Blue Magoo Strain Review

Blue Magoo is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain of marijuana that is distinguished by its earthy notes of blueberry and pine.

Considered a popular strain among recreational and medicinal marijuana users, the hybrid works to combat conditions such as pain, chronic stress and mood disorders.

Blue Magoo Strain Review

The strain of marijuana is often mistaken for the similarly named Blue Goo strain, although Magoo is its own entity. Here’s everything you need to know about Blue Magoo!


The average cannabis plant is known to contain a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) range of 12%, but Blue Magoo is known to contain a higher percentage, with the strain of marijuana boasting a 19-21% THC content.

While the strain’s CBD (cannabidiol) range is considered minimal, with Blue Magoo often containing a CBD content of 0.2-0.5%. This means that the strain is a good choice for moderate smokers, but can be a little strong for newbie recreational users. 

What Is Blue Magoo Strain?

Often mistaken for the popular Blue Goo strain, Blue Magoo is actually a separate entity and is a clone-only hybrid strain of marijuana that is distinguished by its fruity and rustic undertones.

The Blue Magoo strain is also known for its dominant Indica genetics, with the strain often containing Indica levels of 85%. This is reflected in the strain’s relaxing and pain-relieving properties.

Blue Magoo is also a popular strain among artists, who cite the strain as a source of inspiration and creativity. 

How Was Blue Magoo Developed?

Blue Magoo is a clone-only hybrid strain of marijuana that was first manufactured by Dynasty Seeds, a Portland-based breeder that is known for its production of medicinal strains.

The lineage of Blue Magoo can be traced back to the 1990s, where it was originally bred by one of the many great growers of Oregon.

The hybrid strain was born from a combination of the DJ Short Blueberry strain and the Major League Bud strain (otherwise known as William’s Wonder F2). 

The Dynasty Seeds breeding company still currently produces the classic Blue Magoo strain, although they have also since released a variant strain called Blue Magoo Bx2 and are currently working on a Blue Magoo Bx3.

The company is also working to preserve the original strain with several hybrids and an inbred backcross line, which they hope will be available to medicinal users very soon. 


Although the Blue Magoo strain is favoured for its relaxing and creative properties, the marijuana strain is also recognized for its sweet and fruity taste, which includes notes of blueberry and pine.

Some recreational users have also commented on the strain’s floral flavor, which can be delicate yet powerful.

The smoke produced by the Blue Magoo strain can be harsh on the throat, so a bottle of water should always be readily available during smoking sessions. 

Odor And Flavor

As we have previously mentioned, Blue Magoo is the child of the DJ Short Blueberry strain and it seems to have inherited its parent’s distinctive fruity aromas.

Blue Magoo is known to produce an odor that calls to mind notes of blueberry and pinecone, with the earthy and floral aromas combining to create a unique smell that has become synonymous with the vibrant strain. 

Physical Appearance

In terms of appearance, the Blue Magoo plant is known for its medium to large flowers, with the plant producing long, cone-like blooms that are coated in layers of trichomes.

The leaves of the plant are often distinguished by their light green hue, which comes with a yellowish tint and an overall soft texture. When harvesting, the leaves should be fluffy and easy to remove from their stems.

In most cases, the Blue Magoo strain will have a tight bud structure, which will offer more stretch than your typical Indica plant. 

Grow Info

Blue Magoo is a clone-only strain, which means it can only be grown recreationally by using a source clipping from a mature female Blue Magoo plant.

Although the Blue Magoo strain is often resistant to common conditions such as moulds and mildews, it can prove a complicated strain to grow and is best suited to breeders or users who have established cannabis cultivating experience. 

As we previously discussed, Blue Magoo is considered a more stretchy plant, and this means that it will need a lot of space to grow, which can prove difficult if choosing to grow the strain indoors.

Pruning the plant on a regular basis can help to keep its overall shape under control, while also allowing the lower nodes to receive the light and oxygen that they need. 

Because the Blue Magoo strain is known to grow in long, zigzagging branches that are covered in resinous buds, it is advised that you utilize supports or stakes when growing your own at home.

For the best results, the plant should be grown using healthy and organic soil, which will help to provide the strain with various nutrients and minerals. 

Blue Magoo plants thrive in hot and dry conditions and are typically ready to be harvested by early October. For outdoor growers, the average yield is 17 ounces per plant, while indoor growers should expect an average yield of approximately 13 ounces per square meter. 


The dominant effect that many people will experience after consuming Blue Magoo is an overall sense of relaxation, with many recreational users noting the strain’s ability to enhance positive and uplifting emotions.

The strain has also become very popular among creative users, as it is meant to fuel artistic inspiration. However, the strain is also known to produce a serious case of ‘the munchies’ – so having snacks close to hand is always advisable. 

Side Effects

Of course, Blue Magoo also comes with its fair share of side effects, with the most common being cottonmouth and dry eyes. Beginner cannabis users may also experience slight headaches due to the high levels of THC contained within the strain.

Blue Magoo can also cause a sense of paranoia and heightened anxiety, but these effects will eventually pass. Users who over consume the strain could risk experiencing couchlock, sedation and drowsiness. 

Medical Appointments

For medicinal users, Blue Magoo can offer numerous benefits, with the marijuana strain being a popular choice among users who suffer from stress or anxiety.

Because the Blue Magoo strain is known to enhance moods, it can also be used to combat conditions such as depression. Its relaxing properties have also been known to tackle issues such as arthritis, muscular pain, lower back pain and insomnia. 

Similar Strains

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  • Major League Bud
  • Blue Magoo Bx2
  • Berry Blue 
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  • Sour Blueberry
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Strain Cannabinoids

  • CBD: 0.2-0.5%
  • THC: 19-21%
  • Sativa: 15%
  • Indica: 85%
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