Dairy Queen Strain Review

Dairy Queen is a relatively new strain that epitomizes the modern botanical finesse of the cannabis industry. Dairy Queen is an interesting cross between two other strains that creates a wild but wonderful combination in terms of taste, smell and genetics.

The outcome is a naughty but nice strain that could wow even the seasoned smoker. Dairy Queen is the brainchild of Subcool’s ‘The Dank’ which is pioneering modern strain genetics and growing by constantly evolving the current seed library. In 2014 Dairy Queen came 5th in The Karma Cup Sativa category.

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This strain is for the sativa lovers and genetic connoisseurs of the marijuana world. This strain is certainly the queen of cheese strains.

Strain History

While the history of the plant isn’t as old as some more historic strains. It has a pretty cool genetic profile that once understood will reveal the secrets of the plant’s pungency and strange taste. For the botany obsessed growers, this strain is pretty interesting as its genetics have a direct effect on the strain flavor and aroma profiles.


The genetic makeup of Dairy Queen is both interesting and a great example of modern genetic breeding. The unique and distinctive taste and aroma of Dairy Queen is a result of its strange genetics.

Subcool had the ingenuity to splice the genetics of the cult classic of UK Cheese and the sativa heavy Space Queen. The combination is a head spinning sativa that has some serious stank and an unusual flavor.


This strain was pioneered by the brains at Subcool’s The Dank, who are known for their wacky and wonderful strains, and strain names. They epitomise modern breeding methods and they get the results.

The focus from their growers is to find these weird combinations of genetics that somehow work, and also constantly expanding their seed library.

If you like sativas you should check out the work from The Dank as they love to make wacky sativa varieties. Space Queen, the mother of Dairy Queen, is the favored sativa of choice for its speedy effects that seems to negate marijuana stereotypes.

Strain Profile

Undoubtedly, Dairy Queen has one of the most unique and interesting profiles out there.

Strain Profile

Strain Appearance

Expect big green and dark buds that are extremely dense and sticky like most sativas. The frost is strong with this one, expect a frost glazing of THC trichomes that coincide with the stench and potency of this strain.

The bush leaves are bright green in line with most sativas and have the amber hairs that we expect from well grown and cured marijuana.

There are three phenotypes of Dairy Queen so expect the appearance to vary a little.

Strain Aroma

Be prepared for a serious stench, the smell of Dairy Queen is almost indescribable so we would recommend picking some up purely to see, or smell, for yourself. Just be mindful of where you are taking this, because the stank is serious and not very discreet at all.

Dairy Queen is recognisable for its sharp but sweet odour that is pretty cheesy. Like any Queen, Dairy Queen will certainly announce itself when it enters a room. The cheesiness sounds bad but is actually quite nice, like sniffing stinky brie.

Sativas have a pretty unique stink anyway, so imagine splicing that with a Cheese strain, its gonna honk.

Strain Flavor

The flavor of Dairy Queen is apparently where it gets its name. The sweet taste is surprisingly smooth which you wouldn’t expect. Dairy Queen refers not only to the cheese strain but to the creaminess of the smoke which goes down like your favorite chilled dairy desserts.

The fruity, cheesy and nutty notes meld together into a smooth and creamy experience that tastes way better than you’d expect. It can be hard to pin down the specific taste that seems so familiar, some describe it as cherry and cheese, but is the result of splicing the cheese strain with the pungent Space Queen.

The result is something odd and intriguing but undeniably enjoyable.

Just imagine having a fruity cheese board and then having ice cream after. A weird taste combination that celebrates the diversity of flavor. If you are bored of the normal and common strains, this is one worth seeking out for a new smoking experience.

Strain Cannabinoids

There’s no doubt that this strain was created for recreational use, even for medicinal users. So this strain is pretty strong. The reported THC content ranges from 15-20%. This level of THC can be desirable as it doesn’t get too strong and is perfect for the get up and go sativa dominant strain.

While this is sativa dominant at 60%, the 40% of indica genetics comes from the UK Cheese father helps add a mild kush element to the strain which is useful for high sativa grade plants.

Strain Terpenes

Unsurprisingly, there is a fairly rare terpene that is dominant in Dairy Queen called Terpinolene. Terpinolene, while present in many cannabis plants, is usually only found in small amounts so it is strange to find it as the dominant terpene in this plant.

Although it’s not that surprising as the flavor and smell is so unique, it must be caused by unique means.

It seems that terpinolene dominant strains often seem to have the interesting flavor and aroma profiles such as Dutch Treat and XJ-13. The same terpene is actually found in nutmeg and cumin too.

Side Effects

This is a pretty strong plant, so beside your room and house smelling like weed and cheese, the main side effect is linked to the flower’s potency. Sativa highs can often cause stress and anxiety if unprepared.

Space Queen, the mother of Dairy Queen, is recognised as being pretty head spinning, and you can expect some of that in Dairy Queen too.

If you aren’t prepared to follow the sativa dragon, maybe this strain isn’t for you.

Medicinal Benefits

The sativa potency of the strain is actually enjoyed by a lot of users for its uplifting effects. Many find that their depression and anxiety was relieved by the strain.

The strains dominant terpene, Terpinolene, is actually known for its blues fighting qualities. Many suggest that Dairy Queen is quite relaxing and numbing which can be good for pain.

Many report that it is also great for a nighttime smoke too, prompting thoughtfulness and creativity.

Medicinal Benefits

Strain Review

We love this strain. Not only does it have an interesting genetic profile and cool name, but this actually translates directly into your smoking experience.

For all the strains that are named crazily and seem to have mutant genetics, this one actually does what it says on the tin.

The taste and aroma of this strain is bizarre but actually enjoyable, like pineapple on pizza, this strain seems wrong but is so right. Moreover, if you love sativas, then you’ll love this strain.

It has one of the clearest and motivating sativa highs out there, no doubt from its genetic mother Space Queen.

If you wake and bake, be prepared for a super productive day, or smoke at night to get some interesting thought patterns worked out.

This strain is truly an example of a grower’s ingenuity and curiosity creating something that is truly unique and special. If you ever thought botany was dead, just speak to the guys at The Dank.

Strain Grow Information

True to her name, this monarch can be a potentially hard grow. We would suggest that beginner growers find a more forgiving queen to test their skills on.

Be warned, just as the strain has a serious stench, you better bet your bottom dollar that the plants will too. Some report serious head rushes and having to wear face masks to deal with the pungency.

We would suggest investing in some carbon air filters and exhaust fans. This isn’t a particularly discreet grow either, so bear this in mind.


Dairy Queen is usually grown with feminized seeds. It can be hard to get seeds for the strain as they are fairly highly guarded and sought out more by head shops who want to grow this train to perfection. TGA Subcool does sell seeds through various online retailers.

Flowering Time

For indoor cultivation Dairy Queen reacts well to the Sea of Green method, and also deals well with hydroponic systems. When grown indoors the short bushy plants can be ready to harvest at around 7-8 weeks. Outdoor cultivation calls for a semi humid climate with consistent 72-80 degree temperatures.

This makes it better for those who grow weed in cooler climates. Growers should pay attention to pruning the high leaves that block sunlight, perseverance will result in a higher yield.

Strain Yield

What Dairy Queen wins with potency, it lacks in terms of yield. Those growing Dairy Queen should prepare for quality over quantity, as this isn’t a particularly high-yield grow.

You can expect around 14-16 ounces per square metre, and the same per plant for outdoor cultivation. For the best yield consider growing indoor, or even with a hydroponics set up.

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