Doc OG Strain

This ‘OG’ strain gets its name from being a super strong strain and its efforts at helping and treating ailments even if you consider yourself a high tolerance smoker.

With this strain being mostly an indica it’s guaranteed to send you off into a sleepy state and keep you sunken into your couch.

This strain has won awards from Rare Dankness Seed Bank and the High Times Cannabis Cup due to its cross between Rare Dankness Seed Bank’s own Rare Dankness #1 and Face Off OG are dubbed as a connoisseur’s favorite.

To get your hands on this strain wouldn’t just be for medicinal purposes, it’s also one of the top strains going for the relaxing feeling due to its high THC content combined with its high indica profile.

Doc OG Strain

Strain History


As previously mentioned, this strain is an indica hybrid and comes from Face Off OG and Rare Dankness #1. Face Off OG being an OG Kush phenotype first discovered in California in the 90’s known for being an indica and having very promising medicinal effects.

Then we see Rare Dankness #1 a hybrid strain that has been designed to also be an indica so we know combining these two will have a wonderful, sleepy high worthy of knocking the top smokers out.

This strain comes in at the top end, being 75% indica and 25% sativa and its whopping THC levels come in at roughly 21% and top off at approximately 28%. First time users be careful of the Doc’s OG.

Strain Appearance

The Doc’s OG comes in dense buds and comes in shades of neon greens and bright yellow pistils peering through the bud. It comes with a heavy resinous layer of amber trichomes that display its strength.

Strain Flavour

Most commonly it’s said to have an earthy, wood like taste to it but users also mention that with the earthy wood taste it also has a surprise sweetness to it.

Due to its terpene profile (this is where it gets most of its flavours and smells), those mentioned are citrus, earth wood and nutmeg.

The flavours mentioned are also common among the parent strains of Doc’s OG, with Rare Dankness #1 coming in with the fruity wood taste and Face Off OG bring the earthy taste to life.

Strain Aroma

Again, thanks to the terpene profile we can identify the aromas and what they are. One of the first aromas is the citrus aroma, this comes from the carene.

It also has an earthy spicy aroma, and to match its earthy, nutmeg taste, the humulene profile shows itself. Lastly ocimene provides the fruity aroma that users are familiar with.

Strain Cannabinoids

The strain is made of 75% indica and 25% sativa, so you’ll be looking at the relaxing sleeping effects from this award-winning plant. It clocks a whopping 28% THC and 1% CBD.

Therefore, it’s referred to as one of the better medicinal strains, especially with its known effects of completely relaxing the muscles and joints.

Strain Terpenes

So, we’ve already gone through the aromas and flavours of this strain, and these are thanks to the terpenes found in the strain. The effects that come along with smoking Doc’s OC also can be because of the terpenes, so let’s go through them.

Carene, humulene, sabinene and ocimene are the four identifiable terpenes in this strain. The carene can be useful for the reduction of swelling in the body and pack the citrus earthy aromas.

The humulene again, is good for reducing swelling and helps to get users into a relaxed mood, providing that spicy aroma. Sabinene is useful as it provides pain relief and the sweet nutmeg aroma, perhaps one of the more identifiable aromas.

Lastly, looking at the ocimene terpene, these help to lift your mood and sometimes help give more energy to the smoker and give the nice fruity flavour to the bud.

Strain Side Effects

The main reported side effects from this champion strain typically give a euphoric relaxed effect that makes the body tingle aiding massively in pain relief.

Whenever smoking relaxation is the most felt effect and is even more present in this strain due to its high THC content, if you’re looking to glue yourself to your couch or tuck up super tight into bed, this could be the strain made for you.

Users also have high reporting’s of euphoria, this is a usual side effect to do with smoking marijuana, however, in this strain the effects seem to be felt more so than most other strains with users explaining that their mood and whole body felt better than usual after smoking this.

A good amount of the users also claimed it to help them with anxiety, pain, and depression when smoking.

A couple of negatives were reported, but only a small percentage of users had anything bad to say, and at worst they were commonly known ones that go along with smoking weed.

Dry mouth and dry eyes were reported, and one review did say about paranoia, but went on to mention they get this with every strain they’re tried.

Medical Benefits

Being called ‘Doc OG’ we would have to explore the medicinal benefits that go along with this strain. Particularly as this one was originally used as a medicine before recreational smoking was allowed legally.

One of the more famous side effects that come with smoking weed is getting the munchies, or for people who don’t quite understand that term, gaining a large appetite especially because the taste of food is enhanced after smoking.

A common side effect from a lot of illnesses, especially those that cause pain can be nausea which can lead to a loss of appetite, and obviously with Doc OG being a strong bud, this is likely to help with that.

Due to the Doc’s relaxing properties, chronic pain, muscle spasms and insomnia can all be helped by smoking this strain.

Especially when looking at and exploring insomnia, as not only can insomnia be medically diagnosed, but a lack of sleep can also lead to further problems like anxiety and depression.

If smoking can help solve insomnia, it can also potentially help with anxiety and depression like some users reported.

Strain Review

Its fair to say the overall review of this strain is positive. It seems to have a large majority of positive side effects, plenty of medical benefits and even sounds like it tastes good with plenty of different flavours and aromas bursting from this strain.

There isn’t much need to go deeper into why having medical benefits is good as they have been explained previously.

The flavours are good and plenty of them are good as not everyone is keen on smoking and will prefer consumption another way but having rich fruity flavours may make the experience nice for the consumer.

With high THC levels it would be easy to achieve the desired side effects of smoking, and the more potent the strain is, the less you would need to consume, therefore could potentially make it last longer and perhaps even save you some money.

To put simply, if you’re looking for a high-end strain to help you relax and enjoy the process then this could be the strain for you. Doc OG!

Strain Grow Information

Strain Seeds

This award-winning seed is a cross between two known strains and is a photoperiod, indica dominant hybrid. These seeds have also been known as easy to grow so shouldn’t cause many problems there.

Despite being a rarer strain of weed the seeds are relatively easy to aquire, most seed retailers or websites will have these available.

Strain Flowering Time

The flowering time of this medicinal champion can range from anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks, which comes in slightly shorter than most other strains. The plant’s time will also vary due to its conditions like whether its grown indoors or outdoors.

Strain Yield

This varies slightly depending on whether it’s grown indoors or outdoors, or by which growing method is used, as some are used for speed, some for quantity and some for quality. If grown indoors then expect around half an ounce per square foot and the plant to reach, but if grown outdoors you’ll be looking at harvesting around 150 grams per plant.

A few growing techniques that can be used are topping, fimming, super cropping, monster cropping, screen of green, flushing, Lolli popping and main lining. Research should be done to find the best growing technique for your strain.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best way to kick your feet up and relax, enjoy with friends or maybe even sorting an injury out, this seems to be the strain to go for.

However, with this strain being super potent with super relaxing and medical qualities it’s probably best advised that beginners should maybe start with a little bit at a time or maybe a weaker strain as even advanced smokers said it’s super strong.

Even advanced smokers always be weary of how much you’re smoking as moderation is always key with these things for enjoyment. 

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