Flo OG Strain Review

The sweet flavor of honey combined with a rich earthy smell describes the overall feeling of Flo OG pretty well. The strain works by balancing euphoria with calm for a creative mood, perfect for an afternoon or evening high.

As a hybrid of two popular parent plants, it’s no surprise that the Flo OG has some pretty big supporters. There are few strains that manage to hit quite like this one does, which keeps loyal followers coming back for more.

Flo OG Strain Review

It’s perfect for those that want a high that lifts and calms at the same time.

If you’re interested in trying the Flo OG, we’ve collected the details you need to know about it. We can’t guarantee that you’ll experience these exact effects, as everyone feels it differently. 


Flo OG is a potent strain, with a THC of 25-30%. The high does hit quickly, so you can start to feel it after your first toke.  This makes it a surprisingly good daytime smoke, especially an Indica, but too much can end up putting you to sleep.

Despite the high potency, Flo OG leaves you feeling pretty clear-headed, rather than muddled.

What Is Flo OG Strain?

Flo OG is an Indica hybrid which has gained popularity because of the relaxing high it provides without knocking you out. It’s uplifting, with the high coming quickly.

Flo OG is sometimes known as Floog, for those who can’t be bothered with syllables. A strain for those who appreciate the classics.

How Was Flo OG Developed?

Known for its relaxing creative effect, Flo OG is a quality Indica-dominant strain. Flo OG is a breed of Flo (by DJ Short) and Rare Dankness #1. Both parent breeds are cult favorites, so Flo OG was always going to be a winner.

The mixture has the impressive effect of stimulating the mind while relaxing the body, for a cheerful high that keeps you mellow. Flo OG is a hybrid, which is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.


Flo OG is sweet, but not too sweet, tempered by the earthy aromas, and a layer of mint. Honey sweetness makes it smooth, instead of sugary, mixing well with the dank earthiness.

The taste is enjoyable, enough to keep coming back, even if the high wasn’t just as sweet. There’s a hint of kush in the exhalation, and some pungency. 

Odor And Flavor

Flo OG has an earthy aroma, with hints of sweetness. It’s fragrant but mellow, rather than overwhelming. The sweetness is floral, just a bit minty, and laced with a hash flavor and a light kush aroma as it breaks apart.

Pleasant enough to appeal to everyone, but particularly those who enjoy the dank aroma of classic strains. The smell is pretty strong even in an open container, which is something to be aware of if you prefer to smoke on your own time.

Physical Appearance

The nugs of Flo OG are a dark olive green, scattered with dark orange hairs. The buds are open instead of dense, giving it an airy, lumpy appearance. It’s covered in a light coating of sticky amber trichomes.

Grow Info

Flo OG grows into a short, squat plant, with a decent yield. It can grow well indoors and outdoors. With inside cultivation, expect a growth time of roughly 65 days.

Outdoors, it tends to flower around mid-October. When it’s finished growing, expect a stocky plant with a high yield.

Seeds for Flo OG are pretty easy to source, and it isn’t difficult to grow. Be aware that even though seeds are easy to come by, clones are harder. A grower will need to start from seed every time, or clone from their own Mother plant.


The strain’s main effect is an immediate relaxing happiness. It takes hold quickly, hitting a balance between laid-back and uplifted. This won’t knock you out, unless you overindulge, because it sharpens the calm with a giggly creativity.

Euphoria comes to you clear-headed, and spreads through the body as mellow as the sweet notes in the flavor. Creative energy builds, smoothed by the happy high.

Flo OG is good for smoking during the day, as it doesn’t do much to impair function, and hits quickly. But the best time is in the evenings, when it can calm you down while boosting your mood.

Side Effects

Side effects of this strain are pretty minimal, but there are a few things to look out for. Dry mouth and thirst are both fairly common, as are dry eyes. Some have reported dizziness as a potential side effect too.

While many find Flo OG to be uplifting, others report an increase in anxiety and paranoia, but this is pretty rare. The main thing to watch out for is the dryness, which can hit pretty hard.

Remember that strains hit everyone differently, so there’s no guarantee of the effect it will have.

Medical Appointments

Due to the feeling of uplifted calm that Flo OG tends to bring, this strain is used to treat several ailments. Stress, depression, and insomnia are all high on the list.

The fast-acting high is particularly good for insomnia, as it quickly infuses through the body to bring a sense of relaxation. Others have found it useful for reducing anxiety, and dealing with stress. In some cases, Flo OG has been used as a pain reliever.

Similar Strains

For similar effects to Flo OG, the best strains are Critical Plus, Bordello, and Ursa Major. These give that same euphoric relaxation, at a pretty good speed.

If you’re after a strain with a similar taste, try Point Break, Blueberry OG, and Wonka Bars. They have that same mellow sweetness tempered by earthy tones. For growers, there are a couple of strains that are similar. Ray Charles, Rare Dankness #1, and Dance World are good choices.

Strain Cannabinoids

Flo OG has a THC level of 25% to 30%, Other cannabinoids are:

  • CBD: 0.0125 – 0.13%
  • CBC: 0.28 – 0.62%
  • CBG: 0.23 – 1.43%
  • CBN: 0.08 – 0.29%

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