Dream Queen Strain Review

One of the main characterizations of this particular strain is its surprisingly high potency levels – so much so that Snoop Dogg himself even dubbed it as “Green Crack”.

Now, even though it is super common for many strains of cannabis to have high levels of THC, Dream Queen doesn’t quite make it that level.

Dream Queen Strain Review

Rather, when used, Dream Queen will offer a super quick high that can often catch the user off guard, which is one of the main reasons why it is not always recommended as an ideal strain choice for those who are just starting out and may have a low cannabis tolerance.

Nevertheless, for those users who do have experience and have built up their tolerance levels, Dream Queen will offer a Sativa-Esque high that will provide the user with a cerebral, subtle euphoria that will offer a huge mood uplift, as well as overall feelings of contentment.

What Is Dream Queen Strain?

The Dream Queen strain is a colorful and vibrant plant that many people use in order to improve and elevate their overall mood and feeling of happiness.

If you are familiar with many different strains of cannabis, then you may have already heard of the highly popular Blue Dream and Space Queen strains, which are two strains that have each gone into the making of this strain and is the reason why this strain has been given the name Dream Queen. 

Even though it is technically a Sativa dominant strain, Dream Queen can oftentimes produce a bodily high that can make users feel drowsy and extremely relaxed, although this is often only the case for those that have a very low cannabis tolerance.

However, for regular users, Dream Queen can offer a very subtle and mild high that makes it a lovely choice for users looking for the perfect strain for everyday use.

How Was Dream Queen Developed?

Dream Queen is a type of hybrid marijuana strain that was first developed by crossing two popular strains (Blue Dream and Space Queen) together in order to create this mellow and enjoyable strain, Dream Queen.


Dream Queen is one of the most delicious strains of cannabis around! If you are yet to try this strain, then we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear that this cannabis strain has a bubblegum taste with subtle floral and citrus hints. So, in other words, it’s perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

Odor And Flavor

The Dream Queen strain features an earthy fragrance with hints of floral and sweet notes that is sure to pull you in!

Seeing as it has a sweet and moreish fragrance, it should come as no surprise to hear that Dream Queen has a sweet, almost bubblegum-like flavor that has subtle hints of citrus.

Due to this, Dream Queen is one of the most popular and best-tasting strains you can get your hands on!

Physical Appearance

Like we’ve already mentioned above, Dream Queen is one of the most aesthetically pleasing strains of cannabis out there! It has eye-catching, bright green buds that are adorned with white trichomes and purple and orange pistils.

Grow Info

If you are considering growing your own Dream Queen, then we strongly urge you to make sure that you have done your due diligence and own research to learn more about whether or not it is legal to grow cannabis in your area.

Once you have found out this information, then we’re sure you’ll be very pleased to hear that it is generally very easy to grow Dream Queen and the best part? When given the right conditions, it can grow extremely quickly!

In order to grow your own Dream Queen, then you’re going to need to consider trying out a hydroponics system that will allow you to control the nutrient levels of your Dream Queen to achieve the finest quality.

In addition to this, while growing your Dream Queen, you’ll need to make sure that you regularly trim the plants to keep them healthy, as the buds of Dream Queen can be very heavy.

When grown indoors, Dream Queen can take around 8-10 weeks to flower and can create 18 ounces of bud per square meter – although this can change depending on growing conditions.


For the most part, Dream Queen has been described by users as offering a mild euphoria that isn’t overwhelming, as well as increased feelings of happiness and general wellbeing.

When used, Dream Queen will offer the smoker a subtle yet noticeable high that will offer a slightly spacey feel, while also offering a heightened sense of clarity that will make objects and surroundings appear more clear and interesting.

For this reason, Dream Queen is considered to be one of the best strains of marijuana for those who are looking for an uplifting high that will make them want to socialize or go about everyday activities.

If you’re looking for a strain that is going to be able to help you relax, then Dream Queen might not be the ideal strain that you’re looking for.

Side Effects

The main side effects of Dream Queen are cottonmouth and dry eyes due to the high potency level. If you are just starting out with Dream Queen for the first time, then we strongly recommend you start off slow.

Medical Appointments

Due to the high potency levels of Dream Queen and its ability to grow extremely quickly, Dream Queen is one of the more readily available types of marijuana strains out there, which means that it can serve a multitude of medical purposes.

In particular, Dream Queen can be used to treat a variety of health ailments, including to help reduce stress, lower anxiety levels, help to soothe any aches and pains, help alleviate symptoms of glaucoma, as well as to even help alleviate feelings of depression.

Similar Strains

Seeing as Dream Queen is a hybrid strain, it means that it is very similar to its parent strains – Blue Dream and Space Queen.

In a nutshell, Blue Dream is a West Coast favorite that has the ability to offer the user a euphoric and uplifting experience, while Space Queen has a strawberry and cherry flavor that will allow for a heady and psychedelic high that will fill the user with motivation and inspiration.

Both are fantastic choices for everyday, daytime use.

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