Bubblicious Strain Review

Bubblicious is a fantastic strain of marijuana that is a popular choice with many people. This is due to its sweet aroma, and its fantastic effects.

Bubblicious Strain
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We will be talking you through everything you need to know about the Bubblicious strain, focusing on aspects such as cannabinoid levels, effects, and potency. 


The potency of Bubblicious is just right, while it is not too overpowering, you will certainly feel the effects after a hit. On the whole, it can be described as being fairly potent. 

It is pleasant, and while the scents are potent, the flavor itself is not too extreme. This is why it is one of the most popular strains of marijuana. 

What Is Bubblicious Strain?

When it comes to the Bubblicious strain, it is predominantly Indica. However, there is not a huge difference in the percentage as a whole. It is 60% Indica, and 40% Sativa. 

Being a higher percentage of Indica, you are going to feel the effects of this strain through your whole body, rather than in just your head. The average amount of THC this strain contains is between 15% — 25%. 

The THC for Bubblicious is around 1%. While this is higher than many other strains, it is pretty average.

How Was Bubblicious Developed?

The Bubblicious strain was developed and created by Nirvana seeds. They are a very popular breeding group that has created many types of marijuana strains over the years. 

It was created using Original Bubblegum female, and Lavender Male. It was created in Indiana, USA. 


As to be expected, the main taste of this strain is bubblegum. While this is fairly self-explanatory, the flavor is sweet and fruity. This is why many people enjoy it because it is not tangy or sour in any way.

The taste is a lot lighter in comparison to other strains.The flavor is not too overpowering, so those who are not fond of very sweet tastes can still enjoy this strain. 

Some people have also described this strain as tasting slightly like diesel and skunk, too. However, the predominant flavor is sweet bubblegum.

Odor And Flavor

As we have already touched upon, the odor of Bubblicious is very sweet and bubblegum like. The odor is quite potent, and it is very clear what this strain smells like, especially when each bud is pulled apart or crushed. 

However, even though the smell is quite strong, the taste is not too overpowering. The smell is pleasant, and one that the majority of people enjoy, even if they do not like overly sweet smells. 

Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of Bubblicious really does lend itself well to its name. The buds are fairly large in comparison to other strains. However, they do have a pink and purple tinge to them, which reflects the name well. 

The shape of the buds are cone-like and do have a pointed tip. The colors are quite vibrant in comparison to other shades. 

Grow Info

If you are looking to grow this strain, it is fairly easy to grow. It is not overly difficult to keep, and it can be grown both inside and outside. One tip we would recommend is a cooler temperature.

As the plant is getting closer to harvest, if you supply it with cooler temperatures, this will bring out the purple color of buds and flowers. 

The flowering type is photoperiod, and the flowering time will typically take around 8 to 9 weeks. After this time they can be harvested.

If you are looking to keep these plants outdoors, the harvest time is typically around the end of September, to the start of October.

The plant is a medium size in its height and the harvest you get when it is outdoors will be up to 400 grams. When the plant has been harvested indoors, it is slightly more than this, sitting up to 500 grams.

However, the actual harvest weight will vary. 


The effects of the Bubblicious strain are positive on the whole. Being Indica, it will have a calming effect on the whole body, which is great if you are tense, or if you are someone that suffers from insomnia. 

As it does not cause drowsiness, this is a strain that you can use at any time of the day, which is great if you are looking for an option that is not going to interfere with your daily plans. 

It will help to increase your concentration, and you can still carry out tasks, exercise, and take part in many activities, without this being affected. You will feel happy and energized during the high, and many people even describe it as feeling euphoric. 

This strain is said to help significantly with creativity, which is great if this is something you are currently lacking in. 

Side Effects

While there are many great effects on Bubblicious, there are some side effects that you will need to take into consideration too. While these are nothing extreme, it is something to be aware of.

The main side effect of this strain is dry eyes. While this is nothing too serious, dry eyes can be a frustrating side effect. 

Medical Appointments

There are some great medical benefits for this strain, such as helping to reduce stress and depression significantly. In addition to this, it will also help to ease pain, and can help with inflammation. 

Given that this strain can be taken at any time of the day, this is a great positive, as it can be used for pain relief more often.

Similar Strain 

If you enjoy the taste of Bubblicious and are looking for some similar strains, these include:

  • Yoda OG
  • Bubblegum Kush
  • Wonka’s Bubblicious

In addition to this, you can also taste the strains it is based on which tastes very similar. This is bubblegum.


Here are the cannabinoids for the Bubblicious marijuana strain:

  • THC:15% – 25%
  • CBD: 1%

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