Blue Tahoe Strain

The Blue Tahoe strain has quickly become a popular variety in the world of Medical Marijuana. This small green wonder can help to alleviate all manner of mental conditions and body pains. These include things such as anxiety, depression, and even chronic pains. 

Thanks to its higher THC content, this plant will also give you a rich high that helps to further alleviate your stresses and worries and helps to take your mind off of any pains or stresses that your body is experiencing.

The strain gets its name from its blueberry flavor, which is sweet and soft to the palette and makes the smoking experience more enjoyable. ‘Tahoe’ refers to the strain being a blend between the Blueberry and Tahoe Kush strains.

Many choose to purchase the Blue Tahoe thanks to its incredible medicinal properties, and the soft high it can create.

Want to know even more about the Blue Tahoe, such as its extensive history, and its origins, and how it can possibly help you? Read on to discover the hidden details of this wonderful strain!

Blue Tahoe Strain



The Blue Tahoe was created as a blend of two unique strains. These strains are the ‘Blueberry’ strain and the ‘Tahoe OG Kush’ strain. The blueberry strain came about as a result of growing blueberries, hence how it is able to create such a potent sense of the taste of fresh blueberries.

Tahoe OG Kush on the other hand has a more earthy taste and also has a number of soothing properties that can be used to treat insomnia and chronic pain. These two strains first rose to fame around the 1970s.

The two were then blended to create the hybrid Blue Tahoe strain that we know today!


There is little information available regarding the origins of the Blue Tahoe strain, but it is believed to have originated in New Jersey, where the use of marijuana is legal and celebrated. In New Jersey, there is a healthy Marijuana scene.

It is likely that the strain was developed after the 1970s, as this was when its genetic ‘parents’ first came into wide use. It is likely that the strain was developed around the 1990s.

Strain Profile

Strain Appearance

Blue Tahoe may not feature a particularly mind-blowing appearance, but it can be identified visually by its shape. The Blue Tahoe strain takes on a rather chunky appearance, with lots of little flakes clumped together.

It has a mild green color that features hues of brown and yellow. 

Strain Flavour

The Blue Tahoe strain is famed for the incredibly rich blueberry flavor that makes it seem like you’ve just eaten a handful of freshly picked blueberries. Most users of the strain note the blueberry flavor.

Some users note that the strain also has a distinctly earthy taste, which is thanks to the genetics of the Tahoe OG Kush that the Blue Tahoe derives from.

This earthy taste perfectly complements the blueberry flavor, to give it a fresh and natural flavor profile that helps to foster relaxation.

Strain Aroma

Similar to its flavors, the Blue Tahoe features a distinct blueberry aroma that makes it incredibly appealing and tempting. This also means that once smoked, it also doesn’t create an unpleasant smell for those who aren’t partaking.

As well as the blueberry aromas, there are also peppery notes and earthy aromas. These all add up to aid in creating a relaxed smoking atmosphere which only serves to enhance the relaxing properties of the strain.

Strain Cannabinoids

Blue Tahoe is Indica dominant, with a THC content of 25% and a CBD content of just .06%, which means that it is able to create some incredible highs.

This makes it great for recreational use, and to achieve a relaxed state. This is how Blue Tahoe is able to so effectively treat anxiety, depression, and chronic pains.

Strain Terpenes

The dominant terpene found in Blue Tahoe is Myrcene. Myrcene is what affords the strain its earthy and sweet flavors and aromas. You’d best be able to understand the effect that Myrcene has by comparing it to thyme and lemongrass, which both contain this terpene.

Myrcene is what gives thyme and lemongrass their incredibly distinct flavors and aromas.

Other Terpenes are Pinene and Limonene. Pinene has an incredible aroma that is reminiscent of pine trees (hence the name), while Limonene is responsible for providing a hint of citrus flavors (again, hence the name).

Side Effects

Side effects for most strains of weed tend to be largely similar. You should expect to experience a level of dizziness, thanks to the high created by the THC content. You might also experience a dry mouth, as well as an increased appetite. 

Blue Tahoe is an Indica strain, so this means it won’t increase your energy levels, or have your mind racing a mile a minute. Instead, the Blue Tahoe strain will relax your mind, as well as your wider body.

You’ll likely feel a wash of relaxation course across your body as it takes effect. This is great if you want a relaxing smoke session with a few friends, but it would not be great if you wanted to create a lively party atmosphere, as you’ll most likely want to remain comfortably seated!

You might also experience a sense of euphoria. This is largely why those suffering from mental illnesses favor the plant, as it provides a pleasant feeling that runs counter to anxiety, and lifts your mood up from a state of depression by releasing the appropriate chemicals from your brain.

The Blue Tahoe does not have any major negative side effects such as paranoia, thanks to its relaxation effect. Another reason why it is so popular with anxiety and depression sufferers. 

Medical Benefits of Blue Tahoe

The medical benefits of Blue Tahoe go hand in hand with its general effects. The strain is able to promote a better mood, which is great for depression sufferers, and it can help to relax the body and the mind, which makes it great for those with generalized anxiety conditions. 

Blue Tahoe can also increase your creative drive, which can be useful for certain jobs and can help you to further enjoy any recreational hobbies you may have.

Blue Tahoe, much like other strains, will also increase your appetite, which can be helpful if you lose your appetite, and are not eating properly.

Strain Review

Thanks to its incredible highs and its lovely natural tastes and smells, the Blue Tahoe has become incredibly popular amongst medicinal marijuana users. Blue Tahoe is able to offer comfortable highs that don’t reach an uncomfortable or dangerous level, thanks to its HTC content of around 25%.

This gives you a comfortable high that helps to alleviate mental stresses and helps to promote general relaxation throughout the whole body. 

This strain has particularly become popular amongst those who seek relaxation from marijuana, thanks to its origins as an Indica strain, which tends to be relaxing and euphoric.

The plant is easy to get a hold on legally via multiple sources and makes for a great solution to many mental and physical ailments. It is also perfect as a last resort for people looking for relief from their conditions, but that have been failed by traditional medicines. 

growing Blue tahoe starin

Strain Growth Information

The Seeds

The seeds of the Blue Tahoe strain are small and grow naturally alongside the larger plant. These seeds can be purchased easily, and then you can tend to them in whatever way you personally see fit.

The Flowering Time

If you are planning to grow your own strain of Blue Tahoe, you will definitely need to exercise some patience. I know you’re ready to experience the incredible highs already, but you will need to allow the strain around 63 to 70 days to properly flower.

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but most enthusiasts would recommend that it be grown indoors so that you can effectively control the temperature and the conditions that it is growing under.

Thanks to being an Indica strain, the plant is sturdy and small in shape. You should notice that it has fully flowered by noting its unique shape, feel, and scent. 

Strain Yield

Blue Tahoe strains can create stable and healthy yields that would best be classified as medium. There won’t be an incredible or mind-blowing amount created, but there will be more than enough for you to really indulge in the benefits of the plant right from the get-go.

To Wrap Up

The Blue Tahoe strain is truly incredible. Thanks to its Indica roots, you can expect a seriously relaxing and euphoric high when smoking on the plant.

This makes it great for those suffering from insomnia, depression, anxiety, or those who just want a little bit of time to unwind after a seriously long day at work. 

The Blue Tahoe is easy to access and is widely well regarded amongst medicinal marijuana users, who praise it for its pleasant taste, aroma, effects, and growth patterns.

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