strain Review

Gorilla cake is an indica dominant hybrid that descends from the crossing of original glue and wedding cake. It’s a popular strain for medicinal and recreational users due to the heavy high that comes on fast. 

Gorilla Cake Strain Review

We’ll be giving our thoughts on this indica dominant strain so if you’re a seasoned smoker looking for something more potent, then you’ll want to keep on reading. 


Gorilla cake is a highly potent indica strain that’ll hit users within the first 1-2 tokes. Its parent strains are highly intoxicating with both of them being highly dominant indica strains that create an intense sedative state when smoked. 

The THC levels of gorilla cake can reach about 21% in some batches, so inexperienced users may find it too powerful but even frequent users may find themselves taken aback by its potency.

What Is Gorilla Cake Strain?

How Was Gorilla Cake Developed?

Gorilla cake is a hybrid of cross-breeding of two popular strains gorilla glue and wedding cake, both of which pack a punch even with the smallest hit.  

Gorilla glue has a crazy sedative effect on the body and will leave you ‘glued’ to the couch for hours after you smoke it.

Despite it being an indica dominant strain, gorilla glue will also give a euphoric sensation that puts users in a dreamy yet happy state whilst kicking back and relaxing. 

Wedding cake, much like its co-parent, also produces a happy and relaxing effect on the user, but the lower THC content helps balance out that of Gorilla glue to produce a more functional high when merged to create the hybrid gorilla cake. 


Gorilla cake definitely inhibits the tastes of both parent strains. It has a rich sweet cake flavoring with hints of chocolate, which is inherited from the parent strain gorilla cake.

However, as the nugs continue to burn there is an earthy and spicy undertone that stays in your mouth long after you’ve smoked it.

Odor & Flavor

The buds have a combination of earthy chocolatey or even coffee aroma with a hint of sour citrus lemon notes when it begins to burn. 

Physical Appearance

The colors of gorilla cake buds vary between deep green foliage with some lighter green buds scattered around. The flowers lean on the drier side but are fluffy and dense enough that makes it a dream to break down when rolling.

The amber hairs are present throughout as well and the buds are covered in the frosty coating of trichomes. 

Grow Info

The gorilla cake seeds are hard to come by so if you’re interested in growing this strain then you’ll need to do some research as there are some variances out there that will claim to be this hybrid strain but are not.

The strain is very adaptable so can be grown indoors and outdoors with the flowering cycle taking around 62-75 days. Make sure to harvest it at the right time to get the perfect amount of sticky trichomes which produce such an intoxicating high and will leave you blown away.


This intense high will hit hard and fast and will knock you for two, leaving you with your head in the clouds and incapable of doing much but lying on the couch.

It’s a great one for a nighttime chill with your friends, anything that involves spacey and pointless conversations whilst watching stupid Netflix shows will intensify this high when your productivity levels are zilch. 

The happy and euphoric elements of this high are what make it so great for chilling out with friends after a long day. It’ll leave everyone relaxed and spacey but with some intense giggles. 

If you’ve got an important day ahead of you or need to be productive, then this will be the strain you’ll want to avoid as you’ll find it difficult to focus and will find yourself resting your head in your hands with your eyes fluttering shut. 

Side Effects

Smoking any sort of ganja will dry a user’s mouth out and this gorilla cake is no different, so make sure to have a refreshing drink nearby to prevent that cotton mouth feeling.

This heavy strain may also leave you with some itchy dry eyes that’ll be instantly noticeable to anyone who comes near.

Non-tolerant users may find themselves feeling dizzy and slightly paranoid if they take too many tokes too quickly, so pace yourself as the buzz will hit you in no time.

Gorilla cake will make you feel sleepy and many users will find themselves waking a few hours later feeling dazed. It’s recommended to smoke during the night to let the effects wear off as you sleep. 

Medical Appointments

Gorilla cake is a popular choice for those with medical conditions due to its sedative state and ability to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

Anyone who has trouble with insomnia will benefit from using this strain as it’ll put you in such a sleepy state that you’ll have no problem getting a few hours of shuteye. 

Even people who have problems with headaches and frequent migraines will find that gorilla cake can ease the symptoms and make mundane tasks a bit easier to manage without the pulsing feeling in your head. 

Gorilla cake is rich in pinene, a chemical compound found in cannabis that can be used to treat pain and inflammation. So anyone who struggles with chronic pain or has an injury will see the symptoms eased after a few draws of this. 

Similar Strains

As gorilla cake is a hybrid of wedding cake and original glue, then your best bet would be to try one of these strains if you’re looking for a similar high but can’t get your hands on the hybrid.

Other strains like Trump OG and Girl Scout Cookies will also give you a similar sedative effect but whilst maintaining a happy high.

Strain Cannabinoids 

Gorilla boasts THC levels of around 21% making it a troublesome ganja for beginners or users with low tolerances, so take it easy.

The hybrid has around 70% indica and 30% sativa, so whilst you’ll be spaced out and an intense body high that draws you to sleep, you’ll still feel on top of the moon whilst you’re trying to resist a snooze.

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