Elephant Strain

Supposedly named after the enormous buds (colas) it grows during the flowering period, Elephant strain is an old strain with its lineage unknown due to time.

Elephant strain is a Sativa dominant strain and is widely considered one of the best strains that are currently available on the market.

You may have been advised to take this strain to help with your depression or stress. So why is this strain effective in helping with medical issues? And what medical issues can you help relieve by taking this strain?

Well, we have the answers for you. In this piece, we will be looking at all the need-to-know properties of the Elephant strain.

It will include a thorough review of the Elephant strain so you are able to reach a conclusion as to whether this strain is the right one for you.

Strain History


The genetics of this strain are a little strange is there is not much information out there. In fact, it is accepted that the genetics of this strain is unknown.

What is clearly known about this strain is that the genetics are purely Sativa. There are other variations such as, white elephant or purple elephant that are an alteration of this strain.


Unfortunately, much like its genetic history, the origins of this strain are completely unknown.

There have been cases of the strain being present in the 1970s, but other than this the creation of this strain is lost to time. Although if you enjoy mysteries, maybe this is the strain for you!

Strain Appearance

As mentioned earlier, the Elephant strain gets its name from its appearance.

It has elongated, stringy buds that are thicker than other sativa strains. It is considered to have buds that are frosty with long orange hairs. So for those who enjoy a frosty strain, this may be the ideal strain for you.

Strain Flavor

Elephant strain is one for those who have a sweet tooth. The strain as an amazing sweet taste initially.

Those who are a fan of candy will enjoy the mild candy taste this strain has. But what about the aftertaste? Elephant strain has a lovely earthy aftertaste that most people who enjoy consuming marijuana are familiar with.

Strain Aroma

In terms of its smell, it’s very similar to the flavor. This strain is known to attract more people into using it because of its sweet smell.

Elephant strain has a prominent candy aroma that has its users hooked to it. This sweet scent is mixed with a spicy aroma. People have often described the smell to be similar to that so fresh mint, not minty but like fresh mint plants.

Strain Cannabinoids

Elephant Strain scores an average of seven on the stoned meter. It is a pure sativa strain and its THC levels reach 19-22%. This means that the Elephant strain is a strong strain.

The strain itself might take around 15 minutes for it to kick in and have users feel high. If you are a beginner, you should be cautious with the dosage and make sure to not underestimate this strain.

Beginners need to be cautious when taking this strain so they do not cause extreme mental stimulation.

The high lasts a minimum of two hours, so those who are new to weed should stay away from this strain for their first time taking it.

Elephant strain has the ability to stimulate cerebral functionality meaning it can be used during the day to help those working stimulate their creativity.

Strain Terpenes

Terpenes are compounds found in plants that create their characteristic scent. In the Elephant strain Caryophyllene can be found.

This terpene can also be found in black pepper, cotton, and cloves. Caryophyllene is what gives pepper its spicy flavor. It also has a citrus background. One of the many great properties of this terpene is it has the ability to treat toothaches.

Also present in the Elephant strain is Limonene which is one of the most prevalent terpenes found in cannabis.

Myrcene is also present in the Elephant Strain and is found in high levels in mangos. The presence of this allows cannabis to cross the blood and brain barrier more efficiently.

A top tip for getting the most out of your marijuana would be to eat mangos about an hour before taking it. By doing this you will increase the euphoria you will feel.

If you are taking Elephant strain marijuana to help with pain, this tip might help with that even more.

Elephant strain also has Pinene which is what creates that fur tree smell. In medicine, Penine has been used as a topical antiseptic and can easily cross the blood and brain barrier. It is known to help with memory and alertness.

Strain Side Effects

Like many other strains of marijuana, the Elephant strain has its side effects. In terms of its physical side effects, the Elephant strain can make you develop heavy eyes. You can also develop a dry mouth and eyes when using this strain.

Another side effect of the Elephant strain is a head buzz.

Medical Benefits

Elephant strain has been known to help with certain medical conditions, it is great at making individuals feel better. It has been known to alleviate stress as the high that people experience is described as euphoric.

For people who suffer from depression is has helped them as Elephant strain marijuana as it is said to uplift moods and make people feel more energized.

So if you suffer from any of these conditions it might be a good idea to seek professional advice to see if Elephant strain marijuana can help you.

Another great medical benefit of the Elephant strain marijuana is that it can help with loss of appetite and relieve the pain of stomach aches. This strain does wonders for those dealing with specific medical conditions as the high is uplifting.

Strain Review

In terms of pleasant strains to experience, the Elephant strain is definitely one of the most popular. This strain has the ability to induce creativity in its uses so it can be a wonderful experience for working.

When taking this strain users might find themselves feeling clear-headed and more focused. The uplifting qualities of this strain, has users in complete bliss often feeling brighter.

You can find yourself having more energy when using this strain and being more inclined to experience the giggles and chattiness.

Since users have often felt happier when taking the Elephant strain it may even prompt arousal. With all these great qualities, no wonder uses are hooked.

Although, new users or those who are not familiar with stronger strains of marijuana should stay clear or be cautious of this strain.

As stated earlier, this is a strong strain so when taking it, you need to be careful of the dosage. If you are able to get all of this right, you should be able to experience one of the most euphoric highs in your life.

In terms of the ways you can take this strain, you are able to take it by smoking it. Some also prefer ingesting it through edibles. Others might prefer a topical method. Whichever, way you take this strain we hope you get the best out of it medically and recreationally.

Strain Grow Information

Growing the Elephant strain marijuana is only moderately difficult. So if you are interested in growing this strain, I’ve got all the information you need. Read on!

Strain Seeds

Continuing with the mystery surrounding the Elephant strain, there’s not much information on the seeds themselves. We know there are seeds out there but where can you find them?

If you do manage to get your hands on some Elephant strain seeds you’ll find that growing this plant doesn’t require a crazy amount of skills.

This strain just keeps getting better and better! Once you are able to grab some of these seeds you get to choose whether you would like to grow them inside or outside. There is so much flexibility!

It’s not known how tall this plant gets but from the name, it would be better to expect something big. What we do know is that the clusters of buds on this plant are huge.

Strain Flowering Time

When you eventually plant the Elephant strain seeds, you won’t have to wait too long before you can enjoy its euphoric effects. On average, the Elephant strain takes around nine to ten weeks to grow.

Strain Yield

One thing you can expect when growing the Elephant strain is a high yield. There is no correct method to growing this strain and you can expect a high yield whether you grow it inside or outside.

A few tips that might help you increase your yield would be to properly maintain the plant.

Make sure you care for this plant regularly and you will have a fantastic harvest. If you’ve spent all that time acquiring this mystery strain, you might as well look after it.

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