Bruce Banner #3

Anyone who has seen a Marvel film or perhaps even read some of their comics will be familiar with the genius scientist Bruce Banner, as he’s regarded as one of the biggest brains in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there’s more to the man than just science.

Once angry, you see a change in the man, he becomes the big green beast known as the ‘Hulk’. It’s fair to say that one hit big enough from the beast is enough to knock anyone out.

The Bruce Banner #3, like its movie counterpart, is a genius strain and packs a massive punch. This intelligent range comes from the crossing of two of the most popular strains to create the ever-potent Bruce Banner #3.

A fine mix between the Colorado Ghost OG strain and the Strawberry Diesel to produce a strain with the perfect mixture between relaxed and creative.

Bruce Banner #3

Strain History


This strain comes from a strong cross between Colorado Ghost OG and Strawberry Diesel, which themselves are hybrids made from many other types, so you know that the best have been used to get the super strength THC content.

This beast of a strain carries a 35% indica and 65% sativa so you’ll still feel nice and mellow off this one, but with the nice head high where you still feel productive and can get things done!

With its high levels of THC weighing in at a whopping 28% this strain should be smoked by the more proficient smokers despite its easy growing nature.

Strain Appearance

Now we get down to the similarities between The Hulk and the actual plant itself. The plant is known to reach around 3 meters tall, thick green buds and a generous coating of its super resin that provide its strength.

A simple search or description of our comic book friend will clearly tell you how big the Hulk is supposed to be, similarly it grows from a small intelligent seed to a hulking green dense plant.

Strain Flavour

When talking about the flavour you get from this green beast you must consider its parent strains, the cross between the Strawberry Diesel and the Colorado Ghost OG.

We get the fruity aroma from our Strawberry Diesel and by mixing that with the Colorado Ghost OG the flavour becomes nice and earthy and brings out that lemon sensation when it hits the mouth.

  • 21% Report a sweet flavour
  • 19% Report an earthy flavour
  • 19% Report a diesel like flavour

Strain Aroma

As previously mentioned, we know that Bruce Banner #3 has a nice juicy aroma crossed with the lemon citrus hint everybody loves with their plant. Spicy earthy tones appear in both front and back notes with the ultra-sweet lemony hints merging elegantly.

Strain Cannabinoids

For those who like a heady high this could be the strain for you, with its high potency and it is sitting at 65% sativa. People who have smoked it have mentioned how they’re brain is still very much active rather than that sleepy feeling. However, a 35% indica this strain will still help you relax and sink into your couch or bed.

Strain Terpenes

The main terpene in the Bruce Banner #3 is caryophyllene, the peppery sensation, common among the diesel aroma that has been known to help with retaxing and anxiety. This is followed by limonene and myrcene which provide their citrus and herbal properties.

Strain Side Effects

Everyone smokes for different reasons, some find it to be for creativity, some use it to reduce stress and anxiety, some do it purely for enjoyment and some also do it to fall asleep easier.

What is found with this strain and the previously discussed features and effects, this one could be used more for creativity and enjoyment.

People found this strain to be energetic and very strong. This could be used mostly to enjoy with friends, or even to paint, draw or write if needed and consumed in the right doses.

With this particular strain the feelings reported are happiness, euphoria, and creativity. The negatives reported were dry mouth (common among most strains), dry eyes and paranoia (a very small percentage).

As marijuana is a drug of course there are going to be negative side effects, especially if over consumption occurs, so it’s all about knowing your limits and how much to smoke to achieve your desired side effects.

Going against the negatives users also reported that the side effects of consuming this strain include help with stress, depression, and anxiety. There can be some benefits of consuming this drug.

To add to the benefits that come along with smoking and consuming weed, an added benefit is to help with insomnia, as it helps people to switch off, relax and enjoy their beds more creating an exceptional sleeping environment.

Positive Effects

  • 63% say happy
  • 62% say euphoric
  • 42% say Creative

Negative Effects

  • 20% say dry mouth
  • 11% say dry eyes
  • 4% say paranoia

Helped With

  • 37% say stress
  • 35% say Depression
  • 24% say Anxiety

Medical Benefits

Now it’s not a miracle drug or strain of weed despite its many, many positive reviews, but there are some great benefits as previously mentioned.

Help with stress and anxiety, this allows the user to relax and switch off and forget about worries, or to help put less emphasis on them. It has been known to help with depression, in similar ways it helps with stress and anxiety. Insomnia or lack of sleep, this probably wouldn’t be the most effective strain to help with this, but its relaxing effect will help.

It’s also known to help with pain relief is often prescribed to chemotherapy patients to help them with pain and helps them to gain an appetite that the chemo takes from them.

Strain Review

Initial reviews for this strain say it’s energising and gets them very high. This is frequent in sativa as it provides the head high, which will also make the consumer think about it more and thus feel it more.

Most users report saying that it has given them the giggles quite intensely and hurt their ribs from laughing, a good case of the munchies and made them feel euphoric and happy.

The users have also said that the initial interaction with the herb pleases the senses, it looks good, feels good and when it hits your nose, it is nothing but pleasant. Then the consumption has been quoted as smooth and tasty, nearly matching its smell exactly.

One user who brags they have a high tolerance user has also claimed its potency is high, which in turn is positive as less is needed for the feeling and will save money and product.

Strain Grow Information

The chunky, dense, 3-meter plant can be grown indoors and outdoors. The plant has also been said to suit growing in scrog and sog methods so this should be considered when attempting to grow the beast of a strain, which is also noted to be an easy growing plant.

SOG (Sea of Green) meaning that the grower will be planting loads of little plants with little vegetation but will produce a high number of smaller plants in a tightly packed area.

SCROG (Screen of Green) being a lower number of the plants, but they grow bigger and better by using a screen with small holes in it for the branches to bloom through and this helps the plant get better nutrients.


A best seller seed at Original Sensible Seeds due to its easy growing methods, high THC levels and high crop yield. They’re a cross between Colorado Ghost OG and Strawberry Deisel, coming in at 35% Indica and 65% Sativa.

Flowering Time

When growing this plant, you’ll be looking around 8-10 weeks and looking for the bulky 3-meter beast before harvesting to ensure you’ve created the most hulking plant. These seeds are also feminized which means no more male chromosomes leading to a straightforward, faster grow.

Strain Yield

With its versatility and ease of growing this plant really does give some promising results. It’s considered to have a high yield at anywhere between 750 to 900 g/m2 with roughly 28% THC levels and around a 1% CBD level.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the pros of growing this strain we can see why it gets its name and why the plant is popular on big selling websites.

High strength, high yield and easy to grow, what’s not good about this strain. Even its side effects seem to be desirable, as it seems to be beneficial for those who don’t want to be glued to their bed or couch, but can also still produce that nice sleepy, relaxing effect. This is when smoked correctly and knowing your limits.

When consuming anything like this there are likely going to be negative side effects, so make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re doing and that you don’t let the negatives get the better of you.

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