Best Outdoor Cannabis Strains

Whether you’re a long-time cannabis lover or a relative newbie on the scene, it’s likely that you’ve considered the logistics of growing your own cannabis. However, it can be difficult to know where to begin. 

Not to fret – that’s where we come in! If you’re interested in learning to grow cannabis outdoors, check out the information below. We’ve selected the five best strains to grow outdoors.

Each one has been hand-picked according to its resistance to environmental conditions, its flowering time, the ease of its growing process, and its effects.

We’ve also put together a handy guide of things to consider before purchasing cannabis seeds.  Be sure to take a look! 

Best outdoor cannabis strains

Frisian Dew 

Frisian Dew is a tough and potent 50% Indica 50% Sativa hybrid strain that is ideal for growing outdoors. It was created by Dutch Passion in 2008 and is the company’s pride and joy.

With a THC content of roughly 16%, Frisian Dew is also an ideal strain for those of you who are relatively new consumers. 

The dark green or deep purple buds of this strain produce wonderful euphoric effects. Unlike some other 50/50 strains, Frisian Dew provides a really well-balanced, euphoric, head-body high.

Once the initial uplifting Sativa effects begin to subside, a distinctly subtle sedative Indica sensation gradually ensues, making it an ideal choice for those of you who enjoy a well-rounded high. Its aroma and flavor are also very pleasant, with notes of mango and pine. 

As a hybrid of a Super Skunk female and a Purple Star male, Frisian Dew is stable and tough enough to handle the Northern European climate.

In fact, this strain can cope remarkably well with cool, grey summers, making it a great option for people living in less than optimal climates. 

Frisian Dew is also a feminized strain. This means that the process of growing Frisian Dew is streamlined and much easier. Feminized cannabis seeds are also 99.9% likely to produce buds and are more resistant to mold and pests, therefore making them a very reliable purchase too. 

Finally, the flowering time is roughly 8 weeks, which means that you’ll be able to harvest your yield particularly quickly.

Further, Frisian Dew is known for producing wonderfully large yields. In fact, if grown within a greenhouse under perfect conditions, Frisian Dew plants can reach around 4 meters high and 3.5 meters wide! 


  • Feminized seeds – streamline the growing process. 
  • Large yield – ideal for people hoping to harvest a lot of cannabis. 
  • 50/50 strain – induces a well-balanced high. 


  • Size – it can grow to be extremely large. 

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a popular strain amongst both outdoor and indoor growers. It is also a particularly well-known strain that boasts global popularity. 

Durban Poison is a pure Sativa South African landrace that has a THC content of somewhere between 15% and 25%. It arrived in the USA in the late 1970s, when Ed Rosenthal selectively bred some South African seeds and transported them home.

It soon took the community by storm, thanks to its intense psychoactive effects. 

This strain has a focused high that is fast-acting. In the right setting, sights and sounds become amplified in a way that aids creative endeavors.

Thanks to its lack of body-high, this uplifting experience remains unencumbered by unwanted feelings of heaviness, providing the perfect daytime high. 

Thanks to its hardy genetics, Durban Poison is perfect for people who are new to growing cannabis. When grown outdoors, this strain can produce incredible yields, even in cool, grey weather.

In fact, it can reach roughly 12 feet in height! It also flowers remarkably quickly for a Sativa, generally reaching maturity in around 8 to 9 weeks. 

Durban Poison also comes in feminized and auto-flowering versions. These versions streamline the growing process and make harvesting your first yield super easy.

If you’re concerned about the aroma of the plant itself, Durban Poison has a very minimal scent. In turn, this is an ideal strain to grow if you are looking for a more subtle plant. 


  • Feminized and auto-flowering versions – perfect for beginners. 
  • Hardy – can withstand cooler temperatures and greyer weather conditions. 
  • Minimal scent – can be more subtle to grow. 
  • Large size – produces a large yield. 


  • Large size – may be too large for some. 


If you’re looking for an Indica-dominant, potent, and hardy strain that will provide an incredible yield, look no further than Glookies, sometimes known as Gorilla Cookies.

This strain was created by the genius and careful fusion of Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies. 

In fact, the auto-flowering version of Glookies is likely one of the most potent auto-flowering strains available. With a THC content of 27%, Glookies Auto is perfect for well-seasoned smokers looking to start growing their own stash.

Though it produces a calming effect on the body and mind, it is ideal for social events, thanks to the subtle Sativa effects.

The aroma and flavor of Glookies are also great. Thanks to the Girl Scout Cookies lineage, Glookies provides a cool, minty, earthy flavor that has a delicious hint of sweetness.

The aroma is quite similar, with pungent earthy notes. Glookies is often described as offering the best from both of its parental strains. 

In terms of growing, Glookies provides an unbeatable, top-quality yield. It is a bushy plant that is super resistant to problematic pests, fungus, and rot, that can produce over 2kg per plant!

Although, due to their size and fairly brief flowering time, usually around 8 to 9 weeks, we advise that you plan your space well in advance. 


