Dirty Girl Weed Strain

The provocatively named dirty girl weed strain differs from your more typical weed strains because rather than calm, relax, and sedate you, this strain will make you energized. And as the name suggests, it has a tendency to make its users quite horny and aroused.

It also has a very appealing citrus taste and aroma, which will have you gagging for more.

In this article, we’re going to be talking about the strains’ history, including its genetics and origin, and it’s appearance, taste, and aroma. We will also be talking about the presence of cannabinoids and terpenes within, and about its various side effects and medical benefits.

This is then followed by a quick review, before we go on to talk about growing information, such as yield, seeds, and flowering time. Then, we’ll wrap up with a brief conclusion.

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Dirty Girl Weed Strain

Strain History

The dirty girl weed strain has somewhat mysterious origins. However, we have been able to ascertain its parentage, which leads us to our next section.


The dirty girl weed strain is basically a cross between two very potent sativa dominant hybrid marijuana plants…

This includes a particular type of the trainwreck breed known as the arcata trainwreck (often mistaken for lemon wreck) and Cinderella 99, also referred to as Cindy, Cindy 99, and C99.

Both parents are very much sativa dominant, and both feature high levels of the psychoactive compound THC. Their effects are very similar, and they both serve to produce a very energizing high. And, as you imagine, this has been passed down to the dirty girl weed strain.

The dirty girl weed strain works out at approximately 30% indica to 70% sativa.

It may also interest you to know that the dirty girl weed can be bred with white widow strain to produce another energizing sativa dominant hybrid strain known as dirty widow.


As we have made mention of earlier, the dirty girl weed strain has somewhat mysterious origins. But, we can confirm that it first appeared in the region of Washington’s Okanogan Valley.

Strain Appearance

The dirty girl weed strain is predominantly pale green in color. It has rather a lot of white crystals, and a scattering of bright orange hairs.

Strain Flavor

Besides the high you get with the dirty girl weed strain, the other great benefit of this strain is its amazing flavor. It tastes like some kind of sweet lemon candy. Very citrus and tropical, with a nice hint of mildly sharp pineapple, too.

Strain Aroma

The aroma of the dirty girl weed strain is very similar to its taste, as you may imagine. It gives off a sweet, fruity, pineapple-like scent. But at the same time you also get that more common slightly pungent earthy scent as well.

Strain Cannabinoids

For those who don’t already know, cannabinoids are the name given to compounds found in cannabis plants that will bind to cannabinoid receptors on nerve cells in the brain.

These cannabinoid compounds can be either psychoactive or non-psychoactive. If a cannabinoid is psychoactive, this means that it will have an effect on the mind.

One of the more common cannabinoids present in marijuana plants is THC, which is short form for Tetrahydrocannabinol, and this is the cannabinoid most often associated with getting high.

The level of THC present in the dirty girl weed strain can vary from 17%, which is a medium level, all the way up to 28%, which is a very high level.

There is also another cannabinoid present in the dirty girl weed strain. It is referred to as CBG, which is the short form for Cannabigerol, and does not induce a psychoactive effect or high. There’s 2% of CBG in dirty girl weed.

Strain Terpenes

It is the terpenes with the dirty girl weed strain that are responsible for the strain’s overall taste and aroma.

The most dominant terpene found within the dirty girl weed strain is limonene. It has a citrus flavor and aroma to it, giving off that lemon and pineapple taste and scent that we referred to in earlier sections.

In addition to the fruit rind scent, the limonene is also responsible for producing woodsy and pine sap aromas.

There are other terpenes present in the dirty girl weed strain. This includes caryophyllene, which gives off a very peppery aroma, and the very common myrcene, which is responsible for the somewhat pungent, herby and earthy aroma.

Strain Side Effects

Unfortunately, there have been several side effects reported for the dirty girl weed strain.

The most significant side effect reported is that of a dry mouth, with almost 100% of users reporting this very common side effect.

About a third of users have reported experiencing dry eyes, while 26% have reported feeling dizzy.

22% of users have reported experiencing headaches as a result of partaking in the strain, but paradoxically, some have reported a reduction in headaches.

And, as you may imagine given the high levels of psychoactive cannabinoid THC present, there can be adverse psychological side effects, also. This includes the likes of anxiety and paranoia.

Medical Benefits

We are pleased to report, however, that various medical benefits have been brought to our attention…

The predominant medical benefits derived from the dirty girl weed strain are psychological ones. This should not be surprising, given the relatively high level of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC (AKA Tetrahydrocannabinol).

More specifically, it has been found to be very effective at treating depression, and at reducing the user’s stress levels, with over 90% of users reporting these effects.

Meanwhile, almost 20% of users report a reduction in pain, and a small number of users have reported that the dirty girl weed strain can help to treat their insomnia.

It has been brought to our attention that some users have found it effective in treating the likes of eye strain and fatigue.

Strain Review

When first confronted with the dirty girl weed strain, you will first recognize the pungent, earthy aroma that’s typical of all marijuana strains. However, at the same time, you will also be met with a powerful citrus aroma that is reminiscent of lemons and pineapples.

When you smoke the strain, you get to sample the sweet lemon and pineapple flavors on the exhale.

As you may imagine, given the high levels of psychoactive cannabinoid THC present in the dirty girl weed strain (as much as 28% at times), it can produce quite the high.

However, rather than produce an immediate effect, there is quite a gentle onset. But it does not remain gentle!

Users will feel their mood lift and they will become more focused, energized, happy, social, talkative, and euphoric. And, as the name suggests, it can be used as an aphrodisiac, making the users feel sensual and highly aroused.

Strain Grow Info

There’s not a whole lot of info to work with when it comes to how to grow your very own dirty girl weed. However, there is plenty of information available on how to grow its parent’s strains, and we are able to deduce much growing information for the dirty girl weed strain based on that of the parents.

The dirty girl weed strain can be grown either indoors or outdoors, and requires a warm and semi-humid climate to flower and thrive.

It takes a relatively long time to flower but produces a good yield (more on this very shortly).

Strain Seeds

Seeds for growing your very own dirty girl weed are readily available online.

Strain Flowering Time

When grown outdoors, the dirty girl weed strain begins to flower in early October.

But whether you decide to grow it indoors or outdoors, flowering time is relatively long at 8 to 9 weeks, which works out at about 56 to 63 days.

Strain Yield

If you do decide to grow some dirty girl weed, you’ll find that you get quite a generous yield.

When grown outdoors, you can expect to generate up to 12 ounces per plant.

Indoors, meanwhile, you can expect to yield between 10 and 12 ounces per square meter.

Wrap Up

So, this is not so much your typical marijuana strain. Although as with most marijuana strains you feel your stress levels diminish and your mood uplifted, rather than becoming mellow and sedated, you will instead feel energized, aroused and talkative.

It is thought that this is due in part to the high levels of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC present, and the fact that the breed is sativa dominant rather than indica dominant.

It also has a very pleasant citrus taste and aroma, reminiscent of lemons and pineapple.

If you do decide to grow your very own dirty girl weed, remember to bear in mind that in addition to a warm climate, it also requires a semi-humid environment whether indoors or outdoors.

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