Crescendo Strain Review

This strain of weed gives you a very mellow and calming high, lasting you at least a few hours after you smoke it. This has a very sweet and earthy aroma, with kushy and cookie dough flavorings.

The buds on this strain are very large, with green and purple accents on the tips. This is very high in THC, which is probably what explains the relaxing and long lasting high experienced by some users.

Crescendo Strain Review

The THC levels in this bud are around 30-35% higher than most other strains, which means that this strain is better for daytime and afternoon smoking. Smoking this anytime during the evening might result in you having difficulties getting to sleep.

How Was Crescendo Developed?

This bud crosses Chemdog, I-95 and Mandarin Cookies to get the unique flavor that it has. This is meant to have all the mellow properties of the Chemdog, with an added THC of the i-95 and the flavor of the Mandarin Cookies.

If you look at the buds on this, the most eye-catching color is the purple and the yellow, which is the TCH itself. This has a smooth inhalation and a high that will last you for most of the day.


This has a very strong and fruity flavor, you could describe it as almost citrusy, with tones of tropical flavor and lemon. This is a great one to have in your chocolate or brownies, coming with that tang that will nicely offset the chocolate.

This goes well with tea and lemon drizzle cake. If you bake the resin of this plant just right, then you probably won’t notice the fruity aftertaste, although it will enhance the overall flavor.

Odor and Flavor

This has a sweet cookie dough flavor, giving you everything that you need for a strong and dynamic flavor. The aromas also smell very cakey, so it will leave a very pleasant aftersmell, which is good if you like your kitchen to smell like you’ve just been baking.

The main aromas are hops, cinnamon and lemon. This is perfect if you are making weed beer or you want a heady accompaniment to your drinking session.

Users have rated this strain very highly simply because of the smell. One user said that he didn’t want to wash it out of his shirt for months!

Physical Appearance

You’ll notice straight away that this bud has a very distinctive physical appearance. Not only do you have purple and yellow tints, but the bud itself is dark and green. This has white ends, which is what accounts for the high THC level in this strain.

If you are familiar with the Chemdawg strain that this is derived from, you will notice some similarity, such as the wider buds at the top of the leaf and the longer stems. This will give you a larger bud, which is great if you are looking to grow a large batch of this strain.

Grow Info

You can grow this strain both indoors and outdoors, although outdoor growing will undoubtedly produce a better yield for you. Growing indoors will more than likely produce around 12 ounces of green per square meter.

However, the outdoor growth will probably give you around 16 ounces of weed per square meter.

This has a very strong sativa content, so you’ll need to make sure that this is smoked during the daytime rather than the night. The weed itself can give you a decent boost of energy, so it might be worth consuming this in the morning before going about your daily routine.


Luckily, there are some overwhelmingly positive effects from smoking this marijuana strain. Here are just some of the things that you might experience from the Crescendo:

  • Happiness – over 65% of the people who smoke this strain have reported a significant increase in mood after use.
  • Euphoria – Again, around 60% of people smoking this strain have reported that they feel an overwhelming euphoria.
  • Anxiety reducing – one of the upticks of increased happiness will be a reduced level of anxiety. This is great if you are looking for a natural treatment for your depression.
  • Nausea – only a small handful of people have reported feeling this, but it is significant enough that you should be mindful when you are smoking it next.

A lot of people have tried the Crescendo for their mood and have reported an overall increase in how they feel on a day-to-day basis.

Side Effects

There have been a few side effects, with a lot of people reporting vague feelings of nausea and intense anxiety. A lot of people have also used this strain to manage the effects of stress and fatigue.

This weed can actually boost your energy levels for a certain period of time. We would definitely recommend this one for sleep treatment too.

This has also caused dizziness in some people, which will certainly put off most people. If you are a senior smoker and are using this for treatment of physical conditions, then we would recommend that you steer clear of this one.

Medical Appointments

  • Treatment of anxiety – this has been shown to elevate mood and increase the amount of dopamine in your system.
  • Reduction of depression – this has reduced the levels of down periods that some people have experienced.
  • This will give you a modicum of pain relief – a lot of people have tried this strain for knee and joint pain and have reported marvellous results.
  • This has also been used to treat mild insomnia, as it has a mild sedative effect.

Similar Strains

  • Chemdog
  • Purple Elephant
  • Mandarin Cookie

Strain Cannabinoids

  • 33% THC
  • 0.1% CBD
  • 39,5% total cannabinoids

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