Critical Sensi Star Strain

Critical Sensi Star is a great smelling, great tasting, great smoking, and great growing plant – one you’ll absolutely love! If you want to know more about this fantastic strain, then great news – we’ve compiled all the information you need about it in this quick and handy article!

critical sensi star strain

Strain History

Critical Sensi Star is a deliciously sticky cross with a very heavy indica lean. Bred by Delicious Seeds from Sensi Star and Critical Mass, Critical Sensi Star, it inherits its large quantities of resin from both of these plants, as well as its extremely strong indica inclination.


As a cross of Sensi Star and Critical Mass, Critical Sensi Star has unsurprisingly inherited much of the properties of its parents.

In fact, it’s enhanced them in some ways – for a start, at 90% indica, Critical Sensi Star shows a far stronger indica inclination than either of its parents. Sensi Star is a 65% indica plant, and Critical Mass is 80% indica – a nice boost for Critical Sensi Star!

Similar to Critical Mass, Critical Sensi Star produces buds that are larger than average in size, and extremely dense. And just like both of its parents, Critical Sensi Star can be an extremely potent smoke – with an average THC content of around 20%!


Critical Sensi Star is a cross created by Delicious Seeds. One of the parent plants, Sensi Star, is a creation of Paradise Seeds, and has won numerous awards, including the High Life and High Times cups in 1995, the year of its initial release. The genetics of Sensi Star remain a secret known only to Paradise Seeds.

The other parent strain, Critical Mass, is a strain created from Afghani Indica and Skunk #1. It’s sometimes thought to be a descendant of the legendary Big Bud, due to its similar propensity for massive bud growth, but these similarities don’t seem to be backed by a genetic link.

Strain Appearance

One of the most noticeable things about a mature Critical Sensi Star plant is of course the size of the buds, which are larger and average.

The plant doesn’t produce a lot of leaves compared to other plants too, and the leaves that it does produce are typically rather small and broad. The plant usually grows quite short too, but the buds produced are notably dense.

Sticky white trichomes abound on these buds, covering almost the entire surface of the bud – making them look like a bush on a snowy morning! Underneath this, the buds are a pale green color, spattered throughout with dark orange pistils.

Strain Flavor

Critical Sensi Star has strong citrus flavors throughout the smoke, giving an extremely strong and sweet flavor. You’ll probably notice flavors reminiscent of lemon and grapefruit, giving it an almost tropical flavor – combined with a sour taste reminiscent of Skunk.

Overall, Critical Sensi Star has a complex profile of flavors due to this sour and fruity combination. It produces a thick and strong tasting (and smelling) smoke, but one that goes down easily and tastes very pleasant.

Strain Aroma

Critical Sensi Star has an extremely tropical aroma, too! The strong citrus vibe gives it a very deeply fruity smell, with obvious acidic notes, much like lemons and limes. Other fruits can be detected too, with some users reporting hints of strawberries too.

The plant also has a very strong musky, skunky aroma that’s reminiscent of fine incense. It’s a smell that will fill a room, but not in an unpleasant way!

Overall, it’s a pleasant smell, if a strong one. This is of course down to it’s great profile of terpenes – which, of course, we’ll talk about in a little more detail later on!

Strain Cannabinoids

Critical Sensi Star is definitely a THC heavy plant. Although THC content has been reported to be as low as 11% on occasion, an average THC content for Critical Sensi Star is closer to around 20&, with anywhere between 15% and 24% not being uncommon.

As such, it can be a little variable, but overall Critical Sensi Star is a strong smoke, given an average of 20% THC – for some, just a few tokes can be enough to put you on the sofa for the rest of the night!

CBD and CBG content, however, is negligible if present at all. You’re looking at basically 0% CBD, and perhaps 1% CBG – so those looking for a higher amount would do better looking at other strains.

Strain Terpenes

Terpenes are a critical part of the aroma and flavor profiles of cannabis – and of course, many other plants!

