Black Cherry Kush Strain

Black Cherry Kush – the name alone makes you interested, right?

With a name like that, it’s obviously going to be a fruity number. There’s more to this than just fruit, though – this strain has an impressive heritage!

If you’re looking for information about Black Cherry Kush, read on – this article is packed with it!

black cherry kush strain

Strain History

Black Cherry Kush, also known as Black Cherry OG, or Black Cherry OG Kush, is a hybrid strain that’s very well balanced between indica and sativa – in fact, perfectly balanced, at 50% indica and 50% sativa!

Certain things about the genetics aren’t known, but it’s a hybrid of two classic strains.


Black Cherry Kush is a hybrid strain created by the well known breeder and grower Ken Estes, from Granddaddy Purple. It’s a hybrid of two strains, both of which are also creations of Estes!

Firstly, the extremely potent Ken’s OG, also known as Ken’s OG Kush or Ken’s OG. This is a really, really strong bud, that’s a hybrid of Granddaddy Purple (the weed that shares a name with Estes’ company), OG Kush, and Sour Diesel.

So, as you can see, this parent alone gives Black Cherry Kush an interesting and well loved lineage!

Now, this is where things get interesting, and a little complex. The exact plant that is the other parent of Black Cherry Kush isn’t known, but it’s known to be some hybrid of Grandaddy Purple too. So, this weed is a hybrid of 2 hybrids, one of which is a hybrid of the other!

Aside from this scant knowledge, the exact genetics of this hybrid aren’t known to the general public. They’re a secret known only to those who bred it!


Black Cherry Kush is a creation of Ken Estes, founder of the Grandaddy Purple Collective.

This is an organization that aims to help sufferers of pain through the use of medical marijuana. To this end, Estes developed Black Cherry Kush in the hopes of creating a strain that’s good at pain relief.

That aside, as mentioned before – we know that it’s likely a combination of Ken’s Kush and Granddaddy Purple.

As the precise genetic makeup of this plant is kept secret by the breeders, however, we’ll likely never know the exact composition and history of it.

Strain Appearance

Black Cherry Kush is a pretty attractive bud! You’ll find dense buds that bear an extremely deep forest green color to them.

One of the most notable things about a fully mature Black Cherry OG plant is the very obvious purple hues – which makes them totally worth the wait for a full maturation!

You’ll also notice bright orange pistils spotted all over the buds. And of course, lots of great looking trichomes adding faint white hues, along with a decent amount of resin.

All in all, Black Cherry Kush can be an extremely nice plant just to look at!

Strain Flavor

The most prominent flavor of this strain is fruity berries! While not exactly a cherry flavor, you’ll certainly notice and come to live those fruity notes that are full of sweetness. It’s absolutely full of these delicious flavors – they’re strong, and memorable too!

You might also note a thick creaminess to the flavor, which helps make this a really smooth, relaxing smoke. Some users note the taste of green teas too, which – in addition to the beautiful sweetness mentioned earlier – make this a really refreshing tasting bud too!

And some smokers have even noticed a slight chocolate flavor. All in all, this strain is absolutely packed full of a delicious and diverse set of flavors!

Strain Aroma

It should be no surprise that this bud has a beautiful, rich, and sweet aroma! It smells as good as it looks and tastes, making this bud a fantastic experience.

Just as with the taste, you’ll notice hints of fruit and berries, with notes of citrus too. There’s a hint of sourness too, and it’s all balanced by some rich, earthy tones.

Hints of blueberry spice and sweet tea are also to be found here. You’ll definitely love the smell of this one if you’re a fan of fruity weed!

Strain Cannabinoids

Sitting perhaps on the high end of middle-potency strains when it comes to THC, Black Cherry Kush has a THC content that has been measured with inconsistent results.

Typically, it tops out at 18% THC, but has been known to go as low as 12%, and can be found anywhere in between. This can make it a good try for someone who doesn’t usually smoke as much, if you can find these weaker variants.

Those of you looking for a strain that’s high in CBD should look elsewhere, however.

Black Cherry Kush has negligible amounts of CBD, measured in the region of 0%. Therefore, if that’s a priority, you should consider another strain – but if not, and you like the other characteristics, then this might be a great bud for you!

Strain Terpenes

Terpenes are a type of compound that’s found in many plants – although some of them can actually be found in animals. They’re aromatic compounds, which means that they’re responsible for the various scents that plants can produce.

Cannabis terpenes are especially well known, and can be used as another way of classifying different strains. They’re also thought to have many different properties that affect the body.

Black Cherry Kush is most rich in the terpene caryophyllene. This terpene is responsible for peppery and spicy aromas, and is also thought of as being useful for relaxation and relief from anxiety.

Other terpenes present in Black Cherry Kush are limonene (which is most well known for being the cause of a lot of citrus scents, and is found in many citrus fruits) and Humulene, which is a hoppy terpene.

Strain Side Effects

Generally speaking, Black Cherry Kush has the same side effects common to cannabis strains, particularly when smoked.

Smoking can cause a dry mouth, and being in a smoky environment can cause your eyes to become a little dry. These are normal byproducts of being around and inhaling smoke, and can be remedied with a glass of water for the mouth, and some eyedrops for the eyes if necessary.

Also, just like any type of cannabis, it’s possible to feel some dizziness, disorientation, and sometimes anxiety and paranoia – particularly with new users, or if you’ve taken too much.

Take it in moderation, and if you’re new, try to take it in a safe environment, with people who can assist you around.

Medical Benefits

One of the most notable things about Black Cherry Kush that users notice is its sedative effect. This means it’s great for relaxing in general, and could well be used to help alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

As the original intention of the strain was to be used in pain relief, this is another possible use case for Black Cherry Kush.

If you’re suffering from stress and pain, it’s possible that Black Cherry Kush could be a good choice. Of course, always follow proper medical advice!

Strain Review

Black Cherry Kush is a really nice strain, with an interesting aroma, and a great, memorable taste. The buds are very attractive, with lots of color. Obviously, green dominates, but there are strong purple hues, along with greta looking orange pistils and creamy white trichomes.

It gives you a sleepy, almost euphoric high, and is best smoked when you know the working day is already over – because when you smoke this, it probably will be! It’s a lot of fun to smoke, as you’ll find yourself relaxing, and maybe even falling asleep with ease!

Strain Grow Info

If you’re interested in growing Black Cherry Kush, then you’ll probably want some information about it. Don’t worry – here’s some helpful information for you!

Strain Seeds

One of the hardest things about growing Black Cherry Kush is actually sourcing some seeds. It can be quite difficult to find them!

However, once you’ve got hold of some, you might not have too much trouble actually growing it.

It’s not a particularly difficult strain to grow, either indoors or outdoors. For outdoor growing, you’ll need a climate that’s moderately warm.

To get those purple hues to come out strongest, you’ll likely want to have some experience in growing already, and understand how to manage temperatures to help the plant express these features the best.

Strain Flowering Time

You’ll probably need to wait quite a long time for Black Cherry Kush to grow, compared to most other cannabis strains. At a massive 9-10 weeks needed for flowering, this isn’t the sort of seed that you can plant and expect to get a quick batch from.

You’ll need to be patient to grow this, which is one of the downsides.

Strain Yield

Another downside to this strain is that it has a relatively low yield compared to a lot of other strains. A fully mature plant, even grown under ideal conditions, will probably only be able to yield around 8-10 ounces per plant in total.

This isn’t a huge amount at all. While it’s not minuscule, and still respectable, those looking for a high yield grow should definitely consider another option.


There you have it – the key information about the Black Cherry Kush strain! Hopefully, you’ve found what you’re looking for!

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