Blue Diesel Strain Review

Blue Diesel is a great marijuana strain. You may have heard of this strain being called “New Blue Diesel” as this is the same.

The high from this strain is quite potent given that it is an Indica Dominant Hybrid. 

Blue Diesel Strain Review

In this article, we will be chatting with you through our review of Blue Diesel. We will be focusing on aspects such as the effects, taste, odor, and potency, to give you a well-rounded idea of what this strain is like.


As we have already discussed, the potency of Blue Diesel is quite strong. Given that the average percent of THC it contains is between 16% and 23%, this is understandable.

Due to its strength, while this can be used at any time of the day, it is often recommended for use in the evening or at night.

What Is Blue Diesel Strain?

Blue Diesel is an indica dominant hybrid. It is created using the Indica-dominant Blueberry, and the sativa-dominant NYC Diesel. These are both popular strains for different reasons.

In addition to this, they are both potent. This is why it is understandable that this strain is too. 

When looking at the percentages, it is 60% indica and 40% sativa, which is a good mix on the whole, depending on the high you are aiming to achieve. The CBD percentage is particularly low. 

How Was Blue Diesel Developed?

Blue Diesel is a well established strain that is not a new hybrid. It was created on the East coast. While it is not the most popular strain across the States, it is a popular choice on the East Coast. 


The taste of a marijuana strain is important. After all, it is something that you will want to enjoy. The taste of Blue Diesel is great. It has notes of blueberry, berry, and diesel. When you take into consideration the strains used to create this hybrid, the flavors are understandable. 

While you would assume that the diesel is not something that tastes great, it does provide a stronger flavor. Even though it has a stronger flavor, it is still quite sweet tasting on the whole, and is not overly pungent. 

Odor And Flavor

As we have already described, while this is a potent strain, it is not too overpowering in its flavor. It is surprisingly sweet, even though it does have notes of diesel. When it comes to the aromas that it gives off, it does smell slightly earthy. 

However, the blueberry and Diesel notes can be smelled too. Even though there is a sweet tang to its odor, it is surprisingly slightly sour in smell too. Though, this is not something that is off-putting in any way.

Physical Appearance

Let’s take a look at the physical appearance of Blue Diesel. The buds are a mossy green color, and have gold/brown and orange hairs within it.

When looking at the color of the buds, when they are ready to be harvested, they will either be blue or violet/purple in their color. The buds are similar to an arrowhead in their shape. 

Grow Info

When it comes to growing Blue Diesel, this is fairly straightforward, and it is not too difficult. This strain can be grown both outside and inside, depending on the preference. 

The buds that the plants produce are great, and they will be structured well on the whole. The plant will reach up to 6 feet in height, and the flowering time is around 60 days, which is fairly average. 

When the buds are blue or violet, they will be ready to pick. Many people choose to grow this strain because it produces a particularly good harvest. 


Overall, the effects of Blue Diesel are fairly good. While this is a calming strain, it will not interfere too much when it comes to everyday life.

Given this, it is a great option if you are looking for a strain that you can still use in the day. 

Unlike some other strains, Blue Diesel will not make you too tired or fatigued during the day, though it won’t keep you up at night either. The buzz is fairly long-lasting. Both of these two effects combined is the reason it is a preferred choice for many. 

Overall, this strain will help you to feel happy, relaxed and uplifted. In addition to this, it will increase cerebral activity, rather than decreasing it. Given this, you are going to feel more energized after the effect of the marijuana has kicked in. 

Side Effects

When there are some great effects that come with Blue diesel, naturally it does have a few side effects too. However, these side effects are not too potent or overpowering.

The main side effects are a dry mouth, and dry eyes. However, a very small percentage of people do experience some dizziness too. If you are someone that is prone to dizziness, this is something to keep in mind if you are planning to try this strain. 

Medical Appointments

There are a handful of medical benefits that have been linked to the Blue Diesel strain of marijuana. One of the main reasons why it is used for medicinal purposes is for stress and anxiety. A very high number of people that use it for this purpose have noted that it significantly improves this. 

Given that it can also be smoked in the day, and it can help with pain is a great positive for many, and it is easy to see why it is a popular choice. As it does not cause drowsiness, and it can increase your energy levels, it is a choice that many people who experience chronic pain will turn to. 

Similar Strain 

If you enjoy the taste of Blue Diesel, there is a strain that does taste similar:

  • Blue City Diesel

This strain also has notes of blueberry and diesel, like Blue Diesel.


Here are the cannabinoids for the Blue Diesel Strain:

  • THC: 17% – 23%
  • CBD: < 1%
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