Dr. Funk Strain Review

Dr. Funk is a indica dominant strain that has been famed for its arousing effects which many describe as it’s dominant effect. Although the true origins of this specific genetic mashup is relatively unknown.

This is likely as this is a fairly new strain, so new that sourcing seeds to grow it can be hard and remain in the closed hands of head shops and coffee shops who will have strong demand for this green aphrodisiac.

Has your marijuana habit ever helped you out in the bedroom, or do you just curl up in a ball of chips and spilt dip? Well, maybe Dr. Funk can help spice up your sex, and smoking, life.

Dr. Funk Strain Review

The strain is recognised as being one strain that can be considered a natural aphrodisiac.

No, this won’t get Russel the love muscle going, but many users report that this strain really had them in their feelings after smoking. The consensus of Dr. Funk users report ‘aroused’ as the main effect.

Marijuana use as an aphrodisiac is historic and well documented. Ayurvedic shamans made a marijuana containing beverage known as ‘bhang’ to get to get their tantric sex rituals started, pardon the pun.

Dr. Grinspoon, a retired Harvard Medical Professor, told High Times that ‘There’s no doubt that when people are high, they’re more sensitive to their sexual feelings and urges […]

I concluded that marijuana greatly enhances the sexual experience for many people.’ So just listen to the Doc if you don’t believe me, both the medical professor and Dr. Funk himself.

Strain History


Dr. Funk was brought forth into this world when his mommy Bubba Kush and daddy Blueberry loved each other so much that one day their love created what we recognise today as Dr. Funk. Who said marijuana wasn’t romantic?

These two made a perfect baby that is a beautiful marriage of indica and sativa goodness.


The exact origin of the strain remains a bit of a mystery. If we were to take a guess, someone was splicing two plant genetics together to see what would come out and what came out was this amazing love child.

Perhaps, they were embarrassed about its main effect being arousal, and sought to change the lives of weed smokers everywhere from the shadows of anonymity, hidden under a pile of bodies and sticky nugs.

Strain Appearance

The frosty buds of Dr. Funk are compact and large like most indica buds, this is one of those strains that has the peach fuzz of amber hairs which indicate a quality grow.

The flowers are luscious green and occasionally purple with love. The thick coating of THC crystals is indicative of the potency of this potion. Any marijuana fiend could easily be aroused by the appearance of this bud.

Strain Flavor

You can get taste too with this delectable strain. Sativa lovers will be satisfied with the fruity and sharp taste of this strain, even though it is indica dominant.

Expect fruit and cheese, like that cheese board and dessert wine after dinner that always left half eaten. The indica dominance endows the strain with a cheesiness that you learn to love after a few tokes and a diesel note that is common on indicas.

Strain Aroma

The strains parents did the doc well by allowing their blueberry and berry scents to permeate this flower. The fruitiness of the aroma is undercut by an earthiness and cheesiness you would expect in an indica but is balanced by the sativa smells too.

This one stinks, so don’t try to impress your girl by taking it anywhere you shouldn’t.

Strain Cannabinoids

This is an indica dominant strain around 80% indica and 20% sativa, this is somewhat interesting as the strain still takes on some sativa features but is ultimately dominated by indica characteristics – the two work together well to get you there.

The strong sativa genetics, while small, compliments the indica features.

Just enough sativa is present to keep you going and not curling into a ball. This could make you curl up in a ball, though, as the THC content is already pretty high at around 15-18% THC content.

Strain Terpenes

Myrcene is the most dominant terpene present in this equation. Myrcene endows this bud with some medicinal benefits as well as its naturally peppery spice which is also present in other herbs that are also Myrcene dominant.

Some believe it is the relaxing effects of the myrcene terpene that boost your libido when smoking the good stuff.

Side Effects

Beyond the danger of falling in love with the first person to walk into your smoking lair, expect the regular side effects that come with smoking: dry mouth, dizziness, etc.

However, this is a potent smoke so if you are a beginner maybe shoot for some artichokes or oysters to work yourself up, because this could send the novice to bed.

The last thing you want is anxiety when you are getting down to business, but Dr. Funk can relieve that too.

Medical Benefits

While one would expect this strain to be mainly used for recreation, if you know what I mean, it actually has some great medicinal benefits for the same reasons.

This is strong stuff, so consider pain, stress, insomnia, and most of your intelligence no more.

Although, the aphrodisiacal properties are evidenced in the user reports of the marijuana strain, so if you are having problems in that department maybe consider Dr. Funk’s prescription.

The uplifting effects of this strain are useful for those who suffer with anxiety and depression, Dr. Funk has his own medicine for the blues. The heavy hitting indicas are great for soothing muscle pains which include headaches, cramps and fatigue.

Strain Review

Dr. Funk is truly the love doctor of the marijuana world. The effects numb you with a stimulating euphoria that most often leads to arousal.

Whether you want to blow some bowls with the boys and watch Sesame Street, or if you want to hang out with a significant other on a green date, Dr. Funk’s medicine has you covered.

Many of those who suffer from chronic pain love the strain’s numbing qualities and the brightness it brings to their mood.

Think indica happiness rather than sativa scattiness, the sativa head rush is quickly replaced with soft and titillating indica effects, even the master smoker would get flushed cheeks with this one. The buds look great, no that isn’t just spliff induced arousal they actually look that good.

Moreover, they stank so be careful where you are taking this, and if you are trying to hide it from your girlfriend that you smoked a bowl before getting funky.

This isn’t for the beginner smoker as it can be a bit too much for them. But stoner couples should give this one a try, even for no aphrodisiac reasons, which you can hash out later.

Although, if this strain makes you start doing flamingo mating dances at 3am with your girlfriend, don’t blame us, thank Dr Funk.

Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately for the sexual deviants among us, growing Dr. Funk isn’t as easy as making babies. Seeds for Dr. Funk are pretty few and far between.

Many growers will have to rely on propagating the plant from cuttings in order to grow. This requires an extra skill level in horticulture, so if you are looking for an easy grow, this ain’t it.

If you do get lucky enough to find some seeds, Dr. Funk isn’t too hard to grow and can be grown indoors and outdoors.

Strain Seeds

As mentioned there aren’t many seeds for Dr. Funk knocking around. It can be hard to tell whether feminised or masculine seeds work best as there isn’t much history in terms of seed diaries.

Most growers will use propagation techniques as the strain is so young that seed availability is low.

Strain Flowering Time

When growing the plant indoors, expect Dr. Funk to flower around 8 to 9 weeks in. Be careful to keep an eye on the temperature of the grow room as if it gets too high Dr. Funk could perish.

Comparatively, if you are cultivating outdoors, The doc will flower in late September and early October when planted with the seasons.

Strain Yield

To get the best yield, the normal tactics of Sea of Green and Screen of Green all work wonders on Dr. Funk and will help you get the most yield out of your growth.

Indoor cultivation will usually get around 12 – 14 ounces per square metre, whereas outdoor cultivation could be 14 ounces per plant.

If you are lucky enough to grow Dr. Funk, we would suggest saving the seeds and cutting and sharing with your friends to help the strain reach the corners of each state.

Creating a seed diary will help the collective effort of growers to report desirable effects for future genetic splicing and many more babies made in the name of Dr. Funk.

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