Bubble Bomb Strain Review

When Bomb Seeds decided to try mixing the Cannabis Cup winning Bubblegum, and the classic strain THC Bomb, they were always going to be onto a winner.

Combining the taste that makes Bubblegum unique, with the high that’s made THC Bomb a classic, it would be hard to get it wrong.

The end result is Bubble Bomb, a strain that has all the sweetness you’d expect from Bubblegum, with a full-body high that can leave you resting peacefully for hours. This is a strain to fall in love with, even if it isn’t always easy to get your hands on.

The indica dominant Bubble Bomb is quickly becoming one of the most sought after strains around. Find out why everyone loves it with this guide, which tells you all you need to know about Bubble Bomb.

Strain History

Bubble Bomb is a fun new strain from the creators at Bomb Seeds, blending together an old and new classic.


Bubble Bomb is a feminized, indica dominant strain. With a balance of 70% indica to 30% sativa, Bubble Bomb leans heavily towards the indica side. This is what gives it that lingering sleepy high, and a fully relaxed body.

Bubble Bomb has a THC content of roughly 18 to 20%. This isn’t excessive, but it hits harder than you might expect. The cross strain feels packed full of THC, which can lead to a deep and long-lasting high.

Despite that, it isn’t too heavy, and the side effects are minimal. Most users should find Bubble Bomb an easy strain to get along with.


As you can probably guess from the name, Bubble Bomb was created by the people at Bomb Seeds in the Netherlands. And they really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Bubble Bomb is a fantastic combination of a potent hit, an easygoing high, and a delicious flavor. Bubble Bomb isn’t always easy to get your hands on, but it’s totally worth the extra effort.

Bubble Bomb is a combination of Bubblegum, former winner of the Cannabis Cup, and Bomb seed’s signature strain, THC Bomb.

Carefully selected from the finest phenotypes, Bubble Bomb maintains taste and potency throughout the breeding process. The end result is a sweet, sugary, high, that leaves you smiling and relaxed.

Strain Appearance

Bubble Bomb is an attractive bud, with lumpy and dense nugs.

The overall coloring is an earth forest green, with only a few sparse orange hairs. Round lumps characterize the overall appearance, with a fine layer of tiny white crystal trichomes to finish.

When growing, Bubble Bomb is a short and dense plant, with high yields.

Strain Flavor

Alongside the high, the flavor is one of the best reasons to indulge in Bubble Bomb. It has a lingering sweet finish that’s blended with some richer flavors to create something mouthwatering.

Like the name suggests, Bubble Bomb has a bubblegum tang that makes up most of the flavor. This sugary sweetness is delicious, but Bubble Bomb isn’t just a simple flavoring.

As it burns, you start to get the tang of lemon and citrus, which adds an extra dimension to the bubblegum finish. Underneath all that, you might just be able to pick up an earthy note. It gives the bud some depth, but doesn’t interfere with the sweetness.

Bubble Bomb is once tasted, never forgotten. Anyone who’s a fan of sweeter strains will enjoy the way Bubble Bomb unfurls on the tongue. When you add on the sweet high, Bubble Bomb is a sugar treat.

Strain Aroma

Like the flavor, Bubble Bomb has a sweet aroma that’s reminiscent of bubblegum. As it burns, you’ll start to find that sweet tang is joined by a slight undertone of citrus, particularly lemon.

Overall, the aroma is sweet, slightly sugary, but with some soft fruit notes of apricot. There’s also a slight hint of mint, which adds a freshness and earthiness to the sugary scent.

The smell of Bubble Bomb does linger for a while, much like the buzz itself.

Strain Cannabinoids

The strain cannabinoids for Bubble Bomb are 20% THC, and 1% CBG. Because of the THC Bomb parent, Bubble Bomb leans heavily towards THC.

Although the THC content isn’t massive, it does produce a high that’s stronger than you might be expecting. Bubble Bomb isn’t difficult to deal with, but you might be surprised by how powerful a punch it packs.

