Freedom Strain

The Freedom strain is a THC dominant cannabis which means that it has some epic psychoactive elements to it. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is the main element of cannabis that causes a “high mind” effect.

This means that your mind, instead of your body, receives a lot of dopamine and radical feelings.

Freedom Strain

Being a high THC strain means that you can expect a lot of brain activity, movement, and energy from yourself once you have smoked tokes from these nugs.

Strain History

There isn’t much information around Freedom yet, as the strain is still making its way around reliable sources. Still, we believe this plant is a healthy mixture of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. 

Because of that strong origins, it makes sense that their offspring should hold such powerful potential. 


Skunk (also known as Skunk 1) is one of the most globally known marijuana types across the world. It first became popular in the 1970 and is still up in the top 5 most used strains every year. As you can expect, Skunk has a thick skunky smell that can be off-putting to some but intriguing to others.

The aroma is almost sour in your nostril, but it holds earthly notes that ground it from being too much. Skunk is often used to help people develop their creativity, buzz up some energy, and encourage the user to eat.

Northern Lights is also a massive bud in a world of green and is most people’s favorite Indica. The euphoric effects are solely attached to the body, making your muscles relax and your pain melts away. 

Northern Lights became the perfect antidote for insomnia, chronic pain, and overpowering stress.

Haze, the third part of Freedom’s genetics, is a strange name for this strain’s effects. If you say “haze,” you expect to be sleepy and disconnected from the world, but this Sativa strain does the opposite.

Haze is a high-energy bud that gives you pockets of intense inspiration as the citrus flavors explode from the earthy sweetness.

Sometimes this creativity morphs into paranoia, but many users risk the turn at a chance to reach that idea trapped behind the haze.


Using our knowledge that Freedom was born from Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk, we know that the strain has a wide origin story. It comes from mostly hot or Mediterranean countries like Afghanistan, Colombia, Thailand, Switzerland, Mexico, and Nepal.

As you can tell, this mixture of countries is vast, but that’s because this strain has had so many parents. We haven’t even looked into the grandparents of the strain, which include Columbian Gold, Afghani, Acapulco Gold, Thai, and more.

Strain Appearance

The nugs of Freedom are wrapped up tight as the dirty long yellow hairs twist and reach out in an attempt to catch water. The buds are easy to break and stick easily to their form as the golden lines keep everything in place. The closest match in physicality would be Haze, as Northern Lights doesn’t have the same amount of fibers, and Skunk doesn’t share the same vibrant green colors in the leaves.

Strain Flavor

With Skunk in the genetic mix, you might expect the classic skunky taste to creep into the flavors, but instead, the mixture with Haze has turned that darker flavor into a more chemical aftertaste.

First, you’ll get a flavor of a long stewed tea; bitter, dark, and tobacco. Next, the chemical depth almost fills the back of your mouth. The flavors might seem too dark at this point, but take a couple more drags, and you’ll notice a spiciness that breaks up the tension. This spicy zing is coupled with a delicate herbal taste.

As these new flavors make room in your taste buds, you’ll notice a distinct apple flavor bursting through.

The journey of flavor in Freedom is immense and worth the bitter beginnings.

Strain Aroma

Following the same motion as the flavors, you can expect an almost petrol-like smell from the beginning, which fades into a woodland scent. When the natural essence starts to take hold, a fruit hint dances between the forest.

Strain Cannabinoids

Looking back on Freedom’s genetic history, Skunk is considered a Sativa strain. Northern Lights is more of an Indica Strain, but Haze follows Skunk down the Sativa route. It’s no surprise then that Freedom is predominantly more Sativa than Indica, although it does have traces of both.

Strain Terpenes

There are five primary terpenes in Freedom, and they are Carene, Humulene, Sabinene, Pulegone, and Phellandrene.

Carene is found in trees such as pine and cedar, which is why Freedom has that earthly flavor laying every puff. But if you have enough Carene, you can also hide gentle hints of citrus. This explained why three not-so-fruity strains created a new flavor.

Their Carene undertones are stacked together to create an apple taste not experienced before!

Humulene is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it can create calming effects that relax the body enough to reduce pain.

Sabinene is often found in spices like nutmeg. That gentle kick you find after a couple of tokes is because of the Sabinene sprinkled into the mixture.

Strain Side Effects

As with the symbolic idea of Freedom and the Freedom marijuana strain, the main side effect to watch out for is paranoia. Many people report feeling as though they are being watched or judged when they take a toke, so prepare yourself for this feeling and place “grounding” items around you that will remind you that you are safe.

The second most reported side effect comes from the classic dry eyes and dry mouth. These are normal effects to expect when smoking cannabis and can be easily resolved by drinking plenty of water and having eye sprays in your pockets ready. You can buy moisturizing eye sprays at your local pharmacy or online.

Medical Benefits

Freedom Strains

Many people find that the energetic and uplifting feeling of Freedom is a fantastic way to wash away their depression. These positive feelings and active abilities can help you force a “get up and go” attitude on days that would otherwise leave you locked in bed.

People also find that the relaxing agents in Freedom reduce the number of migraines and hypertension pain that they would otherwise be feeling. People who struggle with spasms, weight loss, muscle weakness, and other forms of muscular dystrophy also find their body stilling and relaxing after smoking Freedom strains.

Strain Review

After taking a couple of puffs, you should expect focused energy pulsing through your mind. Your ability to concentrate will double or triple, which makes it the perfect time to attack that problem you’ve been putting off. Need to clean your room? Done. Need to finish a project? Done.

You will be able to concentrate and focus for hours from this toke, but don’t try to put too much on your plate, because after those hours are up, you’ll notice a slow drop in attention and a design just to sit.

A coach lock is about to happen, so keep snacks nearby and plenty of water on deck.

The last effect you can expect is a heavy and deep sleepiness, which can cure anyone’s insomnia.  

Strain Grow Info

Our growth information on the Freedom Strain is limited, but we have enough data to help you learn about the expected height, harvesting times, and yield.

Strain Seeds

Locating seeds will be difficult, but once you have grown your Freedom Strain marijuana, you can expect them to grow between 60 inches and 80 inches tall. This information would be the same if they were planted indoors or outdoors.

If you do not have the height available for the cannabis plant, then you should only consider outdoor farming.

Strain Flowering Time

The flowering time of the Freedom Strain is approximately 41 to 53 days. You can expect to harvest your flowers after 62 days for the flowers and buds to ripen to full potential.

Strain Yield

If grown indoors, you can expect a yield of around 1 to 2 oz per square foot. If you have grown Freedom outdoors, you can expect a much larger yield of 10 to 15 oz per plant. 

Because of this, we would suggest growing outdoors where possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Strongest Sativa Strain In The World?

Sour Diesel is the strongest Sativa in the world at the moment, but Durban Poison is easier to get a hold of and cheaper too. Durban Poison is extremely strong, so it is a respectable second best.

What Is The Rarest Strain In The World?

The rarest weed strain in the world is Black African Magic, but its black and dark brown colors make it one of the most recognizable strains. It has a super-high potency and rich flavors. If you managed to find a Black African Magic seller, be sure to try out this rare strain.

What Is The Best Strain Ever?

The answer to this question is a matter of opinion, but if we look at statistics, then we cannot deny OG Kush’s popularity. Across the US, OG Kush is the most sought after and sold strain on the market.

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