Cheese Quake Strain

Have you ever heard of Cheese Quake? It’s a popular hybrid strain of weed, with a potent smell and a lot of strength to match! Lots of people love it for its strength, as it comes in at quite a high THC content, and is a great smoke at the end of a long day! Just don’t smoke too early – it’s strong enough to be able to stop you in your tracks for a while!

If you want to learn about Cheese Quake, you’re in the right place – this article will tell you what you need to know. So, read on to find out more!

cheese quake strain

Strain History

If the name Cheese Quake sounds a little familiar, then likely you’ve already heard of (and maybe tried) the famous Cheese. Cheese Quake, unsurprisingly, is a hybrid strain of Cheese, mixed with Querkle to create a magnificent and potent indica-leaning bud that tastes great.

It’s got very strong notes of that familiar Cheese-style aroma – a kind of sour yet still sweet and pleasing aroma – one that tends to completely fill up your nose, and the room that it’s in! Blended with Querkle, known for its hints of grape and berry, Cheese Quake makes for a great smelling and tasting smoke.


Cheese Quake is a hybrid of two different strains – Cheese and Querkle.

Cheese is an indica-heavy weed that originated in the UK. It’s been a big hit in the UK since the 1980s, and has also long been a popular choice for breeders, with many hybrid strains having been created.

Querkle, which gets its quirky name from its parents – Purple Urkle and Space Queen – is a hybrid strain created by the legendary breeder Subcool’s The Dank.


Just like the parent strain Querkle, Cheese Quake is a hybrid created by Subcool’s The Dank. Founded by the eponymous Subcool, they’re a well known and well loved group of elite breeders who have made countless fantastic strains.

Unfortunately, Subcool himself tragically passed away in early 2020. He left behind a legacy of fantastic work in creating amazing cannabis strains.

Strain Appearance

Cheese Quake is a great looking strain, albeit without too much flash. It looks great, but it’s in an understated sort of way. On the whole, it looks typical of cannabis – no surprises!

It tends to get pleasing looking crystal formations that can seem to resemble snow. It’s also a fan of growing orange pistils, and can on occasion develop hints of purple too.

Overall, it’s a good looking plant. Nothing too fancy, but certainly an attractive bud. Fans of those pretty orange hairs will like the look of this one!

Strain Flavor

As a hybrid, you can expect it to have a hybrid flavor! Cheese Quake combines the two flavor profiles of Cheese and Querkle, its parent strains, in a very pleasing manner. There are of course extremely strong overtones of the flavors typical of a strain with Cheese in its ancestry – strong, potent, cheesy notes that give the strain its name.

Users have also noted flavors that seem to hint of tea, and pastry, giving this strain a really pleasant, relaxing flavor that fits with its indica nature.

Strain Aroma

Unsurprisingly, as a Cheese hybrid, it has very strong notes of that familiar Cheese smell. You’ll notice a potent flavor that likes to occupy space – but definitely not in an unpleasant way. It’s got a sour sort of sweetness to it that you won’t be able to ignore.

Add to that the hints of grapes and berries that it inherits from Querkle, its other parent, and you’ll find that you have a great aroma that occupies the room with a fruity yet sour scent of a fantastic, strong smelling weed.

Strain Cannabinoids

Cheese Quake is an indica-leaning strain, that’s 60% indica and 40% sativa. This has given it a THC level of around 19-20%. Cheese Quake has been known to reach a high of 22% THC – so this is a really potent strain!

It has CBD levels of around 1-1.5%. This isn’t massive – Cheese Quake is certainly a strain that you use more far more for its THC content.

Strain Terpenes

Terpenes are compounds found in many plants. They’re aromatic compounds – which means that, amongst other things, they’re responsible for creating the famous scents of many plants.

Unsurprisingly, cannabis plants are known for their terpenes – after all, the smell of some strains can be extremely strong! They’re increasingly being used as a way of classifying cannabis plants.

Cheese Quake’s main terpene is caryophyllene, which is also present in herbs and spices like black pepper, basil, and oregano. It’s the only terpene also known to act as a cannabinoid, being able to activate our endocannabinoid system – which may help provide anti-inflammatory effects.

One of caryophyllene’s reported effects is stress-relief, and it’s found in many hybrid strains that are known to be good for relaxation.

Strain Side Effects

Like any cannabis strain, there are of course some possible side effects to be considered.

When smoking, dry mouth and dry eyes are the primary side effects to consider. These are easily remedied – a glass of water is an easy fix for the dry mouth, and if dry eyes are a problem then they can be helped by eye drops.

Headaches can be something to look out for, particularly if you smoke too much at once. Smoking too much can also cause some level of delirium and sleepiness.

Finally, as with all cannabis strains, it’s possible to feel a sense of paranoia when stoned. This can of course be extremely unpleasant – so new smokers should always smoke with someone who can reassure and assist them.

Medical Benefits

Cheese Quake is an extremely potent strain, with high levels of THC. This helps it to have use in helping people with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Cheese Quake can be a useful strain for lifting the spirits and helping you to relax.

However, due to its potency, it’s very possible that smoking Cheese Quake could cause it to be difficult to accomplish much afterwards.

Also, due to its low levels of CBD, it’s not going to be effective at helping with anything that responds to CBD treatment.

Strain Review

Cheese Quake is a really nice strain, with a strong smell and attractive, if plain, buds! It’s certainly one that will chill you out – so it’s a good smoke after a long day at work, or for when you just feel like you need to sit back and unwind.

However, it’s a strong one, so don’t expect to be productive for quite a while after smoking some of this! You might want to look into ways to keep the smell under wraps too, as the aroma of the buds from any Cheese strain can be quite pervasive.

Strain Grow Info

Here’s a little bit of information on how Cheese Quake grows and flowers!

Strain Seeds

Cheese Quake is a great grower from seed that’s not too difficult to get good results from. It’ll happily grow well either indoors or outdoors – although you might see better yields from planting outdoors.

It’s considered to be about medium growing difficulty – so perhaps not the best first time strain for absolute novices, but it’s not particularly difficult to grow with a little bit of experience, and certainly worth the learning effort!

It’s pretty good at dealing with temperatures, but you might find it needs more sunlight than a lot of other strains. For optimal results, you’ll want to use the Sea Of Green (SOG) method – Subcool recommends it!

Strain Flowering Time

You’ll probably find that it takes approximately 8 to 9 weeks for Cheese Quake to flower. This is a longer time to flower than a lot of cannabis strains – it can be common for many strains to flower within 3-4 weeks. Of course, the sheer potency alone of Cheese Quake means that you won’t mind the wait as much.

Make sure that you keep topping the plant regularly – cutting off the very tip of the plant’s growth. This helps the plant to flower and grow more healthily, and will also help to give you better bud production too!

Strain Yield

As Cheese Quake has a lengthy flowering time of 8-9 weeks, it ends up with plenty of time to develop huge buds. As such, it’s a strain known for giving high yields both indoor and outdoor. If you’ve got access to great sun, air, and ground, you could well get even better results and yields growing outdoors than indoors.

Cheese Quake will grow to a medium height, wherever you grow it. If you’re growing Cheese Quake outdoors, the ideal harvesting time is around the end of September to the middle of October.


Cheese Quake is a really popular strain, and it’s not hard to see why! With good yields and a really potent smoke that’s a good sign of the end of the day, it’s a good strain to grow either outdoors or indoors.

It’s a medium difficulty plant that can take longer to flower than a lot of other strains, but that time is more than made up for by the sheer strength of it – and how much you’ll get from it!

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