Strain Terpenes

The dominant terpene in Bubble Bomb is myrcene. Myrcene has sedative effects, which works alongside the high THC content to turn Bubble Bomb into the sleep-inducing strain it is.

Myrcene is a terpene best used by those suffering from insomnia, or struggling with pain. Myrcene acts as a muscle relaxant, adding to the body buzz that makes Bubble Bomb such an all over high.

Strain Side Effects

Bubble Bomb is a hard-hitting indica strain that’s surprisingly easy to handle.

Dry eyes and dry mouth are to be expected, but Bubble Bomb mostly just soothes the body and mind. Stress and anxiety should be lifted away, as the Bubble Bomb works deeper into your mind.

One thing you should look out for is couch lock. Bubble Bomb can send you to sleep, so this doesn’t make a good morning or afternoon strain. At first, the high hits as a talkative happiness.

You might find your mind is overwhelmed with creativity, and you can engage in epic conversations.

However, you won’t be able to do anything with all your fantastic ideas. Along comes the relaxing THC Bomb, and all that enthusiasm leaves. You’ll be happy to sink back into the couch, and not get up for hours.

Medical Benefits

The high THC content of Bubble Bomb makes it an excellent choice for relieving stress and anxiety. The high really wipes you out, leaves you feeling loose, airy, and not connected to your physical body.

Chronic pain can also benefit from Bubble Bomb, which gives a full-body buzz that lingers for hours.

Because Bubble Bomb is quite easy to handle, despite the relatively high THC content, lots of users can feel the benefits of using it. Headaches and migraines can both be eased with the use of Bubble Bomb.

But because it hits hard, avoid using Bubble Bomb in the mornings or afternoons.

Anyone suffering from insomnia should give Bubble Bomb a try. It can send you into a relaxing sleep, which some users have reported lasting for hours.

Strain Review

Bubble Bomb is a fantastic strain, with a long-lasting high that leaves you relaxed and loose.

It starts off light, lifting you to a euphoric haze, enveloped in the sweet sugar aroma that characterizes the Bubblegum strain.

You feel happy, calm, and a little spacey. At this early point in the high, you might find yourself talkative, with a burst of energy. Creativity, and your mind, starts to flow freely.

Then, the Bomb explodes, You drift deeper and deeper into your head, and the body buzz overtakes. Expect some couch lock as the Bomb takes over, and some users will find themselves falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.

The high from Bubble Bomb lasts for a while, thanks to the high potency of the THC Bomb parent. This is a really deep high, which induces relaxation, and leaves you feeling happy and sleepy.

As well as some excellent effects, Bubble Bomb has a flavor and aroma that you can’t get enough of.

The sugar sweetness is undercut by the tang of bubblegum, and there’s a slight earthiness that gives the flavor depth. With a sweet finish and an aroma that lingers as long as the effects, this is a fantastic strain for evening usage.

Strain Grow Info

Anyone interested in trying Bubble Bomb will find the strain reasonably easy to grow. It has a medium difficulty growing period, but it produces a high yield that makes the extra effort worth it. Bubble Bomb can be grown from seeds made by Bomb Seeds, or from a clone.

Strain Seeds

Seeds for Bubble Bomb can be quite difficult to find, even though this is a medium difficulty growing strain. The Bubble Bomb seeds are from Bomb Seeds company, in the Netherlands.
Bubble Bomb can also be grown from a clone.

Strain Flowering Time

Bubble Bomb flowers quickly, and only an 8 to 9 weeks flowering time is necessary. It might take a while to get going, but expect a strong finish for a high yield.

The plant is busy, squat, and bushy, with short leaves and chunky flowers.You can see the indica dominance in its initial growth appearance. Bubble Bomb grows shorter outdoors, and indoors you can expect it to grow between 55 and 95 cm.

Strain Yield

Any grower can expect a large yield from the Bubble Bomb plant, up to 750g/m². Indoors, they can flower in 8 to 9 weeks, and outdoor growers should expect to harvest in October.

There’s a larger bud size thanks to a shorter internodal distance, which really maximizes that yield. Both indoors and outdoors, Bubble Bomb is a strain with an impressive yield.

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