Blue Mystic Strain Review

Even if you’re a seasoned marijuana enthusiast, you may never have tried Blue Mystic. That’s because you will usually only find it in certain U.S. states, including Alaska and Washington. 

Blue Mystic Strain Review

However, if you’re a fan of Indica-dominant hybrid strains with subtle yet delicious flavors, Blue Mystic could be the ideal strain for you! 

Stay tuned to find out how potent Blue Mystic really is, as well as how it was developed, how to grow it, and what effects you can expect from this strain.


The uppermost THC content of Blue Mystic is 16%, although it can also fall between 14% and 15%. If you know anything about THC percentages as they apply to marijuana, you’ll know that this is far from the most potent THC level. 

With that being said, 16% is still enough to produce a very enjoyable high, and beginners are likely to find it more than strong enough. 

Additionally, because the CBD content of this strain is very low (0.35%), the effects of the THC are more powerful because there isn’t enough CBD to significantly interfere with the relevant receptors. 

What Is Blue Mystic?

Blue Mystic is a Hybrid strain, although it is primarily an Indica strain rather than a Sativa-dominant one. 

The split between Indica and Sativa in Blue Mystic is 60:40, so it’s actually more balanced than a lot of other strains despite being Indica-dominant.

What this means is that Blue Mystic produces both a mind and body high, although the physical effects come to the forefront. 

How Was Blue Mystic Developed?

Blue Mystic is a cross between the Blueberry and Northern Lights strains. Blueberry is a very popular marijuana strain and has actually won the Best Indica category of the Cannabis Cup award.

Therefore, Blue Mystic’s Blueberry parentage is a great indicator of its high quality. 

Northern Lights, meanwhile, is another famous pure Indica strain, known for its sweetness and relaxing effects. 

Odor And Flavor 

The odor and flavor of Blue Mystic are two of the reasons why this strain is so popular with consumers in the areas in which it’s available. 

Because of its Blueberry parentage, Blue Mystic has a distinctive blueberry-like flavor, accompanied by the taste of other berries and an overall sweetness. 

There is a clear blueberry scent to the bud as well, although this isn’t too pungent compared with some other very strong-smelling strains. 

Physical Appearance 

The color of Blue Mystic is fascinating to observe. Although the buds are primarily green (both light and dark), there is also a distinctive blue tinge to the plant. 

Although this actually makes the bud look more gray than blue, the blue tint is partially where the strain gets its name from. 

Grow Info

For complete marijuana novices, Blue Mystic is probably not the ideal strain to grow. It’s not the most difficult to grow by any means, but it does help if you have a little experience under your belt. 

The reason Blue Mystic can be slightly tricky to grow, especially for novices, is because some experts recommend hydroponic growing, where the plant grows directly out of water instead of from the earth. 

Blue Mystic can be grown outside or inside. The plants are not very high-growing, so it’s easy to grow them outside without violating any legislation. 

If you take care of your Blue Mystic plant properly, it should be flowering by week 8. The acreage yield is roughly 14 oz per square meter, and harvest time falls between late September and early October. 


Smoking Blue Mystic is likely to make you feel relaxed and content. Many people report feeling happy and even euphoric after indulging in some Blue Mystic. 

Sleepiness is another common effect, so you might notice yourself feeling tired after your smoke.

That’s why we mainly recommend Blue Mystic as an evening strain to unwind after a long day. If you smoke in small quantities, you may even find Blue Mystic to be creatively beneficial. 

Side Effects 

When you smoke or consume Blue Mystic, it’s possible that you’ll notice dryness in your mouth, also known as cottonmouth. Dry eyes are also not uncommon.

If this happens, don’t panic. Usually, these side effects are mild and will go away relatively quickly if you keep hydrating yourself.

If you have an anxiety disorder, or even just notice that you are feeling anxious on a particular day, you may find that Blue Mystic makes the anxiety worse.

This won’t be the case for everyone, however, and anxiety-related side effects are not exclusive to Blue Mystic by any means.

Some people report feeling groggy after the initial high produced by Blue Mystic. Again, however, this can be minimized by pacing yourself and making sure to stay hydrated.

Medical Appointments

As an Indica-dominant strain, Blue Mystic is often used in a medicinal capacity to relieve a variety of mental and physical symptoms. 

Because Blue Mystic can induce happiness and euphoria, it’s an effective way to boost your mood, whether you’re feeling low because of other issues relating to your health or whether you have a diagnosis of clinical depression. 

Anxiety and stress symptoms can often be alleviated using Blue Mystic because of its calming and relaxing effects. 

Similar Strains 

Katsu Kush is a potential alternative to Blue Mystic. It has a sweet, earthy aroma and flavor, and produces feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and sleepiness.

Cotton Candy Kush is also quite similar to Blue Mystic because of the sweetness of its flavor and odor as well as its effects. It creates a sense of relaxation and happiness, although it often produces a giggly effect as well. 

Final Thoughts

Blue Mystic is a fantastic choice of strain if you want an experience that isn’t too overpowering but will still make you feel relaxed and help you to sleep. Plus, it tastes amazing, so that’s another bonus. 

Blue Mystic is best grown by somebody with some experience of the process, although it’s not particularly high maintenance.

Just remember to pace yourself with Blue Mystic, especially if you’re a beginner because it can lead to dehydration and grogginess, like many marijuana strains. It may also cause anxiety, although in many cases, it can be an effective anxiety treatment. 

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