Blue OG Strain Review

If you are an avid weed smoker, you might already know this Blue OG strain, but you might have called it Blue OG Kush. This is a Blue OG that is made from the lineage of Blueberry F3 and Blue Moonshine, as well as OG Kush.

This was first developed to relax pain and help with nausea, it leaves the user feeling very euphoric and relaxed. This will give you an 8-week flowering period, with the plant itself growing much quicker when it is outdoors.

Blue OG Strain Review

This will give you everything that you want for yourself and your chronic anxiety.

In terms of flavor, this has a very intense berry tang, which makes it a great companion for sweet cakes and brownies. We would personally recommend this one with chocolate to give you that nice high and focusses energy for the morning ahead.

How Was Blue OG Developed?

This strain was developed from an Indica strain by G13, the European breeder that has given you the likes of Royal Kush and a variety of other strains. This has a THC level of around 19%, which is relatively low when compared to other varieties of weed.

This has a very dense and conical shape, with buds that have a long cylindrical shape that you can be sure will have everything that you need for a long high that is drawn out across the day.


This one has been said by users to have a fruity tang with a diesel flavor.

A lot of users have described that this one is very nice for bedtime, the fruity flavor and the intense smoke giving you a nice high that helps them go to bed.

This has a diesel texture that some people like the flavor of. This will give you everything that you need for a decent flavor.

In terms of baking, this is one of the best strains that you can put in your cakes or chocolate. This provides a certain companion flavor to sweet treats.

Odor And Flavor

The flavor is very rich and distinctive, with a sweet texture that is comparable to blueberry pie and custard. This has a creamy aftertaste that some users like to savor for hours after the original consumption.

This has a very pleasant odor that will linger around your house for hours afterward. A lot of users have said that they prefer smoking this in their house as it has a wonderful and tasty odor to it.

Physical Appearance

As we have explained, this bud is very thick in the stems, with cylindrical buds that can be easily burned and will give you plenty of flavors. Because of the densely packed buds, this will burn a lot better, giving you everything that you need for a rich flame and decent combustion. 


This strain is often used to ease the effects of anxiety and depression. Not only do the inhalers of this strain find it very relaxing, but it also helps ease muscle soreness. Here are some of the better effects of this strain:

  • Uplift in the mood – a lot of smokers have found this strain really helps to improve their mood. This is great if you want a natural remedy to depression and other anxiety medication.
  • This will reduce the need for stress medication – over 39% of users of this weed have found that they have a significant stress reduction.
  • Increased focus – over 71% of the people who have smoked this strain have found that they can keep their focus trained for a lot longer.
  • Increases physical productivity – when it comes to hiking, sports and even sex, this weed has been shown to improve performance, allowing you to concentrate for much longer. We also recommend this strain for increased focus when reading.

However, when you are smoking or baking this weed, make sure that you do not overindulge. This is a very strong strain, so you need to make sure that you do not have too much to start with so that you avoid negative symptoms.

Side Effects

There are some negative side effects with this weed, although there are only really reported by a small percentage of people. Here are just a few of them:

  • Dizziness – only 6% of the people who have smoked this weed have reported the room spinning and sickness after they have smoked this strain.
  • Headaches – again, only a small portion of people who have smoked this weed have reported this.
  • Nausea – if you smoke too much of any strain of weed, the likelihood is that they’ll start to feel sick.
  • Pins and needles – a very small proportion of these smokers have dealt with pins and needles in the head and arms.

Remember to enjoy your weed in moderation, as you might experience some harsh blowback or turmoil from taking too much.

Medical Appointments

This is used for various medical issues, mostly to do with mood disorders and inflammation. Here are just a few of them:

  • A lot of users have boasted that this strain helps them with their back pain, giving you everything that you will need to relax the muscles in between the vertebrae.
  • Depression – you can use this to treat mood disorders, although you should consult with your doctor before partaking in this as a regular medication.
  • Social anxiety – this often can help you focus your attention while tuning out the more anxious aspects of being in a public place.
  • This can elevate your mood, which will definitely help if you have previous experience with depression or mood fluctuations.

Similar Strains

  • Blueberry
  • Blueberry Moonshine
  • OG Kush

Strain Cannabinoids

  • 19% THC
  • 0% CBD
  • 80% Indica
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