Dirty Girl Strain Review

Asking for a Dirty Girl is going to turn some heads. The controversial name is well placed for this controversial strain of marijuanna.

It is a strong Sativa-dominant strain that can bring some mental highs; but use it too often, and you might suffer from some unwanted lows.

Dirty Girl Strain Review

Dry eyes and a dry mouth are some of the common side effects of staying too long with a Dirty Girl, but sometimes the rush is worth it. 


Dirty Girls have a high THC content of between 17% and 28% due to her strong Sativa-dominant parentage.

Both of Dirty Girl’s parents are also Sativa-dominant strains which have allowed our girl to reach unusually high THC levels, but this is probably why she also comes with a lot of baggage. 

What Is Dirty Girl Strain?

Dirty Girl’s parents are sometimes listed as Trainwreck and Cinderella 99, but in fact, she comes from Arcata Trainwreck and Cinderella 99. Arcata Trainwreck is the child of Trainwreck, so the confusion is understandable.

The Trainwreck line carries the genes of dry mouth and dry eyes as well as a hint of paranoia, and Cinderella 99 can cause itchy eyes and nervousness. Knowing this, we can expect some difficulties after too much time with Dirty Girl.

How Was Dirty Girl Developed

Dirty Girl was originally grown outdoors in Washington state. The sunny weather and fertile valleys are perfect for planting Sativas. The original breeder is thought to be Kingdom Organic Seeds.

Some people believe that Dirty Girl’s parent wasn’t Arcata Trainwreck or even Trainwreck; they think it’s Lemon Wreck. The mistake is easily made, seeing as Trainwreck also has the lemony flavors which have been passed down to Dirty Girl.


So how does Dirty Girl taste? Get your mind out of the gutter for a second and think about marijuanana for once! You can expect a distinctly sweet taste blended with touches of citrusy lemon sourness and tropical pineapple freshness.

The selection of flavor in Dirty Girl’s palate is a wonderful treat for a summer evening. 

Odor And Flavor

Our Dirty Girl really earns her name when it comes to her fragrance. She has a pungent earthy aroma that can be smelt from a while away. But she’s not all grub. You can find her sweet scent and tropical magic in the overall odor.

Physical Appearance

You can’t expect a Dirty Girl to be the prettiest choice on the shelf. She has a light green base color covered in sandy blonde veins surrounding her, like a head of hair. On the green leaf, you can also expect some white specks for a sharp edge.

Grow Info

Finding seeds for Dirty Girl is, unfortunately, very difficult. You might be able to locate some clones or mixed varieties of her, but that again might be a hard task. 

If you plan on growing her in an indoor hydroponics facility, we suggest combining her with a Sea of Green system. After you have planted her, you can expect a harvest after around 8 weeks. Each square meter of the plant can produce between 10 oz to 12 oz of Dirty Girl.

If outdoor growing is more your style, then you need to be ready for an early October harvest. This time you should be able to collect 12 oz of Dirty Girl at a minimum. 


Knowing that Dirty Girl has a THC level of 28%, you can tell you are about to join a fun ride. 

You won’t get an initial rush like this high percentage might suggest. Instead, she will take you on a gentle experience that intensifies as the evening goes on. It won’t take you long to feel your mood lifting to a happier and even elated state of mind.

Users often become more sociable, chatty, and happy after having a toke of Dirty Girl. You shouldn’t become out of control with this Dirty Girl, either, as the Indica properties produce a mellow high to relax you.

This might seem like the opposite effect we have just described, but in reality, this relaxing addition allows you to stay in the present and therefore stay in control. 

Side Effects

Despite her efforts for a good time, Dirty Girl can go a little too far sometimes. It is extremely common to experience a dry mouth and dry eyes after partying with our friend, but you can get past this side effect by drinking a lot of water.

Although there isn’t a power rush at the beginning of your Dirty Girl journey, you might experience some dizziness as the night goes on. So take the tokes slowly to keep yourself upright.

If you suffer from anxiety, you should not use Dirty Girl. Many marijuana strains are fantastic at relieving stress and anxiousness, but Dirty Girl will only raise your awareness and cause you more uneasy.

Many users also state that they have felt more paranoid when using Dirty Girl.

Medical Appointments

If you suffer from Anxiety or Paranoid, then stay clear of Dirty Girl, but if you struggle with depression, she can help lift you up. Although stronger strains help those who suffer from chronic pain, Dirty Girl can help with mild pain relief. 

Similar Strains

If you want more cannabis strains to help against depression, we suggest Cinex, Cannatonic, and Sour Kush.

If you want a toke with the same high THC level as Dirty Girl, then we suggest Godfather OG, GG4, and The Toad. All of which has a THC level of 28% or higher.

Strain Cannabinoids

Dirty Girl is made from Arcata Trainwreck and Cinderella 99, both of which stem from Sativa. Sativa is an eastern Asia variant of cannabis and is known for our green friends’ high energy.

As both parents of Dirty Girl are made from Sativa-dominant plants, you can see why her reputation is just as euphoric.

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