Fruit Punch Strain Review

As the name suggests, Fruit Punch has a wonderfully sweet flavor of fruits and berries, but the similarities don’t stop there. You can expect a “punch” of euphoria, happiness, and uplifting energies with this tropical child-like strain.

Fruit Punch Strain

With such a bubbly and juicy flavor, it might come as a surprise to learn that this summertime spliff was born from Skunk #1, Haze, and Northern lights!


Fruit Punch has a moderate potency of 22% THC and a CBD percentage of 1.2%, which is a bit odd seeing as Northern Lights has a THC percentage of 18%, Skunk #1 has a THC percentage of 15% – 19%, and Haze barely makes it into the 20s with their 14% – 23% THC percentage. 

The maths should say that Fruit Punch has a potency of 17% – 19%, but Fruit Punch has clearly taken their strengths from Haze!

What Is Fruit Punch Strain?

Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1 are all considered to be legends in their own right.

The world of Marijuana ranks these strains super highly. Each one is different when it comes to their structure which is why their combination has created such an exciting effect.

How Was Fruit Punch Developed

Haze and Northern Lights are both pure strains. Northern Lights is 90% Indica, and Haze is 80% Sativa, so they are strong breeds from different sides of the spectrum. Skunk #1, on the other hand, is a well-balanced hybrid.

Heavyweight Seeds combined these three strains to create a moderately high THC offspring with a high yield and a sweet taste, essentially getting the best of all three variations. 


With a name like Fruit Punch, you can expect a tropical flavor, and this strain doesn’t let you down! Due to the taste of berries, citrus and fruits, you will feel refreshed after a toke of Fruit Punch’s delights.

The citrus flavors are more of an undertone in comparison to the berries, and the fruitiness is wonderfully paired with a mild sweet aftertaste.

Odor and flavor

One reason why people love Fruit Punch so much is due to its enticing fragrance. The taste of the fruits and berries make their way into the aroma, so it seems like you’re enjoying a summertime dessert.

If you break up the buds or grind them, then you’ll release slight undertones of earth and pine to create a deeper flavor.

Physical Appearance

Fruit Punch has large flowers that automatically spark the image of bullets, and they hold a dense and solid structure thanks to their Northern Lights heritage.

The leaves are tightly curled and bright spring green, but you will find shoots of brown and orange pistils throughout. Because of the phenotypes, you might notice a slight purple hue, and all that color is then coated with icy white trichomes.

Grow Info

You might be expecting a lanky plant that cannot grow in cold environments due to thin stalks and delicate branches that can snap with a strong gust of wind, but Fruit Punch breaks the Sativa dominant stereotype.

It grows tall, even as high as 7 feet, and it can withstand big changes in temperature so that you can grow it in colder states. It even flowers regularly, allowing you to get larger yields in cooler weather.

If you grow Fruit Punch indoors, you can expect the flowering after 8 weeks and a yield of 21 oz per square meter.

If you grow your strains outdoors, you can expect a harvest in September instead of October and receive a yield of 35 oz per plant! That’s not even per square meter!


Fruit Punch is a party strain. It will boost your mood and calm your mind as the euphoric rush takes you. In many people, the mental clarity can create a creative spark, which is perfect for anyone suffering from an artistic block.

The effects aren’t instantaneous, but you’ll gradually receive the energizing buzz as it surges through your muscles, invigorating your body and keeping you uplifted.

This physical empowerment comes from the psychedelic effects, meaning Fruit Punch is a fantastic strain for brainstorming sessions or social events, making you the creative genius who is the life of the party.

Side Effects

There are a couple of common side effects with Fruit Punch, the first being cottonmouth. To get through that uncomfortable stage in the evening, we suggest you drink a lot of water.

You might also find yourself developing red and itchy eyes as the cannabinoids affect your tear ducts. We suggest you keep some eye moisturizer around just in case you feel the scratchy effects.

Usually, those are the only two side effects you will experience unless you take too high a dose.

Fruit Punch can overstimulate your mind, which can cause you to be anxious and paranoid. If you start getting dizzy, then you may end up reaching this unsettling feeling, so drink some water and eat some snacks to calm your mind.

Medical Appointments

Fruit Punch is more recreational than medicinal, but if you suffer from depression, then this strain can help you reach a sense of euphoria. 

Similar Strains

If you want more strains to help you boost your creativity, we suggest Kali Mist, Jack Herer, and Chemdog.

If you want more fruity and refreshing strains, then we suggest Cereal Gelato, Tropicana Cookies, and Sundae Driver.

Strain Cannabinoids

Northern Lights are known to be massive stress relievers and super relaxing. Haze is known for the same thing but with a touch more energetic and euphoric effects.

Skink #1 also follows this trend but with a bout of uplifting reactions. Together they have created a creative stress reliever that can keep you energized!

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