Gold Strain

Strains of cannabis are often named for their most obvious attribute, like ‘Wookie’ being an incredible strain that knocks your socks off or ‘Northern Lights’ due to it being very relaxing and making you want to watch the world go by, for the ‘Gold’ strain or ‘Gold Leaf’ strain it has two reasons for its name.

One, the actual plant is gold – surprise, surprise – and two, it is quite a rare strain of cannabis. Much like the precious metal we all covet as a species, the Gold strain is prized among weed smokers for its taste, effect, and lasting nature.

Gold Strain

The hardy nature of the plant, the big buds it produces, and how huge it grows, cultivators of gold leaf have some impressive yields, while at the same time the plant is one of the easiest strains to grow.

Even with all these benefits, this plant might not be ideal for every weed connoisseur, so without further ado, let’s get into the specifics of this plant.

Strain History

This strain was created by Robert Bergman, the founder of the ILGM seed bank, as an attempt to create a marijuana strain that all users can enjoy, while not being overly susceptible to the side effects.

It is quite an exotic plant that was created using a mixture of hybrid strains to create this rare breed, however we do not know the combination or even one of the strains that were bred to create it, with the sources being a closely guarded secret by the cultivators themselves.

What we do know is that this plant is an indica-dominant hybrid, being 60% indica and 40% sativa.

Indica strains tend to be more about relaxing the mind and body, something to unwind at the end of the day, while Sativa strains are more about boosting cerebral euphoria, something to get energy levels and creative juices flowing.

Since this strain is more indica while having a significant sativa portion, it seems designed to relax the toker, while not inhibiting their ability to create or think.

However, this universal appeal does not mean it is for the faint-hearted, Gold stills hits quick and strong, it just won’t melt your brain as other breeds might.


Gold is a huge plant and can grow up to 7”, making it seem more like beer hops than a cannabis plant.

The distinctive gold tint that the leaves have is what gives the plant its name, and they fan around sections of the bud in a spiral pattern, thanks to the high amount of buds on the plant, pushing the leaves away from whole segments of the stem.


The flavor of Gold is sort and, quite literally, sweet. It has a sweet, citrus flavor that turns to an earthy aftertaste once pulled in. However, the overall aftertaste changes back to a slightly sweet flavor again, making the overall experience easy to digest.

Not only that, but the flavor isn’t highly concentrated in one or more areas or the bud, so when you smoke it doesn’t hit you hard or sting the nostrils, instead having a little bump of flavor, before dissipating very quickly.


Surprisingly, for an indica dominant strain, Gold Leaf has a very pungent aroma, being the same kind of smell as the taste of the plant.

It has a deep earthy smell that is complimented by a delicate citrus and rosy accent, giving you a rich bed of perfume beyond that of your normal skunk and cheeses.


If you can’t tell, Gold Leaf is not your regular market strain of marijuana. It has a very high THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) level of 17 and 23% of its makeup, while having only a 1 to 3% level of CBD (Cannabidiol).

As such, this makes Gold Leaf a more nighttime weed strain, being liable to make you more sleepy after use, however it is also more likely to make you feel good during your session.

This is also unusual for an indica dominant strain, as most of these kinds of strains have only about a 13% level of THC in them.

Thanks to the high level of THC, this strain of weed is an afternoon eliminator, making it best for movie watching – good and bad –, instrument playing, or just plain couch sitting on a lazy Sunday.

Strain Side Effects


The unique blend of genetics and chemicals in Gold Leaf mean this weed is at the top of the game for a good effect. It hits instantaneously, boosting your mood and emotions.

It elevates your happiness, making you cheerful and enthusiastic. However, thanks to the predominance of indica in the strain, it never goes to far with this, keeping you calm and chill while enjoying the buzz.

It has been bred specifically for universal appeal and for the best effect of cannabis, you can expect to feel creative, elevated in mood and emotion, happy, and euphoric, which is precisely what most people want from their strains.


However, there are always potential bad sides to anything in life and this strain has one or two, but not as many as you would think.

Due to being indica, this drug does not make you as active and being such a potent weed strain, it can make you effectively a couch potato.

While this may not seem bad, it can lead to dehydration, which is the cause of most side effects of the Gold Leaf strain: mild dry mouth, moderate dry eye, mild headache, and slight dizziness, these are all side effects that people have found cleared by drinking water, so stay hydrate if you plan to use this strain.

The only other problem with Gold Leaf is the philosophy of what goes up, must come down.

Normally applied to physics, but in this case it is biology, if you are feeling euphoric and happy due to a toke or two, then eventually, when you are sobering up, you will stop feeling those and start to feel quite tired.

This happens with Gold Leaf, so it is best to take this on a lazy day or night rather than at a party in the city.

Medical Benefits

Cannabis has been used in medicine more and more frequently as the years go on, and that is no different with this strain.

Indica strains in general have been more commonly used in medicine, their ability to relax and sooth can be used to treat a variety of physical or mental forms of pain.

In Gold Leaf, there are a number of condition’s symptoms that it can be effective at managing, thanks to its highly relaxing and euphoric properties:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Gold Leaf can also be used for pain management and ADHD, however this was not added to the list, as this is highly dependent on the individual, whereas the others have avid followings or there are enough people who swear by Gold Leaf helping them, allowing us to put it on the list.

With pain, it is good if the pain is acute, from a recent impact or injury, however there is not enough information from chronic pain sufferers to make this distinction.

With ADHD, it depends on a case-by-case basis, for example, if the primary symptom of that person’s ADHD is executive dysfunction, this might not be the best solution, but if it was anxiety or impulse control caused by ADHD, this would help immensely with their problems.

Strain Review

Despite being an incredibly potent strain of weed, it is actually fairly mellow and a good introduction to cannabis in general. The flavor isn’t harsh, and the aroma isn’t off-putting, while not leaving a bad or long taste in your mouth.

The effect of the strain is also surprisingly gentle to people.

While you can blow your mind out of your socks with it, it depends on how much you use in obvious amounts, for example, a pinch will not make you incredibly high, it’ll what you expect, just a little high, while if you smoke a handful, you will obviously be glued to the sofa.

This gives you great control over how high you want to get.

Best of all, it is not just good for day-to-day use, but fantastic for people who use it for medical purposes, people who just need it to get to sleep at night or sooth pain or fatigue.

With the strain becoming more and more popular, I doubt this will be a rare strain for long.

Strain Information


The best climate for the seeds is under less intense light, they will do fine in high light areas, but they won’t flower as well.

This plant is the most productive in an indoor, steppe or Mediterranean climate, however it is still hardy, so if you live in an area of heavy rainfall, you can still grow it, just don’t expect much.

The plant is a good one for beginners, who want to start growing, indoors or outdoors.


Gold Leaf can take between 4 and 8 weeks to flower. The amount of yield depends on where this plant is grown, if it is grown indoors, you could gain 23oz per plant, if grown outdoors, the harvest time would be early October and you could gain 28oz per plant.

Having from 23 to 28oz of yield is nothing to turn your nose up at, and is very impressive for one plant.

If you are having problems with your growth or plants, you can contact the original cultivators at ILGM. They will help and advise you on how best to rescue your plants or what to do different next time.

Final Thoughts

This is a rare strain of weed, yet it is coveted, not for its rarity, but for the properties it has. It is good as an introduction to growing, as a night cap, lazy afternoon, or to deal with a variety of medical issues.

What’s great about this strain though is that, despite its rarity, it is incredibly hardy and there is a lot of help on hand with how to grow it and how to enjoy it once you get your hands on it.

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