Chem Kush Strain

Chem Kush, also known as Chen Valley Kush, is a mostly Sativa hybrid with a very high THC potency of 30%. It was made by crossing the genetics of the hugely popular strains Chemdawg and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. 

Chemdawg is one of the popular strains of cannabis you can buy, achieving legendary status in the community.

No one is really sure where this strain came from, with stories ranging from it being created at a Grateful Dead concert, to it being the child of another popular strain Dog Bud.

Chem Kush Strains

No matter where it came from, this hybrid strain has become a staple on the cannabis market because of its desirable effects of creating an upbeat and creative high. 

Chem Krush’s other parent  San Fernando Valley OG Kush (or SFV OG) has a much simpler genetic history. Coming from one of the original OG Kush plants, the cut of this was eventually mixed with the Afgan #1 strain, creating this Indica based strain. 

Combining these two strains is what has given Chem Kush its Sativa-leaning base, though it still is 30% Indica. 


Chem Kush was created by breeders at The Cali Connection in the USA. With award-winning products, The Cali Connection is one of the most prized and loved seed companies in the cannabis industry. 

Strain Appearance

Chem Kush has smaller flowers that stick together in popcorn-like spheres. These spherical buds, despite their Sativa origins, have a more indie-influenced structure. This stain has a solid center made up of tightly coiled leaves.

The leaves themselves are a dark shade of forest green with curly orange and brilliant red pistils running through them. Sticky, hazy trichomes cover all apparent nooks and crannies on the nugget, making the buds pretty tough to pull apart by hand.

Strain Flavor

The most prominent flavors you will notice when smoking Chem Kush is those with earthy tones, such as musk, wood, soil, and pine. Some people have also reported experiencing sweet flavors like pear and mango, or even vanilla.

An even odder flavor people have encountered is blue cheese combined with spicy herbs. What you taste will depend on where and how this strain was grown, but the odder flavors like these latter ones are far rarer than the typical earthy tones. 

Strain Aroma

Like a lot of cannabis strains with earthy flavors, Chem Kush is a very pungent strain. When smoked, the smell will fill the room quickly, and will also seep into fabrics like your clothes or furniture.

That is why you should make sure that you are not smoking this strain anywhere you shouldn’t be or are not allowed to go.

Even when smoked outside, the smell of this strain can travel very far through the air, so is sure to smoke it far away from the public. 

If you get a bud that has more of a sweet and citrus taste, then the aroma produced may match this, but it will still be a very stinky experience. 

Strain Cannabinoids

Like all strains, Chem Kush is filled to the brim with several cannabinoids. While we cannot say the exact amount of each as this will depend on where and how the strain is grown, here are the average amounts of each found in Chem Kush: 

  • THC – 15 – 19%
  • CBD – 0.21 – 1.04%
  • CBC – 0.11 – 0.55%
  • CBG – 0.15 – 1.15%
  • CBN – 0.37 – 0.25%
  • THCV – 0.39 – 0.56%

Strain Terpenes

Chem Kush has four predominant terpenes. The first is Myrcene, which is the most common one found in nearly all cannabis strains. This spicy and herbal terpene is known to create that distinctive calm and relaxing feeling that people usually get after smoking.

It has several beneficial medial properties, such as being an anti-inflammatory and mild anesthetic.

Also, by causing the muscles to relax, it can loosen hypertension and small knots in the muscles, making a person’s pain melt away. People who suffer from sleep disorders also find this terpene useful as it helps a person fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. 

The next terpene in Chem Kush is Caryophyllene. This is another terpene with medical benefits, often being used in the medical marijuana community. This terpene acts on the endocannabinoid system and works almost instantly to provide effective pain relief.

It is also an anti-inflammatory, which can help people who suffer from swollen joints. Caryophyllene has a characteristic spicy taste, similar to that found in black pepper or cloves. 

The third terpene is Limoene. Like the previous ones, it is a very good anti-inflammatory and is also an antioxidant. The main feature of this terpene though is the euphoric effects that it gives the user when smoked.

They produce a quick high and give the smoker an instant mood boost. Limonene has a distinctive tangy and sour taste similar to that of a lemon. 

The final terpene in Chem Kush is Sabinene. Though not commonly found in many cannabis strains, this terpene gives the smoker a relaxing sensation that calms the mind and body.

It gives the cannabis flavors and aromas of mint, pine, or pepper, though there needs to be a high concentration for the smoker to notice this.

Like nearly all terpenes, this one has a few medical benefits, though it is not commonly used in the medical marijuana industry. 

Strain Side Effects

Chem Kush has several beneficial side effects on the body and mind. Unlike a lot of strain, this one will make you feel energized enough to make you want to go out and do things.

You can smoke some and then go out for a long walk, or use it to increase your focus and concentration on a difficult task. People often feel very talkative and social after smoking Chem Kush, making it a good strain to have when you’re with friends.

The euphoric feeling it produces will make you feel happy and giddy, while the sedative effect will numb any aches you may have. 

There are a few downsides to this strain though. Due to the heightened sensory perception that it creates, people who suffer from some mental disorders like anxiety may find this overwhelming, leading to panic attacks or intrusive thoughts.

It can also make people feel dizzy or lightheaded, possibly due to how much this strain affects a person mentally. People have also reported a feeling of drowsiness, though if you are someone who struggles to sleep then this may not be a negative for you. 

Medical Benefits

Chem Kush Strain

Chem Kush’s energizing effects may be beneficial to the medical cannabis industry. Its ability to give the smoker a focused mindset can be beneficial to people with attention deficit problems, allowing them to focus on one job at a time, or concentrate solely on a difficult task until it is completed.

Its euphoric effects may also help to temporarily alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of mild to severe stress and depression. However, Chem Kush is not suggested for individuals who are prone to paranoia since it can overstimulate people’s senses which might be uncomfortable cause panic attacks. 

The strain’s anti-inflammatory characteristics are mostly responsible for its physical advantages, which can alleviate common ailments such as headaches, nausea, and cramps. 

Strain Review

The high from Chem Kush hits fast but fades quickly, though the effects are still present for quite a while after the initial buzz. You will still feel the euphoria that Chem Kush gives you for quite a while after smoking this strain.

Thanks to its sedative and muscle relaxing properties, you feel any stress and tension in the muscles wash away soon after smoking, and you will be able to move around pain-free for a while if you suffer from chronic aches and pains. 

This stain is perfect for going on walks and being closer to nature as the wide-eyed properties it gives you will let you experience the outdoors in a whole new way. Because of the buzzy effects, Chem Kush is recommended for daytime smoking, as smoking in the evening may give you too much of an energy boost to fall asleep. 

Strain Grow Info

Strain Seeds

Cali Connection has made Chem Kush seeds available for purchase online, which is great news for aspiring home growers. You may also be able to buy them for cannabis dispensaries. The strain may be grown both indoors and outdoors once procured, with outdoor success requiring a semi-humid climate with daily temps in the 70s (Fahrenheit). These plants can grow to be rather tall and branchy, so indoor gardeners may need to prune them down to keep them manageable.

Strain Flowering Time

Chem Kush flowers in 70-79 days, which is much longer than the average flowering time for most other strains. You will then be able to harvest the buds after 86 days. 

Strain Yield

How much bud you get from Chem Kush will depend on where you are growing it. If you are growing this strain outdoors, then you can expect a yield of 15 – 20 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant). If grown indoors, you will get a slightly smaller yield of 1 – 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²). 

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