Blue Ghost Strain

If you are looking for a weed strain that will leave you feeling completely elated while somehow completely relaxed, your search is over.

This strain is a hybrid that takes all of the good qualities of sativa and indica and creates a unique experience of high and stoned.

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Blue Ghost Strain

This is the blue ghost strain, and we’re going to look at it in more detail below.

Strain History

The blue ghost strain was created as a sativa-indica hybrid. This means that you get the best of both worlds when you chose this type of weed. You get the high feeling and the cool down feeling.

In short, indica and sativa mix strains create a completely relaxed and happy person, emotionally and physically.

Indica dominant strains are known for their relaxation qualities.

Sativa dominant strains are known for their up-lifiting qualities.

This bringing together of features creates a uniquely gratifying experience for anyone partaking Dwayne Johnson Steroid in the blue ghost strain. You can feel completely at ease while also having one of the best times of your life.

Its name comes from the ghost like colored trichomes and the blue hints from this strain’s terpenes.


This strain has both indica and sativa origins. It is around 40% indica and 60% sativa.

That makes it a hybrid. It comes from the blue monster strain, which is the indica variety. The other present strain is the colorado strain and that is sativa dominant.

Strain Origin

The blue ghost strain has origins all over.

The blue monster indica strain was originally from the UK, and the colorado strain from Colarado, USA.

The blue ghost is a US based hybrid creation from these popular strains.

Strain Appearance

Blue ghost strain looks like little clouds. It is fluffy and light in appearance with a brighter green than other strains.

It has little ball shaped nugs with fiery hairs all over. The trichomes are icey colored and give it that ghost like appearance. It is an attractive plant to look at.

Strain Flavor

Overall, the blue ghost is a very berry flavored weed. It has tones of citrus and berries which really dominate the smoke.

There are undertones of earthy like tastes that neutralize the citrus and berry flavors, making it a very appetizing strain.

Strain Aroma

As you’d guessed from the flavor, the blue ghost strain smells of berries. Other smells include citrus type flavors, mainly lemon. There is also a hint of afghan kush aroma which comes through subtly.

The overall smell is muted by earthy, hints of pine smell.

Strain Cannabinoids

Blue ghost strain has a higher THC count because of its sativa roots. It can contain anything from 20-28% THC levels. This gives a psychoactive side effect alongside the relaxing indica effects.

It contains around 1% CBD, which is a pretty common figure across these types of strains.

Strain Terpenes

There are three main dominant terpenes in the blue ghost strain. These are limonene, pinene, and ocimene.

Limonene: Limonene is the terpene that gives the blue ghost the citrus flavor and smells elements. It is known for helping with anxiety, an active quality of the blue ghost strain. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Pinene: Pinene’s main characteristic is its ability to put you at ease and make you feel happy. It is also behind the berry type aroma and taste in the blue ghost strain.

Ocimene: Ocimene is more of an earthy type of terpene. Ocimene is used in anti-seizure medications and can relieve anxiety, fits, and seizures, and add to an overall sense of pain relief and well-being.

Strain Side Effects

Blue ghost strain is a hybrid of sativa and indica. For that reason, its side effects are abundant. The key thing to take away is that blue ghost strain will make you extremely happy, and extremely relaxed.

It seems suitable for daytime and nighttime, and though it may help you get some sleep, it can also help you have a really fun time.

Owing to the sativa qualities, you will get the traditional munchies associated with smoking weed. So, make sure you have snacks in supply.

You will get a big sense of peace from using blue ghost strain. The body relaxes and so does the mind.

Medical Benefits

There is a long list of medical benefits owing to the various terpenes and compounds found in the blue ghost strain. These include:

  • Anxiety: Anxiety disorder comes in many shapes and forms. It can cause heart palpitations, sweating, panic attacks, dizziness, breathing problems, and even fainting. It is a very real, very common disorder. Cannabis is known to help with anxiety, and the blue ghost strain is definitely a part of that.
  • Stress: Stress is similar to anxiety in that it has similar symptoms but is normally a consequence of circumstances. In the same way that it helps combat anxiety, the blue ghost can help relax your brain and ease stress.
  • Depression: Depression is defined by low mood and lack of motivation. Through the process of interacting with the endocannabinoid systems in your brain, blue ghost strain works against depression.
    It literally lifts your mood and moves you on, into a more relaxed state of mind and physicalness,
  • Headaches: Terpenes in the blue ghost strain are used in anti-pain medication. Their presence in the blue ghost strain enables pain management and alleviation of painful symptoms.
    That and how they interact with the endocannabinoid system makes it an effective way to target headaches.
  • Nausea: Again, similar to how the strain interacts with the endocannabinoid, it also targets other receptors in the body and brain.
    These receptors, such as CB1, are responsible for the feelings of nausea and sickness. Terpenes present in this strain are particularly effective in this sense.
  • Seizures: The terpene ocimene is the reason why this strain can be used to warn off seizures.
    Epilepsy sufferers have shown that weed has positive side effects over the last decade when combatting seizures.
  • Insomnia: Insomnia is defined as an ability to fall asleep, or stay asleep, or both. It is a crippling condition as sleep deprivation can lead to a whole host of wider complications and consequences. The indica roots of the blue ghost strain can help with insomnia. If your insomnia is caused by depression then the sativa roots can help as well.
    Reports of a good night’s sleep are plenty when using blue ghost.
  • Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain: We’ve already covered headaches, but fibromyalgia is the medical term for chronic non-specific pain all over the body.

Using the same theory as headaches, blue ghost can help alleviate some of these painful symptoms and relax the body into a state of more peacefulness, and feel more pain free.

Strain Review

Blue ghost strain is a popular choice. It is not only extremely relaxing, but it also gives you a vivid sense of peacefulness. These qualities are desirable, to say the least.

You might feel in the mood to party and socialize as your brain relaxes and the good mood sets in. When the partying is finished you will still be in a good place to settle down, have a lot of snacks, and get a really gratifying night’s sleep.

It looks cute, grows fast, and flowers in large quantities. Flowering time is anywhere up to nine weeks, and the yield is good. It is also averagely priced.

It has a pleasing, citrus and berry taste which is intensified by the afghan kush aromas and earthy hints beneath it.

It is a good strain for anxiety sufferers, people who struggle with depressive episodes, and those who are plagued with insomnia thanks to the mix of sativa and indica genetics.

However, it also has other medical benefits such as helping with seizures for epilepsy sufferers. This is because of the dominant terpenes, specifically ocimene.

Overall, it is a strong contender on the top strains to try out and keep using.

You will get the stereotypical sense of feeling euphorically high and giggly while also totally at ease and as though all of your troubles have floated away on the little fluffy weed nubs.

Strain Grow Info

The blue ghost strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Typically, it grows to just under 100 inches in height, and flowers heavily.

If grown outdoors, it is best harvested in the October fall month. It can take a few months for the plant to reach maturity, but when it does it will provide a big yield. It generally favors a dryer, cooler environment.

Strain Seeds

The seeds are hybrid and a popular choice. They are quite easy to come by and sold across many merchants owing to their growing popularity.

Strain Flowering Time

This strain has a relatively short flowering time. The maximum flowering time is normally nine weeks. Of course, different environments can provide different results.

Strain Yield

When grown indoors, the blue ghost has between a 500-550 m2 yield. Outdoors, this increases to an 800 m2 yield. Though it has been known to produce more, this is just an average figure.

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