  • Auto-flowering version – ideal for beginner growers. 
  • Large yield – great for people who want to harvest a lot of cannabis. 
  • Resistant to pests and rot – means it is a particularly hardy plant that requires less maintenance. 


  • Large size – can be a lot for beginners to handle. 

Frisian Duck 

Frisian Duck is a unique strain within the cannabis world thanks to its webbed leaf shape. It has been bred over several generations of Frisian Dew and Ducksfoot to produce a rather subtle and hardy strain. 

The highs of this strain are really amazing. As a 50% Indica 50% Sativa hybrid, it provides a well-balanced high that will leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, and contently happy.

It also has a great pungent, spicy aroma and flavor, with subtle hints of sweetness. It has an average THC content of around 15% to 20%, making it ideal for those of you looking for a more moderate-high. 

Frisian Duck is also a great strain to grow. It is a tough plant that is capable of growing in less than optimal conditions. In fact, as a feminized plant, Frisian Duck is fairly easy to grow even in the cooler temperatures and greyer skies of a Northern European summer.  

However, the main draw is the strain’s uniquely subtle and unrecognizable appearance. Thanks to its Ducksfoot lineage, Frisian Duck produces webbed leaves that many wouldn’t recognize as cannabis leaves.

As such, for outdoor growers who are concerned about passers-by or neighbors, Frisian Duck is perfect. It has a flowering time of thoroughly eight weeks, which is great news for people hoping to harvest a yield sooner rather than later.

However, it is worth noting that the yield of this strain is likely to be significantly lower than some of the others listed. Though, for many growers, especially first-timers, this should be no problem. 


  • Webbed leaves – make it a subtle strain to grow. 
  • Feminized – Ideal for beginners or those looking for an easier growing process.
  • 15% THC – great for people looking for a more mellow high. 


  • Small yield – may not be enough for some. 

Honey Cream 

Honey Cream is an Indica-dominant strain, at roughly 65% Indica 35% Sativa. It has been created by cross-breeding Maple Leaf Indica, White Rhino, and Blue Black.

Thanks to its complex genetic background, Honey Cream is a particularly well-rounded strain. It is an intense strain, and despite its 16% THC content, will knock the socks off even some well-seasoned smokers.

Honey Cream has an incredibly relaxing effect and is great for pain relief. It is often used to treat muscle tension, pain, stress, and insomnia! 

The flavor of this strain is just as delightful as its sedative effects. The earthy aroma is broken up with wonderfully creamy, caramel-like sweet tones.

In fact, thanks to its complex genetic structure, Honey Cream has a very nuanced flavor and aroma profile that will impress every type of smoker. 

Honey Cream is a great Indica to grow outdoors. First of all, it has an incredibly short flowering period of only 6 to 7 weeks.

This makes it easier to grow in regions where the climate may become less than optimal during the fall, as growing it throughout July and August will provide it with more than enough sunlight. 

In the correct conditions, it can reach roughly 1.8 to 2.5 meters in height, and yield up to 675 grams a plant.

Though this yield isn’t quite as large as some of the others on this list, there will still be a decent amount to harvest in September, especially considering its low maintenance quick-flowering nature.


  • Fast flowering – ideal for regions where the climate isn’t optimal in the fall. 
  • Average to large yield – great considering its easy-going, fast-flowering nature. 
  • Complex genetic makeup – provides uniquely nuanced experience. 


  • Yield – may not be large enough for some. 

What to know before you grow 

Importance of robust genetics 

Outdoor strains are often bred in a specific way to ensure their robustness. Indoor strains generally aren’t bred in this way, and as such, aren’t suitable for outdoor breeding. 

Often, the difference between success and failure is the choice of strain. Always opt for a strain that has been proven to cope well with outdoor growing in your particular climate. 

Autoflower seeds vs feminized seeds for outdoor growing 

Both auto-flowering and feminized seeds are great for growing outdoors. However, it’s important to know the difference between them to ensure that the strain you choose is suitable for your environment and desires. 

Feminized seeds generally take longer to grow. You can expect them to grow for around 5 to 6 months, and as such, you can expect quite a large yield.

Although, if your region typically gets bad weather toward the end of the summer or the beginning of fall, due to the length of time they require, you could lose the entire crop of feminized plants. 

Auto-flowering seeds tend to be harvestable from around 100 days. This is incredibly fast in comparison to feminized seeds, making auto-flower seeds better for more variable, tougher climates.

However, it is important to keep in mind that auto-flower seeds will produce smaller yields than feminized seeds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to grow cannabis outside? 

Not necessarily, however, space when growing cannabis plants can be preferable. As such, growing outdoors often produces greater yields, which may be important to some. 

Likewise, some types of cannabis, such as Sativa-dominant strains, will often grow to be tall and thin,  which makes them tricky to grow properly inside. 

However, all strains are different. If you’re looking to grow a particular strain, make sure you do your research to ensure that you are providing it with the right conditions. 

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