Blue Dream Haze Strain Review

Blue Dream Haze is a type of sativa-dominant marijuana. It is a hybrid strain that is created by mixing Haze with Blueberry, which are two popular strains. It provides the person with a balanced high overall. 

Blue Dream Haze Strain Review

In this article, we will be talking you through our review of this marijuana strain, focusing on aspects such as the potency, taste, odor, and effects. 


The potency of this strain is quite high in comparison to other strains. Given that it has a high potency, you will feel the effects of the marijuana fairly quickly.

While it is on the more potent side, it is not a strain that will stop you from carrying out every day tasks. It is a great balance on the whole. 

What Is Blue Dream Haze Strain?

As discussed, Blue Dream Haze is a hybrid strain. It contains 80% sativa, and 20% indica. It is a very popular type of hybrid due to its potency, and flavor. The overall THC percentage is 18%, however, when looking at the CBD percentage, this is low. 

How Was Blue Dream Haze Developed?

Blue Dream Haze was developed through crossing Blue Dream with Blueberry, and other types of Super Silver Haze stains.

DJ Short’s was the person who originally came up with this strain idea in Santa Cruz, California. Once people tasted just how good it was, it quickly grew in popularity. 


Let’s talk about the taste of Blue Dream Haze. This is something that is important as you will want to ensure that you are going to enjoy the taste of this strain. If it is one you have yet to try, it is not overpowering in its taste. 

The taste of Blue Dream Haze is fantastic, and it’s clear to see why this is a popular choice. It has a fairly sweet taste to it, that is pleasant. It has notes of honey, and berry, and you can certainly taste the blueberry coming through as you inhale. 

Odor And Flavor

This strain does have a fairly potent flavor, and it is one that is popular with many people. It smells similar to lycées, and honeyed berries. Other people have likened it to a sweet berry flavor. 

In regard to its smell, this is earthy, and sweet. It is not too potent, and the odor is a pleasant one. There is also a slight, but pleasant herbal aroma to this strain too. 

Physical Appearance

When looking at its physical appearance, it is not too dissimilar to the strains it is a hybrid of. The buds are arrow-shaped, and are a dark olive green color. However, there are also hairs within each bud that are dark orange. 

The coating of each nug is very thick, and does have a slight blue tinge to it. The blue tinge is as a result of the clear crystal trichomes that are present. 

Grow Info

When it comes to the growing info, this is fairly straightforward. This plant is grown from the genetics of both SFV OG IBL, and Blue Dream Haze. It has mS genes.

The plant will flower after around 60-65 days. The buds that come from the plant ate in a good abundance, and the overall harvest is large. 

This is a feminized plant, and can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. The plant itself is not overly large, and what we would describe as medium-sized when fully grown. 

Each plant will harvest around 70 grams of Blue Dream, and you can get around 4 harvests from a plant. The Sea of Green is the best method to adopt when choosing to grow this specific marijuana plant strain.  


Given that Blue Dream haze is 80% sativa, this means that it is going to significantly relax you. This is great if you are looking for something that is going to chill you out on the whole.

This effect is caused by the balanced high produced. The balanced high then interferes with your cerebral stimulation, which in turn relaxes all of your body. 

The effects of Blue Dream Haze kick in very quickly, and will last for around three hours in total. However, this can vary, depending on how much you have consumed. You will typically feel energized when you smoke this strain.

Even though it relaxes the body, it can help you to feel more energetic on the whole. In addition to this, as it is uplifting your mood will increase, and you will feel happier on the whole.

Given that it uses the best of both types of strains, and has a good balance, the effects are some of the best that can be experienced. This is why it is a go-to strain for those who consume a lot of marijuana, and those who have not smoked before.

Side Effects

While there are many great effects of Blue Dream Haze, naturally, there are some side effects too. One of the main side effects of this strain are a dry mouth, and dry eyes.

Medical Appointments

Blue Dream Haze does have a number of different health benefits. This is why it is a popular strain choice overall. As we have already discussed, it will help your body to relax fully. If you suffer from muscle spasms, this is a great strain to use.

In addition to this, the strain can help to regulate mood swings, and can also alleviate the symptoms of depression too. This is because it will have an energizing, happy, and uplifting effect on the whole. Some people will also use this strain to help with nausea symptoms.

Similar Strain 

If you enjoy the taste of Blue Dream Haze, and are looking for similar strains, some of these include:

In addition to this, you can try the two strains this hybrid is created from — Blueberry, and Haze. 


Here are the cannabinoids for the Blue Dream Haze marajuana strain:

  • THC: 18% – 26%
  • CBD: < 1%
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