They are aromatic compounds that are found in many plants, and even some animals – they are responsible for a lot of the most common scents and flavors, which is why, for example, cannabis can have citrus flavors reminiscent of lemons and limes – this is a good indicator that the terpene limonene, which is responsible for these scents and flavors, is present in the plant.

Limonene is certainly present in Critical Sensi Star, and is no doubt responsible for the citrus notes in the smell and taste of the plant. However, it’s not the most abundant terpene here – Myrcene is, which is the most common terpene, and responsible for herbal, earthy scents and tastes.

Next up in quantity in Critical Sensi Star is caryophyllene, which is responsible for peppery flavors and scents, and finally limonene – which, as we’ve already discussed, is responsible for citrus flavors and scents.

Strain Side Effects

As with all cannabis strains and products, it’s of course possible to have some negative side effects from Critical Sensi Star.

These typically aren’t serious, but they can be disconcerting to a new user, so if you’re inexperienced, then it’s always best to make sure to partake in a comfortable, familiar environment, with trusted people around you who can help you out if need be.

The most commonly felt side effects from Critical Sensi Star are common to all smoked products – dry mouth and dry eyes.

Inhaling smoke, and being in a smoky environment, are common causes of these symptoms – and they’re easily remedied. A glass or two of water can help a lot with a dry mouth, and if need be then some eye drops can help with dry feeling eyes.

It’s also possible to feel sensations of dizziness, and paranoia – particularly if imbibing more than one’s limits. This is why it’s a great idea to smoke in good company – and, of course, to try not to smoke more than you can handle.

Medical Benefits

As a particularly strong strain with a high THC content, Critical Sensi Star has been reported to be very helpful with pain management, stress, and anxiety.

Of course, this has to come with a caveat – due to its strength and sedative nature, Critical Sensi Star might also be strong enough to make performing any job you need to do a little difficult!

As such, it’s best recommended as an evening or night time smoke. Of course, as a sedative, it could well be a great help to anyone suffering with insomnia too!

Strain Review

With an extremely potent, skunky yet fruity smell, and a great taste and aftertaste, Critical Sensi Star is a great and enjoyable smoke – and a strong one too! Strong enough to keep you on the sofa and watching Netflix, so make sure you’ve already done what you need to do before you have a joint!

It packs a lot of weed into its tight, dense buds, and it’s very sticky stuff too – Critical Sensi Star is absolutely covered with delicious resin! Overall, this is a great bud with a lovely, rich smell and a great taste – and a nice, relaxing high too!

Strain Grow Info

As a descendant of Critical Mass, famed for it’s massive buds and ease of growth at home, Critical Sensi Star shares these characteristics. Here’s a little info about growing Critical Sensi Star!

Strain Seeds

Growing from seed is a great idea, as Critical Sensi Star is both easy to grow and produces quite a lot of weed!

You can grow it either outdoors or indoors, although indoors is probably a lot more convenient for a lot of people, as you won’t be tied to a growing season, or have to worry about climate.

Outdoors, you’ll need to have a semi-humid climate, with temperatures in the daytime around the 70-80 degree Fahrenheit mark.

If using the Sea Of Green method, take care not to let the plant grow too tall – you’ll find that it’s best to keep the height of the plant low to medium sized. It’ll grow quickly and easily, making it a great plant to grow from seed!

Strain Flowering Time

Grown indoors, Critical Sensi Star will take between 7-8 weeks to flower. You’ll do best to occasionally cut away any leaves that grow large enough to block air and light – that way, parts of the plant lower down will still be able to get all the light and air they need to flourish.

Strain Yield

On average, you can expect very good yields from Critical Sensi Star. You can expect somewhere in the region of 45-50g per square foot – or 500g per square meter! This is another reason why it’s a great grower – not only do you get really strong, lovely weed, but you also get quite a lot of it!


If you’re looking for a great growing plant that will produce you a lot of lovely, sticky weed – and without a difficult grow – then Critical Sensi Star might well be the plant for you!

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